Myron's Nightmares

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8-year-old Myron is about to head to sleep. He takes a bath, brushes his teeth, and says his prayers before heading on top of the bump bed at 8:30 pm him and his younger brother Odin shares. Before Myron falls asleep, he plays his hero fantasies in his head for thirty minutes. 

After playing silently, he finally heads to sleep. Ah, nothing but darkness. Somehow, later throughout the early morning, Myron feels like he is in outer space. He's not sure how he got there. All he knows is an uneasy feeling that he wants to go away immediately! He is gliding down into space.

Like an astronaut (without his suit), he falls and falls and falls. He can't even feel his legs. ''With this fall ever stop''? He askes himself. This feels too real for a nightmare. Myron is terrified. He tries to open his eyes, but, they won't open up. He tries harder to wake up. Still to no success. He falls in what feels like forever now. Huh! Myron wakes up. 

He looks around in his room. ''Yes''! Myron is back in his mobile home. He looks at the clock on the dresser. It's 3:36 am. He breathes a huge sigh of relief. That was a scary experience for him.  Myron takes confront in the fact that his bad dream wasn't real life for him. Sadly for Myron, this wouldn't be the last time he would have a nightmare like this.

A couple of weeks later. Myron went to bed. Same time. Same routine. He would play around in his bump bed. Then crash, he was asleep before he knew it. This bad dream crept upon him like the space dream. Only this time, he found himself into the deep ocean. This was horrifying for him. The water was grey all around him. Myron tried to use his small legs to swim up to shore, but, the ocean water was too powerful to fight.

His eyes were closed but opened in a strange way at the same time. He was falling and felt powerless. His fear surrounded his body. What could he do? Pray? Hope? Something to get him out of this nightmare. Myron is shaking all around trying to wake up. ''Wake up''! He told himself. He fights as his young life depends on it.

Starting to lose hope, Myron starts to tear up. At this moment is when his eyes open. He had woke up from another terrible nightmare. Myron hugs his pillow glad to be back in his room. After gathering his thoughts, he goes to the bathroom to use the number one. Then he heads back to sleep with no more bad dreams for a while.

He's afraid to tell his parents about the dreams he had. So he keeps the dreams to himself suffering in silence. Till this day in 2020, a 31-year-old Myron avoids deep water like the plague, to prevent his nightmare from ever becoming true.


Submitted: May 10, 2020

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Sharief Hendricks

That never ending fall....

Oh we all had those one time or the other...

Nice one !!!

Wed, July 8th, 2020 6:30pm


Right?!? Those are never fun. Thank you!

Wed, July 8th, 2020 6:59pm

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