Distorted Thoughts

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My glass-broken-thoughts fell hard on the ground, ringing loud like an abused tambourine. They lie helplessly, desperately crying out for help, like a child who’s seeking her mother-who abandoned him.


I try to pick them up, in hopes that I could fix them up, but I’m undecided on which ones to pick first, or which ones to pick last, I throw my arms up in the air like a frustrated spectator, as my temper lets-loose, like a raging and furious-bull escaping its shackles and wrecking-havoc on every corner of the street.


I gently calm myself down, so I can do my detective-work well, I suddenly come across this thought-a memory. It showed a young-boy wearing yellow, flying a kite-painted yellow too. While he was flying it and running cheerfully, he bumped into some group of boys, big, tall and strong-or so they looked to be.


One tripped him while he was running and the boy fell-hard-face-first on the bumpy-ground and his back-part of his skull landed heavily, then came out red blood, soon turning into dark and thick blood. The wolves continued with their attack on the boy then destroyed his kite while he was dead-like while laying on the ground like a homeless person-without a family, they were laughing and mocking his damaged-kite and the shoes he was wearing. He was helpless.


I turned my eyes and they got stolen by another image-a memory, but there was something different about this one, it gave me chills that felt like slow-kills. It hit me hard in my chest that it felt like I was getting a heart-attack, it showed a teenager who was wearing grey and red.


He was standing next to this dead-gorgeous girl, and there was something about the way he was looking at her. His eyes became teary and sad whenever he was around her, then he gently held her arms and glazed deep into her blue-ocean-eyes. He took a little-breather then told her he loves her and she immediately let go of his arms, she looked displeased and had a heavy-look inside her lava-eyes. She said “No”, he asked her what she meant, she said “I don’t love you…I’m sorry”, he dropped-down on his tired-knees, and started begging her, “Please…I”, she rudely interrupted him and left him in her wake, never looking back, she just kept walking forward-she literally took his fragile-soul with her, and dumped it along somewhere. 


She never came back for him-she disappeared like a ghost, never to be seen ever again, to comfort him, hug him or sing words of encouragement to him. And as for him, he lived and happily so, he began missing her despite the shocking-stunt she pulled on him, he viewed her like his lover-the one he would be with forever, but that was not the case, the monsters were always there, haunting him every night, morning and during the day. 


So one day, he decided to stop the pain, permanently, he committed suicide.


And unfortunately for him, no one knew about his tragic-story…he literally took it with him. To his tomb.

Submitted: May 13, 2020

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Wow! Well this was a hard-hitting piece. I loved the way you began it with 'glass-broken-thoughts' but the images grew darker as you continued. Very well expressed piece.

Wed, May 13th, 2020 6:24pm

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