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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 6 (v.7) - Chapter 6: Trying to Solve Problems

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020



Nobody talked for the rest of the day. We were all mad at Anne, and she was mad at us. There was no way we would be able to escape with everyone arguing.

 When everyone was awake the next day, I was the first to speak. 

“Ok, guys, we need to stop arguing. Do you ever want to escape this awful life? I know I want to get out of this situation. Does anyone have a solution?” 

“Yeah.” Ella says. “Maybe Miss Perfect should change her attitude.” She says looking at Anne.

 Anne rolls her eyes and says “There is no way to escape. And who says I’m Miss Perfect?”

 “There must be some way to escape this brutal place.” I say.

“I could survive in this place. They were at least generous enough to give us a shower, toilet, and some sort of food. I want to leave, but if we can’t, oh well I guess.” Ella says.

“Come on guys. Be more positive.” Emma says.

 We then hear a voice in the corner where the boy and girl have been laying. 

“Where am I?” The girl says.

“Tennessee.” I say. 

“Wow.” she says. 

“I’m Lana Landers.” I say.


We all introduce ourselves and we find out that the girl is Lilly Jax and the boy is someone that goes to her school named Cameron Laker. 

 “Ok, let's get back to the topic.” Emma says.

“Maybe we should all think before we talk.” Marley suggests. 

“I agree.” Logan says glaring at Anne.

“At Least we have a start. This could work if everyone listens.” Emma says. 

I think for a bit and try to think of something to say. Finally, I have it.

“How often do new people come?” I ask. 

“I would say about every Saturday 2 girls and 2 boys show up.” Emma responds.

“Ok.” I say, “That means another group will be here anytime now.” 

“We need some way to distract the people from capturing more teens.” Logan says.

“There has to b-.” I start to say, but get interrupted by footsteps coming towards the room. 

Everyone goes silent. The door handle starts moving around as it gets unlocked. The door opens and a woman walks through the door. 

She has light blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very tall and is wearing a white button-up shirt and jeans.


She looks around the room and stares into each of our eyes. Her blue eyes look into mine and I lock eyes with her. It is hard to look away, and it feels like a staring contest. I gulp. Her stare makes me feel uncomfortable and I feel like if I look away, I might be taking my last breath.

A weight gets lifted off my shoulders when she looks away from me. I see Jake sitting across the room. I follow his eyes to the open door across the room. He slowly gets up and starts running. He signals us to come along, but no one else moves a muscle, afraid to move. The woman looks at him as he darts through the door. Logan gets up and tries to stop the woman, but it is too late. She pulls out a handgun and a loud gunshot fills the air. Then, I hear a thump in the hall outside the door.


© Copyright 2020 zeda a. All rights reserved.


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