The Xavier's Secret

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Mia Weller's parents owe the dangerous Rossi family $500,000, and to free themselves of their debt, her parents make a deal to sell their daughter to the Black Market. When Mia saves the life of Gavin, the boss of the Xavier family, by accident, he secretly pays off her family's debt to save her life.

But…Gavin has a secret of his own.

When an ancient secret society returns to try and kill him again, Gavin must decide if he should tell Mia his secret in order to protect her or to keep her from hating him forever.

(Content is for a mature audience only.)

Table of Contents

The Four Families

  Normal City, New York  Tuesday Morning  ... Read Chapter


    Mia stepped out of the taxi and paid the driver. She closed the car ... Read Chapter


  Wednesday Evening    Gavin stood gazing out hi... Read Chapter

White Lies are Better than Lying

  Thursday Evening   Gavin knocked on the door of the Weller's residence. An o... Read Chapter

Who is Revon?

  Friday Morning  When Gavin saw the blonde-haired man exit the sedan in her parents’ driveway, Gavin fe... Read Chapter

Are Friends Truly Forever?

    Mia woke up to knocking at her door. She rubbed her eyes and groaned as she ... Read Chapter

An Unfortunate Meeting

    Saturday Morning  "Thanks for going wit... Read Chapter

Who Are You Really?

    Sunday Afternoon  The ceiling fan click... Read Chapter

The Locker Room

    Mia opened her eyes and gazed up at an unfamiliar ceiling. As she blinked the sleep from her eyes, she for... Read Chapter


  The dean closed the university during mid-terms for a few days because of the unfortunate incident. Normal U... Read Chapter

Do You Want Me As I Do?

  Because of an unforeseen occurrence in the president's schedule of Bio Co., a research and development... Read Chapter

Promise Me

Blaine Rossi, the current boss of the Rossi family, sat in his office on his family's estate and waited for the recent news on t... Read Chapter

I Crave You

"What did you just say?" Gavin hissed. He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his face. "Explain yourself, now."  ... Read Chapter

The Black Market

  Mia sat in her chair with her hands in her lap as she observed Gavin with an attentive gaze. Her question had utterly dumbfo... Read Chapter

The Plan to Seduce

  Mia set the book she had been reading in her lap and glanced up at her husband. He seemed extremely handsome as... Read Chapter

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