Chapter 1: The Truth Costs Much

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The evening sun peeked over the cold winter morning. The sky was a light pink, an indication Yhenar had approached the end of his daily great journey riding the great stallion, Entei through the sky. Two people were the only ones stirring this winter evening. One was a young man with a white mohawk with braids, steel-gray eyes and a braided beard. He wore a white and gray wolf skin tunic and boots, a pair of war axes hung from his belt. At his side was a young boy, seven years of age, short white hair, and blue eyes. He wore a brown wolf skin tunic and boots, a bow and quiver on his back and a dagger at his belt.


“ Look carefully. What do you see lad?” Asked the man in a gravelly voice. 


The boy looked at the snow, brow furrowing in concentration “ These tracks are too big to be deer or elk. They look like troll.”


“ You are correct.” The man said nodding his head.


“ Father, will you show me how to fight trolls?”


“ When you are older. As you currently stand, a troll would only have to graze you with its claws to kill you. Even when you are older, do not engage in combat with trolls for leisure. They are wild and unpredictable creatures, caring only to kill. If you ever see a troll climb the nearest tree and wait. Once it learns you’re not an easy meal it will give up and go in search for easier prey.”


“ Yes sir,” the boy said, walking forward, searching for other tracks. After five minutes of searching the boy stopped looking at a trail of tracks. 


“ Father, look!” He said pointing” Elk!”


“ Well done Kharar. Now track.”


“ Yes father.”


The boy rushed ahead, eager to track the elk. The man followed slowly, more interested if his son could kill by his lonesome after two years of training. After a half-hour of the sounds of boots crunching snow filling the air, the boy suddenly crouched, his father doing the same. Fifty yards away was a majestic light gray bull elk, grazing. Kharar’s hands were trembling as he drew his bow and notched an arrow.


“ Steady your hands lad. Do not let your feelings of excitement rule you.”


The boy took a deep breath and aimed, holding his bow steadily.


“ Fire.”


After a moment of hesitation, the child took a deep breath and fired the arrow. It struck the elk in the throat. The elk let out a pained cry and fell on its side. 


“ I did it!” Kharar said, giving a little leap in victory. 


“Not quite lad. It still breaths.”


Father and son both walked to the dying elk, its blood darkening the fur around the wound, and the snow crimson underneath it. 


“ Draw your dagger. Finish the kill.”


Kharar slowly drew his dagger and looked into the eyes of the elk as he knelt. 


“ End it’s suffering” his father commanded. 


The boy hesitantly presses the blade into the neck of the elk, the light of life left the animal’s eyes. 


“ Well done” the child’s father said.


The man grabbed the elk and lifted it onto his shoulders. With a call to his son, they turned began to walk the way they came. They didn’t speak, the crunch of snow once again filling the air. They walked until they came to a small wooden hut at the edge of the woodland. The man led the way with the boy hurrying to catch up with his father’s stride. The man opened the door and set the elk down on the floor. In the kitchen was a slender woman wearing a light blue dress with blonde hair and blue eyes.


“ Kharar! Did you get anything?” She asked the little boy rushing forward to give her a big hug. 


“ Yeah! I killed an elk all by myself!” 


“ He did as he was instructed” the man added walking behind him and placing at hand on his son’s shoulder. 


“ Thank you for looking after our son Oberon.”


“ Of course Victoria. Anything for our children.” Oberon said with a smile at his wife. 


A little girl walked into the kitchen. She looked like a little copy of Victoria except wore a light pink dress and her hair in pigtails. 


“ Father, will you teach me how to hunt too?” She asked Oberon. 


“ Once you are as old as your brother,” Oberon told her.


“ Come see the elk I killed Norla!” Kharar said excitedly. The two children scampered to see the carcass of the dead animal outside. Oberon and Victoria shared a laugh and followed their kids outside. 


Oberon butchered the deer and prepared several thick slabs of meat. His wife seasoned them and stuck them on pitchforks. The smell of cooking meat made Obreon’s mouth water. Victoria boiled potatoes to go with the meat. The family sat down once the meat has finished cooking over the open fire and gave thanks to the gods. The sun had nearly set when the family finished its supper. All seemed tranquil as Oberon and Victoria watched their children play until Oberon noticed a man approaching the wooden hut.


The man had long black hair that was braided. He wore sleeveless iron armor. On his back, he wore a battle ax. His well-toned arms sported tattoos and runes that were unfamiliar to Oberon. As he approached Victoria ordered her kids to come behind her. Oberon met the newcomer, hands bearing his war axes. The hair in his arms stood straight up as he neared him.


“ Who are you to approach my land?” Oberon asked with a challenge in his voice. The stranger looked at him with malice in his eyes. 


“ You there. You are Oberon?” He asked in a boisterous voice.


“ How do you know my name?” Oberon asked.


“ It’s faint… but it’s true. You have the blood coursing through your veins, of that there is no doubt. But why is your energy so faint?  You dare call yourself a Demi-God?!” The man asked ignoring Obreon’s question. 


Oberon was taken aback “ Demi-God?! What in the mortal realms are you talking about?!”


“ And you dare not show your Heritage Blessing?! May the Divines curse you!”


“ Look! Either tell me what you are talking about and how you know my name or pay the price!” Oberon shouted, convinced the man was insane” I am no Demi-God. You are either clearly insane or you have had too much to drink.”


“If you must know, I inquired who owned the land we stand on. All I asked named you.” The man then shook his head. “No no no this isn’t right. I can sense Divine energy in you. It’s faint but I can sense it. Tell me. What is your house name?”


“ My house name?” Oberon asked, not understanding why this man wished to know about his family. “ I do not have a house name. I never had a father to speak of. My mother never named the man who sired me.”


“ Interesting… yes, I believe I know what happened.” The man said, interest lighting his amber eyes. “ Tell me, who is the one you call master? Who trained you in combat?”


“ An orc who was a friend of my mother by the name of Laruk Oolzog,” Oberon said, growing fed up with the man’s constant questioning. “ Who are you and what is your business with me?!”


The man’s face was a mixture of frustration and rage “ to think I come all this way to this gods forsaken land in search of Demi-Gods and the first one I find is a whelp who never received proper training!” He fixed Obreon with such an intense stare that despite Oberon being a foot taller than the man, he took a step back.


“ I am Derone Vakdehkuut, son of Cerena, Goddess of the Sky. I have been on the search for Demi-Gods to join me in conquest for three moon cycles. I could sense you had a touch of the Divine in you. Thus I came to bid you join me. But, as you are, you are unworthy. I see my time has been wasted. A weak and pathetic mortal such as yourself simply will not do. Except as a slave.”


Derone’s stance became more commanding as he crossed his arms.


“ I give you only one choice whelp. Bend your knee to me, and I shall not harm you. You may disgust me but I am not an unreasonable man. However, if you refuse then you shall die where you stand.”


Oberon clenched his fists and stood his ground.


“ You are not welcome here. Leave.”


Derone smirked and looked past at Oberon to look at his family.


“ Those must be your children. Good for nothing swine, mortals born from one such as you. And that must be your wife. A woman as fair as that with a whelp like you is an abomination. An abomination I shall personally fix.”


The man spoke with sinister intention and Oberon knew his family was in danger. Without thinking he swung wildly and struck Derone across the jaw. The other man held his jaw as he stepped back a couple of steps, his eyes wide with disbelief. 


“ You will leave and never come back” Oberon ordered.


“ No. I think I’ll take my turn now.” 


Derone retaliated with an uppercut, a blow so fierce that Obreon flew in the air. He landed on the ground several yards away from his standing point. He winced and slowly got to his feet. Before he could even blink Derone was before him again and kicked him in the stomach. Oberon choked, eyes bulging, and sank to his knees clutching his stomach. 


“ So weak. So pathetic.” Derone goaded. 


Oberon’s hands went to the war axes on his belt. He drew his weapons and lunged for the face of Derone, swinging wildly. Derone jerked back, his face arrogant that made way to shock as Oberon was able to graze his cheek. Ragnar stepped back, holding his cheek which was now bleeding and smirked at Oberon.


“Your weakness offends me,” he said, the cut of his cheek healing as he spoke until it was as if it was never wounded.


He extended a finger and a blue lightning bolt slammed into Oberon’s chest. He flew back several more yards, Derone, shaking his head ran after him. Derone ran behind Oberon as his body began to descend and kicked him in the back of the head, sending him flying again. Oberon’s motionless body landed several feet in front of his horrified family. He was unresponsive to the terrified cries of his wife and children. Derone soon joined them and spoke loftily.


“ What’s wrong? Can’t keep up? Don’t think you can go sleep yet. No, you need to see your children to the Underworld!”


Derone grabbed Oberon by the hair and lift his head. After a few slaps, his eyes fluttered open weakly. 


“ Say goodbye to your son!” Derone said laughing extending a finger to Kharar. Before any warning could be spoken, a lightning bolt struck the boy in the head, there was no doubt, the boy was as dead as the elk he had killed earlier. Victoria let out a blood-curdling scream and cried, holding her dead son in her arms, her daughter echoing her cries, hiding behind her legs. Derone was without sympathy, without pity, without mercy, and fired another lightning bolt at Norla. Her cries were soon cut short.


Derone released Oberon’s head and walked upon Victoria. She glared at him through her tears and swung at him. Derone caught her fist, wrenched her arm, and threw her over his shoulder. She screamed and thrashed, desperate to get away. Derone walked back to Oberon and picked him up by the neck with one hand.


“ Farewell, whelp.” He said before throwing Obreon high in the air. His left hand glowed with blue lightning and with a final laugh, he fired the lightning towards Oberon.


Victoria... I'm sorry Oberon thought before his world went dark.

Submitted: May 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Renegade96. All rights reserved.


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