Souls of Hope, Tyranny of Pain

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Our eyes are burning with tears concealed to wear false courage

Our souls linger for hope and freedom like a slave

Time ebbs away , destiny looks the other way 

As they sway from incarcerating the dream, we seek our women to pray.


Ours is moon facing the rise of a tide

Constantly bending the desire to live for crumbs to feed 

Our wings fell off at the wake of the sun 

And like the ocean on a silver night, our beauty shines in no one's eyes.


We tread softly on skulls of our beloved 

Hymning justice to the ears of our own consolation

Our hopes ride trains to deserted realms where humanity looks with with the eye of the diseased 

Only to return with curves of despair and descendant pains of oppression.


Upon shooting stars we have gazed through sleepless nights

Choked by the propaganda fed onto our throats like hunger is all they could see

Smiles died on the faces of our ancestors 

As they passed on the gift of hope to our hearts to nations we reveal.


We are sons of a later revelation 

Sowing our birthdays on moments beyond our death days

Black in the sense of perception yet with no lack of information 

And to beginning of our generational liberty our joy shall remain at ease...

Submitted: May 13, 2020

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