COVID 19 & The Severe Effects on Ill, Isolated People

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I am an Isolated Senior, due to COVID 19 orders and restrictions. I've been alone for 21 years due to my disability and lack of human companionship and contact - no socialization or friends, new to California. It is imperative that people maintain contact with those who live alone by any means available. COVID 19 "orders" only made my unbearable Isolation worse. The real truth behind my tendency to Hermit and lack of understanding of human needs and most of all, Love - is my lack of Oxytocin - the Love Hormone. This lack was done deliberately.

Today I speak of a VERY important - but disturbing piece of news I have received. At this time of forced quarantine and isolation and the "orders" that we stand 6' apart, lest we contract COVID 19 - the masks and gloves we must wear - are all intended to protect us from this devastating and terrible submicroscopic disease.  ***I am uniquely qualified to speak on this matter as you will soon read ***   It was said by an expert in Aspergers Syndrome that I have this autism spectrum disorder. It was difficult for my loved ones, including and especially husbands, to deal with my lack of trust, dislike of human hugs or touch or any other kind of contact, my avoidance of social bonding and lack of understanding about it. In fact, the real truth is that I have very little of oxytocin - the love hormone.


For isolated Seniors, disabled people, people who live alone - this isolation and Quarantine can be, and will, promote, severe depression, thoughts of suicide, confusion, and even cause dementia.


Hugs and human contact and social bonding  - and love - are stimulated and maintained by loving contact, by feeling love, by sharing social connections, family, friends, pets, etc.


There was once an experiment in which babies in an orphanage were bathed, dressed, fed, but NOT held or loved or given loving embraces, eye contact or the company of other children. DESPITE their base needs taken care of - they DIED.


I can speak of this, for 21 years I have had ZERO human contact other than one, amazing and loyal friend and church council President, and a neighbor with a number of children who still stopped by and kept me company now and then - otherwise, I lay in bed, immobilized by depression no medication could ever relieve, given the wrong diagnosis. I’m sorry to say, church groups, Bible Study Groups, which I attended every week, went out regularly and never invited me.  No human touch for most of my 21 years of Hell, except from my hairdresser.  I was, and am, beyond depressed. Everyone most certainly noticed it and wondered why I did not “date.” The answer is because I was too ill, weak and drugged to exit my bed except to care for my cats and house.


COVID 19 can be lethal and even when it isn’t, it is a TERRIBLE disease.  The orders in place are to protect us from transmission.


And yet, for people like me, the isolation has been beyond devastating.  My only friend was my 21 year old cat, who recently went Home to the Rainbow Bridge, my good and faithful friend.


People with many illnesses and poverty end up alone.  The human death toll is shocking.


It is my fervent hope that people make contact with people like me as they are able - Facetime, letters, phone calls, even social contact, despite the 6’ restriction, which I believe too great a distance.  To suggest otherwise, is to suggest the mask and gloves are not sufficient, but they are. If our government officials do not soon lift that restriction, then they are, in part, responsible for the deaths and depression that will ensue in vulnerable people.


To deprive people as I have been deprived, for 21 years, except for the loyal friendship of a Church Council President and a few visits from an overburdened neighbor, recent incredible intervention from my adored Daughter and SIL and Grandchildren (whom I now cannot see or hug due to the “orders”), can be, and will be for many, a death sentence.


I wrote to AARP for help, which they claim they offer - no response. I tried to hire a Home Health Aide for company and companionship - not only did the caretaker NOT show up, but the company did not even apologize for it. I have asked for Communion from two entirely different pastors, neither came. Just because I look and dress normally does not mean I should be deprived of the love of God.


My Senior Community is FILLED with residents like me.


When this is over, I beg you, check on your Seniors, your neighbors, your loved ones, and hug those with whom you have close relationships.  My lack of oxytocin was NO accident. No one will believe my story of how this came to be, but one day, all will know. And it was worsened by my enforced isolation for 21 years.


The most oft reported deaths are those of middle-aged, lonely, depressed, poverty-stricken, single or divorced women. We have high blood pressure (mine was 280/160 - yes, you read that right) diabetes and severe depression as well as physical disability. We have no human contact, we have no social bonding, and we often cannot trust anyone and collapse inside until we die. I have observed this over and over and over. Thus, no oxytocin is built up or maintained.


Oxytocin is the Love Hormone, most known by the bonding of babies to Mothers and Mothers to their babies.


There was an experiment once, in which orphaned babies were fed, bathed and dressed, but given NO loving embrace, eye contact, affection, or social interaction. They all DIED.


Two different ministers refused to visit me at home to give me Communion, because I have enough strength to get dressed and look decently. I wasn't an obvious Senior. 


Ministers refused to give me even the comfort of God. 


But God is LOVE.


People issed all sorts of comments to my face and behind my back about why I didn't "date."  Obviously sex builds oxytocin in people who LOVE one another, not one-nigh stands and "Tindering."


The answer is because I was too ill, depressed, sick, over-medicated for the wrong disorder and I lived alone, bed-ridden on $945 SSDI. My Electric Bill was $450 a month!


All I had for company was my cat, who recently had to be returned to The Rainbow Bridge - at age 21. I have tried and tried to find a cat to adopt, but all of LA's Shelters are closed, due to COVID 19!


I've lived 21 years alone.  21 years.  The weight of 5 nickels. The weight of a Human Soul.

Submitted: May 18, 2020

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A. S. Cooper = Sir I believe the Touch Starvation will kill people. If not, there will be a rash of suicides and mental illness exasperated. We have 80,430 confirmed (only confirmed) cases in CA. And only 3,302 deaths. Every life is important, but more people die from other causes every year. They just let criminals out of prison, who have already re-offended, and they let them out to protect them from COVID! Yet we here have our cars rifled through, stolen, mail stolen, and the Governor has allowed serious felonies to be reduced to misdeamers, so anyone can steal up to $950 worth of merchandise and the most they'll get is a TICKET! Someone watched a guy fill his grocery cart at RALPHS with booze and walk right out! We see it at the Mall, gangs of kids wearing their backpacks, no one touches them and they meet at a van in the parking lot and take off with their stolen goods! The police will not come if called. People have breaking and entering in broad daylight, one of the most difficult situations a home owner has to face, as the burglar often kills them so they won't be identified. And they are worried about 3,302 deaths and arrest people for not wearing masks and gloves and going out of their Isolation to conduct nonessential business. The people will, and are, rebelling.

Tue, May 19th, 2020 3:21pm

LE. Berry

Right now we share a common history with people of the past, our situation is not unique. Since you have access to internet resources, perhaps you can check out the story of others who experienced what you currently are, and it happened hundreds of years ago, without the knowledge we currently might help in retrospection...

Fri, May 22nd, 2020 10:06pm

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