The Being From Another Planet

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020



Matt ran into the forest. "How the hell did a aircraft crash here?" He asked himself. He saw the smoke getting closer, and he ran more into the forest. Matt aimed his flashlight towards to where he thought the plane was. "Hey, is anyone ok!?" Matt called out. Nothing answered. "Anyone?" Matt walked more to it. He saw that the plane was behind some bolder. "So glad it missed that-"

He found himself on the other side of the bolder. Then he felt himself going lightheaded for a bit, and he stumbled, and slammed into a tree. "Ow!" He called out. "What the..." He put his hand to his face, and saw that he bruised it. "Ow...."

He looked behind him back over to the place. "I'm gonna call 911...they will be here to hel...."

His mouth dropped.

Was what he was seeing.....real?

The thing what crash landed.... wasn't a plane.

It was a pod.

A pod that looked like something that belonged in some sifi movie.

"No.... no way...." Matt couldn't believe what he was seeing. "How is this possible?!" He was trying to gather his thoughts, but then he remembered that the ship was basically on fire. If he didn't act quick, whatever was inside could burn!

"Ok Matt, you got this.... you're gonna save...a alien...."

Matt quickly ran over to the big sized pod, trying to find the door. He saw that there was a front window, but the window was smashed, and there was tree branches sticking out. He knew he had to act quick. If those branches caught on fire, that'll be the end of him and the alien.

After a few more seconds of searching, he found the door, but the handle wouldn't budge. He then realized that it must of been locked on the inside. "Shit..." 

He could hear some weird sound coming from the ship. He didn't realized what it was at first, but then he saw more smoke coming from the back.

He ran back to the front, and tried to remove the branches. He finally did, and then he saw someone who looked lifeless, sitting in what seemed to be a seat. The drivers seat.

Matt quickly climbed into the ship, saw that the alien had a seat belt on, unbuckled it, and tried to drag it out.

He managed to do that in the nick of time.

Matt was not even 20ft away from the ship, and then it exploded. The blast radius sent him and the alien flying.


"Matt! Their attacking! We have to fall back!"

"No.... we shouldn't! They'll rule the planet if we don't do something! We have to stop them!

Matt woke up with a jolt. He rubbed his head, and looked down on the ground he was lying on, and saw green. "...what the... were am i?"

He realizes that it was grass. "How did I reach here?" Matt sat up, and looked to the left up him, and saw a brunt Space Pod. "Oh... that's why..."

Matt remembered how he was trying to save a Alien..

"Alien... wait... THE ALIEN!" Matt frantically looked around for anyone lying on the ground. "Shit, where did he go?" Matt got up, and looked around the area where the ship was.

But then he saw it.

"What the hell...? Is that a robot?"

What was on the ground next to a tree, was something that looked like a mechanical robot of some sort, with what seemed to have cat ears, and a cat tail.

"What the hell am I looking at?"

Matt very slowly, and carefully, walked over to it.

But it was not a robot at all. The face had a visor, and Matt could see a face in it. "It's armor of some sort..."

Matt keeled down to it, putting his hands on the helmet, trying to take it off.

But as soon as he did, the Alien jumped up, grabbing some gun from a section on the suit.

"WHO ARE YOU!?" It asked, pointing the gun at at Matt. "Woah, I'm not of any threat to you!" Matt yelled out, scared. "Then why are you here?" The alien asked. Matt looked around. "Um...I.. live here?" He said. "There is no way you're from Planet Nekoluer! You don't even look like a Neko!"

Matt was confused of what the alien was talking about. "N-Nekol..what?" 

"Nekoluer! Don't play dumb with me..."

"But this isn't Nekole..e.. whatever... this is Earth!" Matt yelled.

The alien paused for a moment. "Earth?" It asked. Matt nodded. "Yes Earth..."

"Wait... you mean I'm on another Planet-?" 

Matt nodded slowly.

"But how... I would of remembered how I would of got-" The Alien stopped talking when it saw the burnt ship. "...OH...BLASTER BULLETS! My dad is gonna kill me!" It yelled out. "When did this happen?! I don't remember much for some reason...."

Matt shook his head. "I just heard a loud crash last night and I came running here, and I saw your ship... I tried to help you come out, but you seemed dead, and then the ship exploded.... and then I woke up... realizing that it is the next day..."

The Alien stared at Matt. Then it took of it's mask, reveling a young teen, who looked a little human, but he had slightly larger eyes, and he had cat ears on the top of it's head, and no human ears. "When you came here....did you experience any headaches?" It asked. Matt thought. "No..I don't thi-" Matt then remembered that painful brain ace that he had that made him run into the tree. "Wait.. yes..I... I did... why?"

"No reason" The Alien said. "So, what's you're Number?" It asked. Matt looked at it confused. "M-my.. what now?"

"You're number. Everyone's got one."

"You mean my name?" Matt asked. "No, number. I'm number 789."

"You guys have numbers instead of names?" Matt asked. 789 nodded. "You don't have one? What you get called something else or something?" He asked. Matt nodded. "I'm called Matt" 

The alien looked at him. "Matt.... that kinda sounds nice..."

"789... so that's what you're really called?" Matt asked. The alien nodded. "Yes, and... what are you?" He asked. "I'm... a human..."

"Human? Never heard of you guys. Well, I'm a Neko." The alien said. "That's cool" Matt forgot the aliens number. "789" The Neko said. 789 looked over at the burnt ship. "Ah, Space Particles, how am I gonna tell dad about am I even gonna even reach back home-?"

Matt could see that 789 looked very worried, but he didn't know how to help. 789 looked over at Matt. "Do you know how to fix a Space pod?" He asked. Matt shook his head. "We earth people are used to stuff like this...." Matt confessed. "This space ship sitting here alone, could end up on every news article in the world of someone else saw it" Matt said. 789 looked confused. "And why's that? They act like they never seen a space ship before or something" He said touching a door knob, and it fell off. "Well... that's the thing... no one here has been farther than our moon... most of the humans believe that humans are the only living thing in the whole universe...." Matt explained.

789 looked over at Matt and made a "what the hell" face. "They believe what now-? Are you serious?" He started to laugh. Matt found himself blushing at 789's laugh. "Wow. They actually believe that. They should come to the Kipler Galaxy. Filled with a whole bunch of crazies..." The Neko said.

"Kipler-?" Matt asked. "It's the Galaxy where our planet is located. There is another one in our system... but.. they usually go to war with never changes. Just war, war, war every year with them." 789 said. Matt looked surprised. "Oh shoot, I hope you.. didn't lead them here did you?" Matt asked. "I'm pretty sure I didn't" 789 said, looking up at the sky.

"I just really wanna fix this ship. I know my dad is gonna so let me have it"

"What even happened?" Matt asked out of curiosity. "Well... all I remember was that I was flying next to a planet, I'm guessing it was this one, then it felt the ship lose control."

Matt looked up at the blue sky. "I wish there was a place you could hide this... I mean, I know it can't be moved, but if another human sees this-"

Matt saw a name plate on the ship, that surprisingly, didn't get damaged.

-Property of Nekoler's Intergalactic War Associations-


"I can teleport it"

Matt looked at 789. "You can?... back to Your planet?" He asked. 789 shook his head. "Not that far, I can't. Just somewhere other than here, so no one can see it." 

"My garage?" Matt asked. "Sure, let's put it there, what..ever that is.." 789 said. Matt nodded. "Follow me" Matt said walking to his house, with 789 following him.


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