Hailstorm and the Ray of Hope

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In this part 3 of The Legend of the Stingray, Rex and Spearshooter once again rescue the ocean from devastation...

Hailstorm and the Ray of Hope

(Part III of The Legend of the Stingray)

MANY moons had passed with harmony and joy, and all walks of life in the ocean had prospered and flourished under the leadership of Rex, the stingray and now his lieutenant, Spearshooter, the marlin. Side by side, they guarded the ocean with compassion and involved all marine creatures in protecting their beloved home. Life was good, until one day…

While patrolling the east side, Rex and Spearshooter came upon an unusual stillness. This part of the ocean was regularly sparkling with schools and schools of mackerel, but today it was empty.

“Where is everyone? It’s sunny today and there should be plenty of activities around the coral reef”, said Rex.

“You’re right. This is strange. I’m going to go deeper to find out. You wait here”, Spearshooter told Rex.

But before Spearshooter could take off, a lone and scared mackerel emerged from the deep water.

“Please help me,” the mackerel cried.

“Where are the rest of your friends?” asked Rex.

“They are being attacked by these monsters that look like a hailstorm.

“A hailstorm?” Spearshooter repeated with confusion.

“Yes, a hailstorm. They are so many of them, and together they attacked us school after school. I had to dive deep just to escape. Go farther east and you’ll see them” the mackerel cried with fear.

“Spearshooter, go back and assemble some wahoos. They are one the fastest fish in the ocean, and we’re going to need their help. I think I know what the mackerel is talking about,” Rex said and rushed out farther east.

Then he saw that it was a gigantic colony of Portuguese man of war. They looked like the ocean was under a hailstorm. They had caught the mackerels in their venomous tentacles, and now they were slowly eating them.

Rex knew the leader of the Portuguese man of war and knew that he and his men were extremely dangerous. They moved en masse and attacked in unison, making them more lethal. But he wasn’t scared of them.

Soon, Spearshooter arrived with some wahoos. All of them were awed by what they saw.

“Spearshooter, these Portuguese men of war may outnumber us, but we’re going to outsmart them. Here’s the plan…,” Rex said.

The sky above turned grey. It was approaching evening. 

The leading Portuguese man of war was Gorgonis, and he was surprised to see the mackerel that had escaped earlier bravely swam toward his colony. So, he sent a few of his men to catch it. And that was when Rex, Spearshooter, with lighting speed, attacked those Portuguese men of war pressing the mackerel.

Soon after, a couple of wahoos swam by the colony, and Gorgonis sent more of his men after them. And again, Rex and Spearshooter struck those Portuguese men of war pursing the wahoos.

This action repeated itself for several times before Gorgonis realized what happened to the men he sent out. Rex and Spearshooter used their speedy assault to their advantage.

“Surrender now Gorgonis! We can do this to you and your men all day. We are much faster,” Rex shouted to the leader of the Portuguese man of war.

“We all can live together. The ocean is big enough for all of us. There’s no need for more casualty,” Spearshooter added.

“Never! We will rule the ocean. Rex, I challenge you to a duel. If you win, we’ll leave, but if you lose, the ocean is ours,” came the reply from Gorgonis.

“I accept,” said Rex….

Gorgonis was the strongest of his colony and when Rex tried to sting him with his tail, he used his crest as a shield. That caused Rex to be off balanced. The Portuguese man of war then turned and wrapped his fiery tentacles around Rex. Rex felt the burn and started to lose conscious. He closed his eyes. 

“Rex! You are our ray of hope. Please open your eyes and fight Gorgonis,” the surviving mackerel cried out.

Rex heard this and opened his eyes. He mustered all of his strength and, in a roundhouse move, whipped his stinger and tail, and pierced through Gogonis’s gas-filled polyp.  The Portuguese man of war released its tentacles and slowly sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

The rest of the colony of monsters retreated, floating away like shattered glass into the darkness of the ocean. Amity once again returned…

--- The End ---

Submitted: May 18, 2020

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