Return of the Native?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

In these uncertain, unpleasant times it is important to embrace the light as well as the dark of these moments.
There's a daily battle, but some healing can be found in how nature is thriving without us.

There are some weeds in my garden,

resolute and unassuming. 

Normally I'd topple them whilst in my car, 

a casualty of a commute

and the thoughtless, tenacious movements

of a liberated lifestyle. 

An outburst of buttercup and sienna, 

reaching skyward. 

I wonder, 

who is the disturbed?


There are some weeds in the parkland, 

absolute and charming. 

Snow and sunshine which blanket the ground, 

untroubled and untamed. 

Dandelions with unspent wishes, 

daisies without a chain. 

A thousand love me, love me nots unanswered.

I wonder, 

who is the disturbed? 


There is birdsong in my garden, 

melodic and unbroken. 

A spirited chorus of sweet music, 

oft forgotten and ignored.

Now revealed in absence of 

wing and of wheel. 

The tyranny of traffic 

suppressed in our current endeavour.

I wonder, 

who is the disturbed? 


There is blossom cascading from the trees, 

determined and unwavering. 

In pursuit of summer, 

spring bestows its charge 

where the poppies will grow.

Mother Nature perseveres, 

the kingdom of the animal superior.

Is this divine intervention?




for the damage we were blinded to? 



Submitted: May 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 katwithabackpack. All rights reserved.

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