Mr. Noname man

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This is a message to my old father. All of this is true. The poem says it all. This is my first poem, other than one I wrote a few months back ( And all of the school poems I had to write)




Hello, Mr. Noname man

It’s been a while since I called myself your kin

I spent eleven years of my life with you

Just for you to treat me rude 


Don’t call me your daughter 

When you couldn’t be a kind father

It’s been five months since we last spoke

Trying to hold back the tears makes me choke


I just would like to finally know why

I want to know why you make me cry

I have a stepdad who shares my new last name

Scriven is now Crawford and I won’t be the same


Now I live life happy, now I live life free

I am the opposite of what I used to be


Live life without me 

Tell my half-brother I said hi 

The things you used to say would make me lay awake in bed

My thoughts were going too insane I wished that I was


Even when I do forgive you 

Those eleven years I won’t forget

Now’s my time to say goodbye

I am no longer Upset




Submitted: May 13, 2020

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