I don’t know why all our hell-like memories are still in my head.
I remember all our past days, like how you played me, I completely changed because of you.
I don’t smile as I used too, I refuse to love anyone anymore. It’s all your fault.
I’ve tried my best to forget you, I wanted you to be greater than the someone I would regret.
Your old habits came back thinking of how you drown me in what I believed was love but was nothing.
The fact that you left me because you didn’t want me to live my dream.
I believed that you thought the same as me, that was a lie, I’ll never forget.
Our promise to be together forever I will keep in my head as I walk this road alone. Even when I close my eyes the light that shined so bright on your side, shines on the empty space you left, just like my heart.
Keep our precious memories deep inside just to haunt you of the one you loved you most.
Since you let me go I’m reminded of all those days and nights we share as one and the passion that filled the air, My meaningful life there was no such love, just the lust of a silenced heart.
I remember you helped me from a dark place and now you’re the reason for me to return to that dark space.
I will never forget these moments, the days we promised enteral love…

Submitted: May 14, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Habby Grac Lee. All rights reserved.

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