The Promises of 1994

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A poem by Marcus Maboya question the leadership of South Africa after 26 years of Freedom


If I may have a little bit of your time please...

I'm just a "born free" here trying to understand how am I even born free?

I swear I wont consume your precious time, just hear me out please...


To this day the icons of the "struggle" are being celebrated.

Even your Gahndis and De Klerks are celebrated.

Nelson Mandela, "The world's most Idolized person," the hero of the struggle!


Yeah what do I know? I didn't exist in 1994.

Not to be ungrateful, can any of you, the witnesses of the struggle tell me, what were y'all fighting for?

Equality for all?

So you wanna tell me that the oppressors killed all those other struggle heroes and left Mandela alive without a purpose?


I'll tell you why?

They got into scecret meetings non of y'all were involved in and came out with their fists raised high promising you that oppression is over.

Y'all ullulated and crowned them heroes, the ANC!

They had you blind folded with lies you were too desperate for "freedom" you couldn't see.


Now the real heroes of the struggle who are still alive in Soweto don't mean a thing to them

They left them in 4 roomed houses while they started gaining weight and having heavy bellies.

They were given power by a desperate and blind lot of you.

26 years of freedom and black people still stay in God-forsaken areas where children go to sleep with empty bellies!


The whites took everything from them and your struggle heroes said "It's okay, let them keep everything. We are a rainbow nation."

Fuck the rainbow nation,

Fuck the rainbow nation if the colour black still respresents poverty,

Fuck the rainbow nation if the colour black, is still the most unwanted colour.

Fuck the rainbow nation,y'all can keep it.


White people live in peace in the surburbs, friends with the politicians.

They are the wealthiest of our population from the riches that belonged to us!

The promises of 1994 are still promises to this day.

Don't get me started on the poor service delivery in the townships and villages.

Don't get me started on the limited opportunities of employment.

Don't even get me started on the systems still used in schools and universities.


"Free tertiary education for all!" They said, yet students get jailed for demanding it.

"Free basic electricity for all!" They said, yet Soweto residents gets their power shutdown for taking what belongs to them.

The language of oppressors still accomodated in lecture room.

Learners failing to understand the languages on the Math question papers in the exam room.


The country got burnt to ashes and your heroes didn't care.


So you say you are free and the government provides?

Look around, the government can actually deliver the promises of 1994.

They only care about the oppressors and take the rest of the chunk of the tax payers' money to their mouths.


I'll let it hang here...

Submitted: May 12, 2020

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A lot of justifiable anger, strongly stated.

Tue, May 12th, 2020 7:20pm

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