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She didn't know but it was the beginning for her......


Kelly's young brown eyes moistened. But she could still see a green field stretching to the horizon. All she could smell was the fresh grass, revitalised from a recent shower. Occasionally the vista was broken by a tree, a dark brown Tower-of-Pisa, hanging to one side, its naked branches fanned out, like spent lightning, striving to return to the clouds.

Words formed in her mind. Words she didn't want to know or hear. But they were there, explicit, troublesome words. They forced their way to the forefront of her thoughts. Her mouth trembled. She bit her lip as a wave of uncontrollable emotion surged from the depths of her stomach, and clutched at her throat. She clamped a hand to her mouth, in a vain attempt to stem the tide. But the words thrust their way past. You're going to die...but you won't be dead. She remembered him whispering the words and the triumphant tone in his voice, as her warm blood trickled down her neck, and dissolved into a crimson stain on her white blouse. Kelly had tried to pull away from his passionate embrace but his grip was too strong.


"Don't try and run," he whispered. "It's too late for that now...Look."


She attempted to scream, but the sound remained trapped in her throat, she could only manage to grunt. She could feel his urgency as he pulled her closer, his hot breath burning her face. Then, his ice-blue eyes began to change; the colour drained away. She saw her reflection staring back at her. She saw her hand touch the river of blood flowing remorselessly onto the beginning of her breasts. The whole of her body shook with revulsion. Another strangled scream refused to live. Abruptly he released his hold. For a moment she stood still, then, realising she was free, ran to the door.


"It's locked," he said.


Kelly wrestled with the handle. Even though she'd heard his words, she didn't want to believe him.


"Even if it wasn't," he continued, his voice soft and firm. "It wouldn't do you any good. It's done...your blood is proof."


She twisted around. Her hands clamped to the door handle behind her.


"Let me go...please," she begged. "I won't say anything...I'll forget you...please, open the door."


Ignoring her pleas, he turned away. She watched him as his six foot, athletic, frame slumped into the only chair in the motel room. She winced at the first sign of pain in her neck.


"Good It's begun," she heard him say.


Kelly shook her head. What's he talking about, she thought? It's begun...It's too late...He's mad, I'm trapped and can't get out. She swallowed hard. And decided to threaten him.

"Look, If you don't let me out of here...I'm going to shout and scream until somebody comes."


He smiled, and lit a cigarette, retrieved from a silver case he'd taken from his pocket. Exhaling a cloud of blue-grey smoke, he shrugged.


"Go ahead...try. You'll only hear the noise in your head. You will never be able to scream out loud again." She took a deep breath, and forced the air from her lungs. The sudden screeching in her head sent stabs of pain ripping through her ears. Silent air poured from her mouth.

The red glow from the lighted tobacco burned brightly, as he sucked another dose of nicotine.


"Now maybe you'll believe me," he said, through a haze of fumes. "So you'd better sit down on the bed. There isn't much time, and there are things you need to know."


Kelly felt her resistance weakening. An argument was raging inside her mind. Part of her wanted to stay at the door, and scream again. Another part was telling her to do as he said. She didn't want to obey, but she found herself walking to the bed.


"There...that's better," he said. He offered the open cigarette case. "Smoke?"


She shook her head, thankful, that, among all the other vices in her young life, smoking wasn't one.


"I've known you were the one since you were born," he continued. "I was there when they rushed your mother to maternity. I stood next to the midwife and watched you come into the world. You were perfect. Just what I'd dreamt of."


Kelly screwed up her face as another twinge of pain surged through her neck. This time it reached the base of her skull.


"Ah...It won't be long's almost there." he said.


"What are you talking about? What's almost there? Are you some kind of sicko?"


"It'll all become clear in good time...just relax. Remember Jimmy? Last year, on your sixteenth birthday? You were surprised at how much he knew. You expected fumbling, inexperienced groping in the dark, didn't you?"


She wiped a damp palm on her tight skirt.


" do you know about Jimmy?"


He was right. She'd been so curious to know what boys did? What she would feel? If it was as good as the books portrayed? That, at one minute after midnight on her birthday, she'd gone outside in the garden with Jimmy. They'd kissed, and she'd felt the excitement course through her body. It was a powerful electric feeling. She hadn't meant to go all the way. But his tenderness and urgent caresses had broken her defences. She hadn't been able to resist. She hadn't wanted to. He'd taken her strongly but gently. And afterwards they'd stood, breathless, clinging to one another in the cool night.


"I was Jimmy."


For the first time she thought about laughing. She was convinced now. He was crazy. Jimmy was only a boy. The madman sitting in front of her was at least ten years older. He had black hair, where Jimmy was fair. And Jimmy's eyes were pastel green.


"You're mad, demented. Why are you doing this to me?"


He was smiling again. A knowing smile. He shifted his weight to the front of the chair, and dropped the spent cigarette on the floor, squashing it beneath his foot.


"You've got a pale birth mark, which looks like a flower, on the inside of your left thigh. I kissed it...remember? I also know that you haven't been with anyone else. So only Jimmy has seen it."


Kelly gasped. "It can't be true. You guessed..."


"It's true. And soon you'll know." As he finished the sentence he suddenly bent double and grabbed his head in both hands. He grunted.


Kelly didn't know why, but she wanted to rush over and cradle his head in her arms.


"What's the matter?"


He sat up. His face had become sweaty and red. New furrows were etched in his forehead. The bones in his cheeks were more pronounced.


"It's happening. The transfer...You must listen to me."


Kelly began to panic. "But you're ill. You need a doctor. Give me the key...quick."


He laughed. And with each grimace he clenched his teeth in obvious pain.


"Doctors can't help, Kelly. Don't you see that now? My time is over. Maybe you're the one to save us all. I don't know. If not...then you must search. Look for the perfect foetus...It's there that you'll find our saviour. Guard each one. Nurture them. Watch them grow. When you think it's the one, as I did with you, pass on the seed."


He doubled up with agony again. Grasping his sides in a desperate attempt to hold on for a while longer.


"Bite a must be a vein..."


His body began to shake. His upper body started to swivel, twisting into grotesque shapes. His words fused into a deep gurgling sound. Then his head began to disintegrate. Slowly at first, then the liquid turned into a torrent. It showered onto the floor. The process engulfed his body, until it dissolved into a pool at her feet. She watched, stunned, as the wet patch began to dry. All that was left was a key and a glittering cigarette case.



She turned away from the open field and walked back towards the motel. She took a cigarette from the case. Inhaling she felt him touching the inside of her body. She saw his mouth in her mind.



Submitted: May 19, 2020

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