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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Apple is a young girl who lost her father and grandfather in the past weeks. Her mother is abusive and mean. After Apple loses her job and gets thrown out of school she has to find a new life in a new place with new people. Little did she know that living a peaceful life at a new school was going to be harder than she thought because of the school bully. When Apple loses all her friends and has no one left to turn to she realizes her and the bully have more in common then she could have ever known.

Table of Contents


    One “Apple, you're going to be late! You're always late. It's not gonna be funny when you lose your job ... Read Chapter


Two “ BEEP, BEEP” my alarm goes off. It's Monday again after a long weekend at Zach's house. I have things to do. The rain is p... Read Chapter


Three I wake up with three minutes left on my alarm clock. I turn off the alarm to get out of bed. After a shower I get ready for s... Read Chapter


  Four I stood in the doorway for a minute just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. After a second Zach runs up to me an... Read Chapter


Five I walked down the stairs and saw that my mom wasn't awake yet. I sit up to the counter and drink some milk. My phone goes off.... Read Chapter


Six I wake up in Jack's bed remembering that he slept in the living room last night. I feel so bad for taking over his house, but I... Read Chapter


Seven Daniels POV  I put my arm over my head. I'm not in the mood to wake up. I close my eyes again but they automatical... Read Chapter


Eight Apples POV  I walk through the forest so I dont catch up with my very angry mother. I have no idea where I'm going... Read Chapter


 Nine I walk through the door of the science room, and carefully set down the DNA model. It took so long to make it. I don'... Read Chapter


Ten   Jack and Corbyn are standing in front of the room Daniel and I are in. I start to panic. This can't be happening. How lo... Read Chapter

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