The Night Mother passed away

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The night my mother passed away it seemed my world had come to an end. It took a long time to come to terms with the new reality. This poem briefly and rather inadequately tries to give a shape to the grief I felt.

The  stars were blue against the dark sky,

The night mother passed away,


The world went on,

Other people continued with their lives,

Even though mine had come to a stop,

In the highways cars sped by,

In the Tim Horton’s  people ordered their favourite coffee,

And I wondered why?


Were they not aware ,

That a beautiful soul was no more?

Did they not realize that my most favourite person will never call me?

That I will never ever be  able to dial her number and listen to her voice again?


The following morning the sun came up,

Bathed the lanes in golden sunshine,

And  kissed the maple trees,

And I thought did the sun not know that the person who spread the most sunshine and joy,

Will no longer light up life?



Wherever I looked led content, meaningful lives,

Only mine was  covered with a blanket of grief and darkness,

Sans any meaning!


Evening  stepped in,  

 Bright LED lights illuminated the streets,

Families gathered around the idiot box,

Lovers held hands,

Little kids romped around in little apartments,

An atmosphere of joy prevailed,


When I could barely breathe owing to grief!


And then in the night,

Unaware that the spark of love, kindness, affection and hope,

Had been extinguished from my life forever,

The blue stars twinkled against the dark night!





Submitted: May 10, 2020

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