The Pixies of Aspana: Book 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter 7: The Decision

Submitted: June 30, 2020

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Submitted: June 30, 2020



Enna returned to the cave and was met with a concerning scene. Laine was a mess while trying to comfort a weepy Bella, and Maki was sitting at the table with his head in his hands. Riven was nowhere to be seen, yet the curtain to their bed-chamber was open. Enna put two-and-two together and sighed deeply.

"Riven's gone missing, I suppose?" With this, they announced their presence to the other inhabitants of the cavern.

"I don't know how long they've been gone!" Laine exclaimed, ruffling Bella's hair nervously as the younger pixie clung to her. "Bella's panicking, and Maki -- I don't know what's going on with Maki, if he said anything, I didn't hear." She sighed.

Maki shot up straight, instantly explaining: "I didn't notice sooner, that's why I'm upset. They're my companionate and I'm responsible for their safety! Maybe they ran away because of Enna and whatever the hell happened a day or so ago!"

"Maki, I just returned and the blame is already being passed to me. In the grand scheme of things, that accusation is far from fair." Enna muttered coolly, their dark eyes hard and cold. Was Riven truly the only thing keeping their family from falling apart? Do not misunderstand him, he loved Riven as much as the rest of them, but . . . Maybe they all just needed a rest.

Enna's book hit the floor with a loud thud, garnering everyone's attention. Enna cleared their throat. "Everyone to their bed chambers. No resistance. In twenty minutes we will reconvene here for dinner and discussion." They demanded, picking their book up off of the floor.

Bella was the first to exit the room, meekly shuffling to her room and ducking inside, the curtain shutting closed moments later. Maki next, huffing frustratedly and disappearing into his room. Laine stared Enna down, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Did you know anything about this?"

"No." Enna let down their guard just a bit, and Laine's sigh of relief echoed through the cavern.

"Did your visit to the lake help with anything? I still think you're overreacting." She teased, blowing a strand of her mussed up hair out of her face.

They dismissed Laine's teasing with a wave. "It did, partially. The water here is different than that of mainland Earth's."

The other pixie nodded and sat down at the table. "And?" She muttered.

"Well, I don't believe the water will harm us if that is what you wish to know."

Laine nodded, placing her arms on the table and nestling her head into them. Her body moved slightly as she breathed, and Enna stood for a moment, watching. They turned on their heels and walked into the library.

* * *

Twenty minutes later, the group reconvened as promised.

Laine first served the group dinner, which was a thick stew of vegetables. Bella gagged at the sight, not wanting vegetables. The rest of the older pixies all rolled their eyes and sat down at the table, urging Bella to eat.

The room was filled with an unsettling silence as the group ate, not saying much.

Finally, Maki had had enough. "What are we doing about Riven?"

Enna coughed, startled. Sitting up straighter, they smoothed out the hair on top of their head. "The way I see it, we have approximately three options, though one of them will most definitely upset you," They started.

"We can, of course, go out together as a search party. However, that may be inefficient, because Riven may return here and find the cavern void of life. They may decide to run away again, which is the opposite of our goal, yes?" They paused, looking around the table to see what the group's opinions were. Maki looked indifferent, Laine nodded in response, and Bella wasn't listening. Bella stirred her stew around, humming to herself.

"Alternatively, we could have Laine and Bella stay here, while Maki and I venture outwards. However, we lack any means of communication. If Riven returns, we may still be in search of them, and you would not possess any way to contact us. Unless you left to search for us, which I believe to be counterproductive."

Laine opened her mouth to say something, and Enna tilted their head towards her as if to tell her to go ahead.

"What if we scheduled ahead of time how long you would stay out adventuring?" She suggested, taking a sip of the broth from the stew. "You could venture in one direction for a week, come home and rest for a bit, and venture in another direction for another week."

"It's not a bad idea," Maki shrugged. He wasn't blaming himself, but he did wish he knew sooner. They'd wasted time due to ignorance, and Riven could be getting hurt.

"The last option is to do nothing. We sit here and wait for Riven to return."

Maki immediately stood up. "Do nothing? What are you, a monster? Riven's a part of our family!"

"Riven may just need a bit of space. We may be overreacting. Though I doubt we are, it is still an option. Just as we may be overreacting, we may as well be lacking in our reaction. I truly cannot say."

"All of this uncertainty is fuc -- pissing me off!" Maki hissed, covering his mouth to censor himself. "What's next? Bella's going to suddenly fall ill and be bedridden?"

Laine looked over to Maki. The only person skilled at calming him down was Riven, who wasn't here. She stood up and walked over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Maki, I know Riven's not here, but they're not gone forever. Riven is not, and will not ever be the type to just walk out on their family forever."

The furious pixie exhaled, allowing Laine's words to wash over him.

"You know, you'd even be protecting them by keeping your cool," Laine smirked. "The more cooperative we all are, the quicker Riven is back here and safe."

Maki nodded, agreeing with her sentiment.

"Well, a decision is required in this matter," Enna broke up the small moment of bonding.

"I like option two!" Laine cheered. "I'm sure Bella and I will have a blast!"

Bella had been staring at Maki with wide eyes, finally blinking and returning to the conversation at hand with the mention of her name once more. "Huh? What about me?"

"We're going to stay here an--"

"We have not finalized the decision, Lainette. I have not heard Maki's input."

"Option two," Maki's reluctance to decide was evident in his tone.

"Wonderful. Bella, as of tomorrow, you and Laine are to stay in the cavern and entertain yourselves. Maki and I will be gone for a week: three and a half days of travel, three and a half days to return. We will reconvene with our findings upon our return. Does anyone have any objections?"

"Noperooney!" Bella cheered, going back to eating her now cold stew.

"Agreed with Bella, just please wake us up before you leave." Laine teased, poking Maki, who groaned in response.

Maki gave Enna a tired thumbs-up, and that was that. He was happy to finally have something that was certain.

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