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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lukas is the legendary white wolf that the moon goddess blessed upon him, but no one knew that and never would until it was to late as he was rejected by his mate, Kaleb rejected him because he hated omegas so much with a passion with it.

Family and pack despised Lukas for being a weakling. They all wish death on him and attempted to kill him many times.

Family members , enemy, and the entire pack, doesn't know that Daniel is the moon goddess gift to them, and they had just ruined it. For this, they will now suffer her wrath for their cruel actions to her blessing gift.

~ New Chapters Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday ????

~ Lukas ~


I have to wait only a day. A full 24 hours until tomorrow. Only one day and night left. I couldn't wait or hope for anything better than this! Friday rolls around tomorrow and the day I'll finally be able to locate or search for my mate. I'll be 18 and be old enough to leave my pack and abuse family. I needed to leave. Neither my pack or family cared about me. I was simply known as the packs' omega. Their housemaid. I was most likely just a burden to them either way so it wouldn't matter if I left, they probably won't notice at all either way except when they see that everything is getting dirt and want to bitch at me to clean it, but by that time, I'll be long gone. Guess it's the only thing they would probably notice when I left and everything turned for the worse. A single day left, yet, I still need to get ready for school or I'll be late since the pack only lets me walk to school so they won't be associated with me. It was a nice day out, but the walk to school was tiring. I had to walk for an hour just to make it before the bell rang.


~ an hour later at school now ~


I was right, I was late by 10 minutes as I decided to help some old lady out. Oh well, I just now need to hurry to class and make sure not to run into trouble there with the pack or anyone else. Walking to my locker and putting in the combination, opening it, I realize that a silhouette of a person coming towards me. Oh, how I wish it wasn't Kaleb or any of his friends. I quick finish grabbing my stuff and putting my book bag in my locker, shutting it and locking it right back up. I didn't want to turn around, but I still had to get to class. I turn and notice the silhouette was not of Kaleb, but it was Lia's? She was out of class, material in hand and everything, but not in class. Lia had been my friend since I could remember. She was always their form me, through thick and thin. I own my life to her.


"Lukas, is that you?" Lia asked and that's when I noticed that, she was missing her glasses.


"Hey-" I couldn't finish my sentence before I found myself falling backward with a body on top of me like a hug. With the sudden impact, all the air in my logs ceased to exist as we hit the floor.


"Lia, are y- you trying to k-kill me?!" I say slowly seeing the light above as it takes me away now. Oh come on, I haven't even been able to see my mate! I'm going to say the day before?! Life is so unfair to me.


Before the light took me fully, I could feel her getting up.


"Oops sorry." Was all that she said, giving me space to breathe once more while giving me a cheeky smile. Oh lord, why you give me a friend like this?


"What was that for?" I question her glancing at her like she just lost her mind for trying to kill.


"I was just happy to see you cause you's your birthday tomorrow and we can know who your mate is, that's all..." she said looking at the floor, a blush so bright on her cheeks as she was about to explode. Oh, how this much this girl is a handful.


Ever since we were little, we said that we would be together forever as best friends. Although, sometimes I ponder to myself if Lia thinks she's my mate. I wouldn't be repulsed by the idea of her being my mate as she is great and all, but I still swing more towards the male population than the female population romantically.


I chuckle a little at her behavior, "Next time could you just not try to kill me on the floor?" I simply reply as a question and pick up all the books I had just dropped with the tumble. Oh gosh, I'm so late now, this conversation felt like it took ages now.


I look at my watch, yup I was right, it's already 8: 15.


She helps me gather my things and when we finish collecting them, she says "sorry" again. She still blushing, oh wow, if I was more into girls, she'd be the one I'd go to first.


"Thank you, Lia, I appreciate how you've always been by my side," I said to her as she just now started averting her eyes anywhere and growing a blush again, guess it's natural due to our proximity.

"Come on, let's go were even later now," she says. Moving away and starts to walk forward.


Oh, wait!" She replies quickly

"My glasses!" She says and quickly makes her way to her locker to retrieve them. Oh, this girl will be the death of me. I can just see it now. I smile at her when she finally graves them and returns so we can walk to class together, even if we aren't in the same class.


"I hope that I will be able to find my mate easily," I say out of the blue while talking to Lia.


"Oh really, and why is that?" She asks. "Is it because you know how great It would be when you meet them, or is it because you think I'll take them?" She asks with that cocky attitude of her's. Now, this is the other side of her that anyone rarely sees, it's like a switch's between sweet and condescending. It's funny really.


"No, it's because I can show them off instead of your bipolar ass." I joke to her as she takes offense to it. Her expression is priceless though. She runs after me now and is trying to hit me al the way to class, I keep dodging and run even faster whenever she's closing in. I run until I get to my class and as Lia turns the corner, I make a silly face and open the door and close it promptly before she can react.


I laugh a bit and turn around only to see the entire class looking at me, strangely. Oh shiii, I forget I was at school real quick and get right back up and apologize to an unamused teacher staring daggers at me for interrupting his class. I quickly go to my seat at the back and closes to the window. I don't even bother with paying attention in class as I just start staring out the window. I'm so happy right now. I can go and be free tomorrow. It won't even matter to me what my pack or family has to say. I'm going to leave to find them. My mate.


Still, in my thoughts, a paper ball was thrown at me, by the one and only, Kaleb. Ugh, how I despise him, he and I used to be best of friends like me and Lia, but then, out of nowhere he became a jackass to me and is one of my many abusers at my pack now.

I grabbed the paper ball and opened it. Of course, it's an insult to me. 'No one will ever love you ' written on it. I wrote back and responded 'back at you '. Even though I know it's probably true, I can't let him ruin my moment. I threw it back at him and watched as I revived a low growl from him as my prize. I just love that. I now know I'm going to have to run for my own life until tomorrow, love that.

Submitted: May 16, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Lukascx. All rights reserved.

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