A plague has swept the world and the dead are rising. Those that remain struggle to survive as society collapses around them.
A multiple POV zombie story set in Australia. New chapter every Thursday.

Table of Contents

Adi 1

Adi dragged on his cigarette, the hot smoke filled his lungs, the clove filter left a sweet taste on his lips. He had quit but that seeme... Read Chapter

Audrey 1

Audrey's day had been rough, she woke up feeling unrested and she could feel a cold coming on. It had been there for a few days but it ha... Read Chapter

lawrence 1

Lawrence stood and watched Dr. Patel pace while he thought. He was a short, balding man. His ring of silver hair contrasted with his rich... Read Chapter

Glenn 1

Glenn had nodded off again, his cigarette had gone out in his hand. He sat slumped in the corner of the smoking area of the Garfield Stre... Read Chapter

Evi 1

"Hey," a voice said snapping Evi out of her thoughts, "don't let Gav catch you spacing out in here." She looked around and saw Bill, ... Read Chapter

Glenn 2

It wasn't his best performance. The sweats had kicked in halfway through his hour session. Glenn had smoked most of his cigarettes and do... Read Chapter

Lawrence 2

Lawrence resisted the urge to rub the lines the mask had dug into his skin. It had been bothering him all shift. He made his way to the b... Read Chapter

Rebecca 1

Rebecca tasted the Bolognaise sauce, just how she liked it, an hour to simmer and it would be ready. It was her main go to, cheap and eas... Read Chapter

Anne 1

Anne monitored the sound levels and checked the feed for any issues as Jonothan Walsman presented the news. They had been such firebrands... Read Chapter

Evi 2

Evi unpacked her worn travel bag for the tenth time. Her head throbbed, she'd stayed back to drink with the staff after work and was suff... Read Chapter

Yarran 1

Yarran wandered through rows of shelves full of comics and toys. Most of it was cheap trash designed to waste fans money. It didn’t bot... Read Chapter

Lawrence 3

Lawrence sipped at his strong coffee, he drank it hot to avoid the horrible bitter taste. He wasn’t a coffee guy, but it helped him adj... Read Chapter

Anne 2

Anne strode through the door to Marty’s office. She projected as much authority as she could. She masked the icy rage that burned under... Read Chapter

Mark 1

“He didn’t seem to have a killer instinct about him,” Claire said. They hadn’t worked together long. She was a country girl, fr... Read Chapter

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A gripping horror story.
It is in the vein of George A Romero.

Wed, June 24th, 2020 3:20am

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