I love Death

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Life needs Death as Death needs Life
if you don't believe, kill me with a knife


Life needs Death 

as Death needs Life

If you can't believe

Kill me with a knife


Your mind is living with a question

but your heart is ready to solve it

Your friends can give you a suggestion

but you are in need to think a little bit

Are you living with a life of thought

Never give up and give it a shot

Do you mind if you get yourself taught?

Life is full of oppurtunites which you have got

Inside is the passion that you don't know

God raise you in a way that you never saw

I have got something to tell, that will make you show

death is beautiful then hell, in which life always flow

My heart is now feeling well, cause it's death blow

We see it as a magic spell, that's what make us grow

Lord forgive me for this act, cause i want to know

life is full of demonic hell, so where should i go?

is there any love for a demon like me?

If i kill this demon then who will be she?

Should i die right now and set myself free?

i know a secret that can make us mold sea

but i am tired of this cause there's no one to see

death is beautiful then life which makes everyone flee

God will give you a life , if you are ready to plea

this is a myth while someone will agree 

It's the Greed that make us bow down on our knees

don't agree with hell if you want to live with ease

After living with ease, you will start wishes with please

whereas comming out of hell will make you love these living trees

Open your eyes and leave whatever you need 

cause it's a life, you will wish to succeed

you don't even know that you feed on dead seed

start finding honey from your life, don't kill bee

if you can ignore me, i wish your life to proceed

If you are bored, i say one, two and three

don't think too much, i follow my own creed

see me as a stranger, God thank you for cherishing me


Submitted: May 15, 2020

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