The Devil Within

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Robert Christopher Cross has a memory of just five years.
He knows nothing of his life before his brain surgery; and that's a good thing, otherwise he might find out who he really is...

Table of Contents

The Path That Leads To...

Chapter 1 There is a part of the brain the size of an almond nut, responsible for REM sleep, daydreams, fantasies, and paranoia. We... Read Chapter

Ten Cats

Chapter 2 I've come to the end of the badger run, and I'm standing at the edge of a large opening, bright sunny and circular in sha... Read Chapter

The City Of Wonder

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) I still don’t know if she was joking or not. I fucking hope she was – sherry?!
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No Escaping

Chapter 4   "We call it our room with a view..." He says out of breath. "Because it overlooks our wonderful garden. Our ro... Read Chapter

Call Me Christine.

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) She's got to be shitting me. Sex and acupuncture? I'm afraid it'll be a rather one-way conversation on both topics. I know very little about one and absolutely fuck-all about
the other...
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Waterless Hours!

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) seven-thirty PM… Robert. What was the fucking pause for, what does a pause signify? It's bound to signify something with this woman otherwise she wouldn’t have used it.
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I'm Out Of Here.

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) Oh for fuck sake, it’s the man-eater, and she sounds like she's halfway up the lane. I can't believe I'm going to have to start running again...
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(FROM THIS CHAPTER) A skeleton cannot harm you. And anyway, there could be a telephone in that room, and you need a telephone...
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(FROM THIS CHAPTER) This rain sounds slightly different; I think I can hear an undertone in it. In fact, I'm sure I can. The undertone sounds like a baby crying...
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The Locked Door

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) I need light to embrace me, to make me feel safe, to lighten my worry and deliver me grace, light – be my harbor; God's holy might, where monsters and demons tremble with
fright. Angst and anxiety worry and fear…
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Hello Robert...

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) I am frozen with alarm, frozen with fear, frozen with panic. My whole body is reacting to what I saw...
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Cometh The Hour, Cometh The...

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) I must speak fast, as fast as I can to make sure he hears all of what I have to say this time. Don’t pause for breath Robert, make him hear it all; all of it. Don’t pause…
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A Hammer

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) My twenty-four hours end, but before I can even open my eyes properly, I see him, he raises his hand which holds a hammer...
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Queen Victoria

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) I am slapped again hard. Then again with more ferocity. It's an old woman. Who is this old woman? Why is she attacking me? Good grief, she looks like...
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What Would You Like To Call Me?

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) Oh no, you don’t think the skeleton in the bed was just another inquisitive fool like me, do you? He or she let him or herself in and couldn't get out again. Oh God I hope
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You Will Forget Everything

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) Oh my God, please stop, please stop. The pain is unbearable. I feel and hear cracks. Oh my goodness, my skull is cracking from his fists pounding down upon it...
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Can I Really Start Again?

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) I feel a sharp pain in my side. I look down. Christian pulls a long sword out of my body with blood dripping from it. My blood...
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(FROM THIS CHAPTER) I want to tell her she was killed tonight and I will bury her in Saint Peters Church in two weeks time. The same church she and father married in all those years ago. Obviously
I won't...
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(FROM THIS CHAPTER) "He is of no consequence. Gave. Took. It's all the same thing. He doesn't exist here anymore because you took his place...
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(FROM THIS CHAPTER) My real mother would be hitting these men over the head with her handbag, and this woman isn't. I look at Christian studying me. "I didn’t mention the dog's name." I say to
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He Gave No Warning

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) He comes at me with the knife, and as quick as a flash has it pressed up against my throat. "Do it." I scream at him. The point of the knife is pressed harder against my throat,
it cuts through the skin, the flesh, he twists and turns the knife making sure he misses all the vital components; the Larynx, the bronchi, and the spinal column...
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Moonlight Sonata

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) I am beginning to think I am the only person left on the planet, and although it's just a throwaway thought, I am now wondering, as I look around me, if it carries any weight...
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Do you know what? I think I've cracked it, I really do. This sort of information should be handed out to people who like to explore woodlands and jungles just on the off chance they get lost…
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There You Are Robert...


Why did they run off? With the outsized teeth and the massive jaws they have, I'm stunned they ran off. With heads like that, I don’t think they're plant eaters. Do they have a predator? Did they
think I was that predator?
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I cross the threshold and the door slams shut behind me, just as I knew it would. Just like it did in the black house. I try the handle. Nothing. It just turns in my hand...
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Jolted Back To Life


Good. I have him. I am emboldened, animated, bolstered, and ready. Fresh air and the voice of a man have jolted me back to life...
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And So It Begins


It felt so real saying that, as though one day I actually would be inside that black house; well – I was very young at the time...
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Alive But Dead


As bewildering as the eyes of a dead person looking around a room is, far more bewildering is the fact that certain areas of the brain remain active too...
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Mary Smythson (1747 - 1767)

Chapter 29   I have just noticed that the spirit wearing the puffy dress I was telling you about is back in the room with ... Read Chapter

Hearing Footsteps

"Why is time being altered or played with? For make no mistake, time is being affected. How do I know? Well, I know a spirit when I see one; God knows I've seen enough...
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One Is More Than Enough

Chapter 31 What have I discovered here? No. I must be wrong, but if I'm not, then Mary is a ghost in his house too, but unlike me, ... Read Chapter

Old Murdering Henry

Chapter 32 When I was growing up, it soon became apparent that I wasn’t normal. I would ask my friends, 'Do you believe in ghosts... Read Chapter

Take Charge

(FROM THIS CHAPTER) A dead man that died hundreds of years ago just spoke to you for God sake. If that’s not a good enough reason to stop this, I don’t know what is, and not only that, the dead
man; Sir-Henry-larger-than-life-Boyd, somehow managed to speak to you...
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Finding myself back in the 17th Century dressed in modern day shoes and clothing would probably end up with me being burnt at the stake for being a warlock.
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A Tsunami Of Tiredness

Chapter 35 I have a terrible night's sleep, or put another way, I don’t think I slept at all; far too much on my mind. I get u... Read Chapter


Chapter 36 It took me about forty minutes to get ready, and as I did, I kept looking for Mary. She is definitely not here. I guess ... Read Chapter

Musical Knickers

Chapter 37 Twelve minutes later. Twelve. I am still peering behind the kitchen blinds at her hanging her smalls out to dry. Hasn’... Read Chapter

Déjà Vu

Chapter 38 I go into the kitchen at the same time as my neighbour is going into her kitchen with her four garments over her ar... Read Chapter

I Am Not A Christian. I Am Robert

Why are time and spirits intertwined? Does the time thing only go one way; always forward?
Read Chapter

A Barbaric Ritual.

The fact that they are able to connect the axe to a flailing arm or leg with such precision, can only mean one thing; they are practiced in the art of such a barbaric ritual...
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Barbaric And Evil

The last thing he saw was that dreadful implement that did the ghastly deed, and the scowling face of the man that carried it out...
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An Evil Place

Each axe-man seems to want to show the others how hard he can hit. How clean he can hit. How he needs only one strike to remove a foot, a hand, a leg...
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Chapter 43 I get up, wipe my tears away, and begin to walk over to him. The snow isn't very deep and is crispy underfoot rather tha... Read Chapter

What Will I See?

Chapter 44 Oh dear Lord above. I am standing in my lounge, not lying on the ground with a wolf ripping my throat apart. The stool I... Read Chapter

A Pocket Full Of Teeth

Chapter 45 I watch in silence. I am looking at myself crying uncontrollably on my knees on both screens. Where is the footage of me... Read Chapter

Red White And Blue

Chapter 46 I finish my rather hurried cup of tea and get down on my knees and pick up his jacket. I don’t recognize this uniform,... Read Chapter


Chapter 47 I begin to feel strange. A kind of motion sickness. I can see his mouth moving, but my ears hear nothing but the usual k... Read Chapter


Perhaps that’s why I have an irrational fear of heights and the ocean at night. Perhaps a previous body, or a body I am going to inhabit one day, perished due to a long fall, or drowned at sea in
the middle of the night, and the apprehensions I feel with heights and the ocean at night are echoes from whoever I was, from whenever it happened, or is going to happen...
Read Chapter

The Missing Four Weeks

Chapter 49 When I was Jacob, my grandmother took great delight in chastising my brother and I when we stayed with her during the su... Read Chapter

Until You Die

   Chapter 50 "Will I like my life when I am you, or rather, when I was you?" Judging by today's events so far, I t... Read Chapter


Chapter 51 I was shot last and it was all over in a split second. Bang-bang. I saw my father shoot David. Poor David. Oh dear, I had ... Read Chapter

Please Stop

Chapter 52 So where does this new knowledge leave me? Well, I am alive I am home and I am safe. But I have to stop this now. Yes, I... Read Chapter

The Four Punishments

Chapter 53 I now have the memories of those axe blows to contend with, and I can't stop them from coming; the axe blows and the mem... Read Chapter


Chapter 54 One: tied to a post where you were slowly cooked alive using a little flame held against your skin, starting at your ank... Read Chapter


Chapter 55 I open the shed door, and then slowly close it again. I need to sit back down. I need to sit back down because I feel my ... Read Chapter

Icy Cold

Chapter 56 I walk back into the house and nearly fall to the ground from shock. There I am eating my soup seated at the table. I am... Read Chapter

Dead Souls.

Chapter 57  and my beard. I am in the place I saw when I opened the shed door. The place that the camcorders somehow filmed. ... Read Chapter

I Am Not A Christian.

Chapter 58 I give my soup a little stir, empty it into a bowl, and settle down on the sofa with it. It's nice, hot, but nice, which... Read Chapter

Crazy Tramp

Chapter 59 I have spent a lot of time in the park since being made redundant. Parks are peaceful places, and I like peaceful places... Read Chapter

Gut Feelings

Chapter 60 I call mother and wish I hadn't. I may as well just sit here forever. No point in going anywhere. No point in doing anyt... Read Chapter

Breaking The Cycle

Chapter 61 Standing tall, looking like a concrete obelisk, is Pennell Point; a high-rise block of social housing. I won't tell you ... Read Chapter


Chapter 62 "We have to change it then." I say to him. "You say that, I say that, we say that, every time. But because I took ten ... Read Chapter

Edward Wrentham. 1566 to 1606

Chapter 63 "What happened to you? You disappeared from the kitchen." I say to him. "I know what to do." He answers in a calm voic... Read Chapter

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