shatter me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

shatter me.

shatter me
into a million mistaken pieces.

(thirst of an internal drive
bringing my soul to your claws)

[No more I say]

Strip the flesh
and break the bones
to suck the marrow of my being
from vagrant soul.

[No more I beg]

Sear the flesh
and burn the bones
to leave only white and ash
from a sundered spirit.

[No more I scream]

Leave me here to rot
in this place deep and wet.
Body bent and beaten
then there isn't anything left.

[You can't hear]

Water dripping down,
your unending, unyielding thirst
for what I have and
whatever I have to give.

[You can't see]

Shake me down,
until I can't move any more.
Make me a puppet
to your own ways.

(then throw me away
and trample on the remains)

Spirit and soul of mine
you will wind and whip
away from the very bone
of my body torn.

[You don't care]

Your ears have been deafened by my pleas.
No more do you hear them.

Tears of crimson colored ire
fall to the floor of black cracked tile
and my flesh melts away like candle wax
and here, I am no more.

shatter me
into a million aching pieces
as you have so many times before.

(nothing left except the elixir of life
dripping down your parched throat)

then gather me together
into a single aching form
as you have so many times before.

(nothing is left except everything
that I ever was to you, to me)

Slake it.
Take it.
Make it.

I am the water to cure your thirst.

Submitted: May 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Beverly L. Anderson. All rights reserved.

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