Leave me alone

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

WARNING PLEASE READ: This book may feature some content that some might find disturbing, and should not be read if, under 13,, these are things that I and people feel in my mind, I picture it, from my own imagination. My coping strategy is to go off into my own little world, And I live there. I do not apologize for feeling this way.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

" So what did you do to get in here?"    "..."    -Flashback 1 month ago-   "Your nothin... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Voices, they start out like a voice inside, you, before they work their way up to the top of you head, to your mind, and then they start ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

After being in the dreaded place, I was free to roam amongst the sane. I got a good life going. Everything was going great until... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Everything. Was. So. LOUD.  The bus horn Its all in your head   The police sirens Its all in your head My f... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

The fool, He gave me his address a while back. Back when he claimed to love me.  Now look where that love has gotten him.  ... Read Chapter

chapter 6

You were the fool for loving me all soft and sugary sweet when little did you know, that I could rot your teeth   I ... Read Chapter

chapter 7

It started out as playful conversation, who knew that we would fall for one another, your smile just simply had me smitten.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Told me you would love me till the end Goes to show who stands by their word, When all those tables turn, Its funny isn't? How yo... Read Chapter

chapter 9

You said youd be there the day I slipped away you said that I was ok would you still say that now? Would you look through all my lies... Read Chapter

chapter 10

  Would it be so bad if I wanted to keep him alive? My minds a dangerous place, But whenever I was with him,he could make it seem li... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

It was him, That boy. The same one that was inside my brain. I was becoming obsessively obsessed. I just simply thought he was th... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

That steel cold dagger you drove through her back.  Now you want her back. You will never have her back. Atleast not the... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

"Cath" No "Cath"  No "Cath"  Dont you see? "Cath" He did this to me.  "Cath" I want to... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Im coming, I will see you. Thats final. I dont want it to be any other way, I want you to be mine.  You will want me to, You wil... Read Chapter

chapter 15

Notice Notice, how people like things that have their name on it.  Things that have that first letter, from their name on it... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Desire, has driven me mad.  My sadness, has driven me mad My love, has driven me mad  You, have driven me mad T... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

My deepest desire is to see you one last time, But that last time, It would be the last time, If you answered all my questions, W... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

" No offense but,"  Always, it always starts with that, then becomes the chest pains.  The headaches. The sadne... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Visions of us tiwrling on peraly lake waters  Dancing on the tips of your shoes Im only somebody's daughter Can't you fi... Read Chapter

chapter 20

Heard you went on and found someone new.  I thought you said you'd always love me, well we all knew that wasn't true. it's c... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Look around at this world All these words that are hurled  Supposed to keep my mouth shut? You want me to love in a place ... Read Chapter

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