Go Forth And Multiply

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I have no idea how to summarize a poem. The poem itself is a kind of summary.

The monster's dark shadows move over the continents,
Weakening, sickening and paralyzing,
Spreading it's warmth and sewage,
Binging on nature's good graces,
Stupefying the very cause of it's ascendancy.
A Pandora's box of trash and filth,
Re-mixing molecules like a cauldron,
Turning light into darkness,
Multiplying like maggots in meat
At the end of a hot summer day.
A blessing that becomes a curse,
A cancer that was once health,
An overgrown plethora of life,
Sinking in it's own pollution,
Rotting in it's own debris.
A swarming hive of multitudes
Creating and devouring as it goes,
Cultivating flowers and decay as it grows.
The cause and purpose of existence,
And the beginning of the end.

Submitted: May 14, 2020

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Tyrone Shoelaces

Very unusual but however entertaining.

Thu, May 21st, 2020 2:39pm

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