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It started out as playful conversation,

who knew that we would fall for one another, your smile just simply had me smitten. 

the day you said those 3 words, the 8 letters, so full of meaning,

I wanted to believe, that it was real.

She wouldn't let me. 

She intoxicated me 

Telling me it was your toxins not hers

I left you in a rage

only to want you back the next day...

you took me in, then I let you go.

this happened many times, I cant help but wonder was it all for show? 
On the tenth time of letting go, 

You had the last straw,

You pushed me fully away 

Not aware at all.

Your words of hate became knives in my hands.

Who will I turn on

Who will I end

Submitted: August 24, 2020

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