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Voices, they start out like a voice inside, you, before they work their way up to the top of you head, to your mind, and then they start to fill it, fill it with poison, making you think awful things, things you know you shouldn't think, but another part of you loves it, and that voice inside me, I gave it a name.  Liz. She does all the bad things. Not me, Not cath, I didn't do anything, Caths innocent... its Liz... All Liz...


"Tell us about Liz." 
Im sitting in the therapy room. Again restrained. 

"Shes Liz. She doesn't care about anyone and does things." 

" Where is she right now?"

"Shes whispering." 


"In the back of my mind... She's saying things." 

"What is she saying." 

"She wants..."

I stop, they'll think me mad if I say it. 

"What does she want...?" 
"She wants you to leave her alone, Or you'll end up like the rest." 

Fear flashes across the women's face. She walks out and talks to the person out there, then comes back in. 

"Why does she want this." 

"She doesn't care about anyone, and she doesn't like people snooping around and asking to many questions. "

"You can go back to your room" 


"Ok. But I'm cath, I didn't do anything." 


Submitted: May 13, 2020

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