When Death Ends

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Christian Writers

If you agree death is our inborn fear while leaving a transitory lifetime on the living Earth, what will happen if death fears what it cannot kill within? I have only highlighted these feelings for the new born time living from the light shading our heavenly living spirit. Where darkness end and where this starts something new, always kept us vigilant. Hope you are aware about this.

This world drama of ours,

Where no delight ends,

Acts where the shade shall shine,

I seek my refuge in the divine energy everywhere,

I am too careful and polite,

So darkness may not obtain what death wants from me,

Assembled being travelers for the excitement into the next world,

Who will join the limitation period death can’t claim?

Transcending our Earthly labor into my uncertain riches,

Where the inescapable ocean is within the last trumpet,

Leaving its secrets against our living Gods loving kindness,

Vacuum death shall not taste,

Become a source of trouble death may bear,

With eyes closed my settlements over living resurrected prayers,

Reveals who offers the pursuit God’s great love wins,

People say the last moment my mind wanders around one messenger,

More dormant in a silence my heart beats once within himself,

He may have realized it is not our own wounds,

Some warnings I am blind after another wandering end,

Death was there within but time didn’t follow its remains,

By the road this unsatisfaction stayed on the refusal restless,

I could feel one younger expectation the unheard servant waited in all dualities,

I thought about God who trust all beings from the Spirit that bear immaterial existence,

May be the imperfection in this form flocked into another destiny waiting and watchful,

Where the wicked breaches any manifestation when death ends,

I am questioned where the longest commandments never fail,

Yet the mercy always awesome into the book of our life seeks an unforgettable message,

Where Universal Spirit wants the life of soul be its true being,

Luckily God still sows happiness and misery into minds hatched in its own making,

This freedom is never wrong yet any judgement over this quest I feels the man in the mirror is listening,

If God lives among us as being human on the living Earth where death is not the sole imprisonment,

May be who trust not only the faith unmasking its beginnings on this transitory lifetime,

When death ends its response like the God that made a difference,

Breaking through a hope-affirming thought when time is an infant inimical to be born,

The grain of our divine energy still has a gigantic happiness in its pursuit,

If a way of life will help you take us beyond chaining this islander life,

May you overcome every wave until a little later the very welfare doesn’t repeat the same mistakes,

When death ends in this protest and offer us being human in the great love,

Under no circumstances will know what is the next vision still not against these pleadings,

A script so deep will offer us true philosophical and existential promise,

Returning the hearteningly interminable one when the statue of unity gives the generations may find our living Earth in this perfection,

When the first-timers harvest harmony, peace and compassionate living for inculcating mindfulness into the deeper infinite faith within enlightens,

Let this God in every individual transcendence not protest but be the happiest being human on this living Earth.

Submitted: May 14, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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