Moo the Hamster

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story inspired by my experiences with my younger brother's struggles with addiction.

Moo was the middle hamster.

His brothers were brown,

but he came out blonde.

His missing paw never made him frown.


One day, his father left to get corn but never came home.

This left them all torn.

Moo’s mother had to work twice as hard,

through no fault of her own.

The oldest hamster loved “Middle Moo” very much.

He never made him feel rushed.


Moo was weak. But he still wobbled proudly on his 3 feet.

Everything was harder, but that didn’t hinder his cheerful behaviour.

Moo’s mother knew, his blonde mane would made him a heartbreaker.


All Moo wanted was to build a house for his mom and his sick older brother.

But no matter how hard Moo worked. The house would always shatter.

Because Moo didn’t know how much a solid foundation mattered.

But with great optimism, Moo, built a new dream house. Without shedding a tear, he whistled, “I’ll do it better next time, mommy,

dear!” One day, little Moo had an idea. “I want to be faster!” he said. “I wonder if the wizard can help.” So he wobbled across the

forest to the warlock’s house.

“Excuse me, Sir?” The warlock opened the steel plate peephole. “What is it?”

“Can you take away sleep?” asked Moo.

The wizard closed the steel plate. The door opened, “That will cost you, boy.”

“Oh I have pennies, Mr. Magician.”

Moo handed him the 3 gold coins he had tucked in his cheeks. “Here! Grandma hamster gave them to me when she left us to live

in the sky,” added Moo.

“Did she now?” grunted the warlock, inspecting the coins with his rusty brass monocle. The warlock looked down at Moo. “And

why do you want me to take away your ability to sleep when you can just ask for a better paw?”


Our little Moo held himself up on his 2 back feet. He paced back and forth, worried he’d say the wrong thing. “Because I really

want to finish my house quickly. For my mom and sick older brother. So we can all live together, again, as a family,” said Moo.

The warlock put his arm around him. “You know what? I like you kid. And I think I have just what you need.”

The warlock walked up to the attic of his magic mushroom.

He returned, holding a black velvet pouch.

“Here,” said the warlock. “Rub this magic white powder on your nose. Make sure no one sees you.”

“Oh gee! Thank you so much, Mister Magician. Now I can finally finish my house.”

And our little Moo wobbled his way back to his patch of grass, beaming with confidence.


He hid behind a tree to rub the white powder on his nose.

“I can’t feel my face!” His paws tingled. “I don’t know what’s happening, but I like it! I like it a lot!”

Determined to make his mom and family proud

Moo worked non-stop for 3 sunrises and sunsets. Only drinking sugar water.

But Moo ran out of powder and drifted off to sleep on a mossy rock. Before he could finish the roof.

The wind blew sun dust off a dandelion leaf.

Moo swallowed some during his sleep.

When he awoke, he asked the dandelion, “What is this sweet powder that woke me?”

“Sun dust,” replied the dandelion.

“What is it made of?” asked Moo.

The dandelion scratched its yellow head in contemplation. “I believe it has one part sun, one part moon, 3 handfuls of a mother

nature’s love. And a mist of water, from the Abzu.”

“Oh gee golly,” answered Moo. “It tastes so much better than Mr. Magician’s powder. I’m off to finish my house, now. Thank you,

Dandi!” Moo sprung off the mossy rock and wobbled home, whistling. Feeling more confident than ever before. But the warlock

was already at the house, waiting for Moo. Moo waved his crippled paw. “Oh, hello, Mr. Magician! I fell asleep on a mossy rock

and swallowed Sun Dust. And I’m all better now. I won’t need to rub your magic powder on my nose anymore.”

The warlock frowned. “Is that so?”

“Yes!” said Moo. “I will finish the roof of my house. Thanks to the sweet Sun Dust on my lips!”

The warlock put his arm around Moo again. “Let’s take a walk.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” replied the warlock.

The warlock took little Moo off the usual path. “My mom doesn’t like me going this far into the forest.”

“I spoke to her, she said it’s okay, now keep walking. We’re almost there,” replied the warlock.

“Really? Will, there be a surprise for me?” asked Moo.

“Oh yes!” answered the warlock. “Trust me, you’ll be crushed with joy.,”

They walked a little further. “Is that a well?” asked Moo.

“Indeed it is. Would you like to see it?”

“Ooh, can I?”

“Knock yourself out, kid.”

Moo wobbled as fast as he could and leaned over the edge. “What’s in it?” he asked.

The warlock lifted his back legs and threw him in.


Moo’s cry landed with a thud.

The warlock looked down.

His little body lay in a pool of blood.

Broken fingertips, open mouth.

The warlock walked away, grinning with delight.

As Moo gasped his last breath, late into the night.

Content with the sweet taste of sundust,

on his lips.

Submitted: May 16, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Aku Ra Matu. All rights reserved.

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