The Seven Gems of Cree- Dark Storm

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

As Thallon ponders the nearby lands of Katniss's palace, he decides to take revenge on his evil sister.

The 7 Gems of


Book 3-Dark Storm

Chapter 1


As the new king of the northern Ma-tal, Thallon set out to crush Blair. Thallon was ready for the adventure that could either kill or avenge him. Thallon didn’t care. If Blair was dead, he would be happy.

He began the journey over fields, plains and deserts. He followed the sign, the dark cloud hovering over Blairs domain. At last, Thallon came to a halt when he came to the palace of Blair frost. Rumoured to have one of the stones Thallon was looking for, the dark gem of dark storm.

The palace gates opened as if Thallon was walking into the underworld. Blair was standing right in front of him. Thallon noticed that behind her, was a sheepish figure. “prepare to die, punk. She drew her handy daggers as Thallon readied his muscular sword that had gotten from wolfbane. The two began a fight that one would win.

The pain was immitigable to feel. Thallon suddenly noticed the sound of throning pain. He was dying. He slowly fell to the ground. The last he saw where Blair's bloodthirsty eyes.

He woke in a white room with a couch and a TV. A house, he thought. Abruptly, a figure appeared out of thin air. “My name is dais. I am your brother.” Thallon felt like he could lie down and die again. As if almost reading his thoughts, Dais said:” You were just unconscious.” At that moment, Thallon realised, where was he?

“I hear you’re on an adventure to collect the 7 gems of Cree. Well, Blair has one, which you already know.” Dais said. Thallon responded sounding weak, “well where are the others?” Dais explained that the gems were spread all over Cree.

Thallon packed his bag, again, and started his journey from ‘just’ dais’ home. He then returned to find himself at a forest. Then he heard footsteps. Guards, he thought. He found the closest tree and found himself climbing. Terror drove him up the steep trunk until the first branch. “Blair will be so happy, carn 6, don’t you think.” “Yes carn 5, very happy.”

The gem

The gates opened once more as Thallon walked inside and ran to the nearest wall. He slowly made his way to the main tower.

Blair lay idle in her throne. The gem in her grasp. Thallon now had his eyes on it. He slowly crept forward. He was so close when she stood up and walked to the bathroom basin. Thallon hid behind the throne. Reached towards the stone and….  “Thallon, soon to be dead, brother. Come to take the stone. She turned to face Thallon. Well, your journey ends here. She got out her trusty knives and began the battle.

They fought for hours and hours on end. Then finally, Thallon found her weakness. The necklace she wore. Katniss had one too. Thallon reached out and grabbed the necklace and…crunch…... The necklace broke in to. Then she howled in pain as Thallon walked with the gem and his spirit.




Sneak-peek of

Book 4

Thallon was over-joyed. He made his way to the coastal side of Cree. The map dais gave him lead will soon lead him to Rathmore, the town of high hopes and spirits. But could it be that easy?



Submitted: May 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Aly Ross. All rights reserved.

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