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Timculés was born with a special gift
to control time. He could send humanity into the far past( stone age) or the far future(Quantillion Years or googol year).
Miss Molly taught them an exciting lesson on the ages and era of human existence. This ignited Timculés and his girlfriend's interest to go back into the past to experience how life was , and into the future to experience how life will be...billions of years from now.

I have always been asking myself this question for 16 years, "Where did we come from?" and "where are we going?" 
When I was born 16 years ago, I always knew I was a special child. Not special in teams of my physical appearance but I had the ability to  stop, move, backward or forward time including  everything in it. 
To me, the world is like watching a movie and controlling it with a remote controller by either pausing  it, fast forwarding it or fast reversing it. 
What I was saying was, I could decide to stop your time and prevent your movement  but hasten another person's time and movement. 
Though I knew I had all these potentials, I never really used it until my mother paid me a visit at school one day. 
I decided to see her off but stopped by the School gate and waved her goodbye. She was so excited, waving me that she forgot she was crossing a road.
Suddenly, I saw a car speeding towards her. Within three seconds, it would knock her dead. 
Quickly, I stopped the three seconds and froze the car while 
Fast forwarding my mother's time and movement. Goosh! She crossed the road safely but was shaken and stunned. After the car passed she exclaimed, "Timculés  how did you do that?" 
I just smiled and told her politely to go home. 
The next day in an Earth Science Class,Miss Molly taught a lesson on the Ages of human History and Earth timeline.
She came to class that day very cheerful.
"Good morning students"
Good morning Miss Molly, we responded in unison. 
Then she began teaching ...
"Today we are going to learn about the Ages of Humans and Earth's timeline( Geological Time Scale).
Today, we are so used to the internet, the computers, iPhones, Airplanes, social media and other digital and electronic devices to the extent that we think it is just the normal way of life.
Of course we are in the Computer air digital age. What some people called information or media age .
Well, if the stone aged man was to wake up today, he will be shocked at how dramatically the world he used to know had changed. In fact he will see the modern world as a miracle and perhaps took more than a year to believe all that he was seeing was the handiwork of man's ingenuity and inventions. 
But this inventions came at a cost. 
Humans are driving major changes to the planet's ecosystems. Even now, the basic requirements for human life—air, water, shelter, food, nature and culture—are being rapidly transformed by the billions of people on the planet.
Human societies changes over time and scientists believe we are living in a new chapter in Earth's story: the Anthropocene.
She went further to tell us that 
Scientists have just assigned three new ages to the Holocene, which is the current epoch in which we live
commencing 11,700 years ago after the end of the last ice age."
She said For roughly 2.5 million years, humans lived on Earth without leaving a written record of their lives—but they left behind other kinds of remains and artifacts.
Clarionelle asked miss Molly to tell her more about how people live in the past ages.
She answered, "Early humans may have been primitive—but they had some sophisticated habits and tastes.
The Stone Age began more than two million years ago, and ended around 3300 BC, as humans began to discover metalwork with the dawn of the Bronze Age. Compared to modern humans, Stone Age humans and human ancestors may have been primitive—but they were far more sophisticated than the grunting cavemen often depicted on screen. In fact, early humans were ingenious problem-solvers who managed to survive and thrive in hostile environments. More and more, researchers are finding we’re not so different.
"How ?" I asked miss Molly.
She said , " I will tell you eight ways Stone age human ancestors were like is;
1.They cured meat to turn it into ‘bacon.The mummy, known as Ötzi, or the Iceman, was killed by an arrow when he was between 40 and 50 years old and hiking across the Ötztal Alps between modern-day Italy and Austria. When researchers explored the contents of Ötzi’s stomach, they were stunned to discover a kind of rudimentary prosciutto alongside a cooked grain. For his final supper, Ötzi had eaten goat—but it was dry-cured, rather than cooked.
2.They played music on instru
ments. As far back as 43,000 years ago, shortly after they settled in Europe, early humans whiled away their time playing music on flutes made from bird bone and mammoth ivory
3.They kept their homes clean, and spent time hanging out on their rooftops.Though people tend to think of early humans as living in caves, a settlement found in Turkey in the mid-1960s reveal some of the earliest examples of urbani
zation. Nine thousand years ago, Neolithic people lived in mud-brick houses, packed closely together. Each house was uniform and rectangular and entered by holes in the roof rather than front doors.”
They were simple structures, but they had every modern convenience–a hearth, an oven, and platforms for sleeping on. A lot of activity would have taken place at the roof level. People would cross between homes on the rooftops, and use the alleyways between them to throw out their household waste because they actually kept their houses very clean.”
4.The women were strong. Many millennia before women were even allowed to compete in the Olympics, Stone Age women were as strong as modern athletes. According to a study published in Science Advances, remains of women from around 7,000 years ago suggest they were almost as strong as “living semi-elite rowers.” The results tell us a little bit about what role women played in everyday life, and that they were likely as involved with manual labor as their male peers
5.They passed their homes on to their descendants.When Stone Age people needed somewhere to live, they often didn’t build a new dwelling or seek out an empty cave. Instead, they’d renovate empty homes in their local area, and live there.
6.They survived climate change.
When the climate changed dramatically 11,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers in what is today northeastern England were forced to make substantial changes to fight off biting cold. Even as temperatures plummeted,  resear
chers found, pioneering early people changed their way of life rather than moving elsewhere, including how they built their homes and the kind of tools that they used.
7. They made bread.
A snack eaten 14,400 years ago might not look so different than a modern one, after all. In northern Jordan, archaeologists found the remnants of ancient flatbread in what was once a fireplace. It was a staggering discovery: Making bread would have been an unbelievably labor-intensive process, requiring not just making the dough, but also harvesting the grain and milling it. For now, no one’s really sure how they did it, or how they managed to make such finely ground flour. “Nobody had found any direct evidence for production of bread, so the fact that bread predates agriculture is kind of stunning
8.They had pets.
Thousands of years ago, in what is today Germany, people were buried with their pet dogs when they died. Archaeologists say, they even appear to have nursed sick puppies for as long as they could—even when their recovery seemed uncertain. The remains of one dog suggest that the animal caught fatal “canine distemper” at around five months old, and would have been seriously ill on a number of occasions for up to six weeks at a time. 
So you see, we are not too different from our ancestors."
Nixon , one of my mates asked, 
"Is the stone age the only age in human History?"
She said there were three traditio
nal ways to categorize human history. Then she mentioned there Ages; The stone Age, the bronze age and the Iron Age.
After the lesson, My friend and classmate, Clarionelle was highly
Elated. We met after class and had a dialogue. 
Clarionelle: Dear, how do you see Miss Molly's lesson today?
Me: Super Excited. 
Clarionelle: You know what I was thinking?
Clarionelle : Never mind. I know it's just a fantasy 
Me: Tell me. 
Clarionelle : I wish I can go into the stone age or even to Pre-historical times and have a feel of their way of life. 
Me: I see. I can take you there. 
Clarionelle : I don't like jokes. How can you take me back to pre-order historical times.
Me: Well. There are certain things you don't know about me.
Clarionelle: Like?
Me: Like my gift..
Clarionelle: which is?
Me: Ability to control time. 
Clarionelle : I always knew you are different but I don't know it has something to do with time. 
Me: Did you?
Clarionelle : Yea. But I don't know how special you are. 
Me: I see.
Clarionelle : So when will you take me there?
Me : Right now.
She giggled and asked if I was  serious. I told her I was.
"Ok, bring your hands." She stretched her hand towards me. 
I held her hands and as if in a trance or some kind of metaphysical tendencies, we moved  backward into time from modern age to iron age to Bronze age to the stone age to pre- human Evolution. 
~The Iron Age ~
** 1,300 B.C. to 900 B.C.**
We found ourselves in the Iron Age.
Men were smelting iron and forging them into tools and weapons
Along with mass production of steel tools and weapons, we also saw even further advances in architecture, with four-room homes, some complete with stables for animals. There were royal palaces, temples and other religious structures. Cities were planned. 
Agriculture, art and religion all became more sophisticated, and writing systems and written documentation, including alpha
bets, began to emerge, ushering in the Early Historical Period.The Iron 
We also realised the Iron- Aged
was a very violent era and the iron aged man was violent. We saw men fighting with swords forged from the Iron. Wars were  frequent-Swords were their number one weapon to fight with. 
Clarionelle was scared seeing how  violent the iron men were. 
"Okay , dear, I'm feeling scared. Let's go, " Clarionelle suggested.  Again I pulled Clarionelle back into the past. We moved into the  bronze age. 
~*bronze age* ~
**3300 to about 800 BCE.**
In the bronze age we saw Women wearing long woollen skirts and short tunics.This time period also brought advances in architecture and art, including the invention of the potter’s wheel, and textiles—clothing consisted of mostly woollen  items such as skirts, kilts, tunics and cloaks. 
The men wore knee-length wrap-around skirts, or kilt-like woollens, as well as tunics, cloaks and even one-piece garments. There were also clean-shaven, long-haired and wore round woollen hats which was quite  amazing. I looked at Clarionelle and was stunned.
Her clothes had changed like the bronze people and I teased him only to realise mine had changed too.
Clarionelle said , " I loved this era and I will like to stay here. It's quite peaceful."
Home dwellings morphed to so-called roundhouses, consisting of a circular stone wall with a thatched or turf roof, complete with a fireplace or hearth, and more villages and cities began to form.
She asked, "why do this people prefer  bronze to copper?"
I answered,"Bronze was harder and more durable than copper, which made bronze a better metal for tools and weapons. ... 
We also saw Organized govern
ment, law and warfare, as well as beginnings of religion.
We were amazed. Egyptians were quite notable in religion. They 
built the pyramids during this time.
We saw the earliest written accounts, including Egyptian
 hieroglyphs and petroglyphs 
(rock engravings).
"Welcome," one of the pyramid builders told us. "I'm sure you are here for a tour." Let me show you some of Our hieroglyphics."
We were ushered round the ancient writings and Egyptian civilisation. 
During our stay in the bronze age, we saw many people crossing the sea from mainland Europe to 
Britain. They travelled in long wooden boats rowed by oarsmen. The boats carried people, animals and trading goods. They were loaded with metal from mines, precious swords, pots and jewellery.
"Timculés  , " why can't stay in this stage?" Clarionelle asked me.
I laughed and say, will you like to forget about the mobile phones? The internet and the planes?
Clarionelle was silent. 
I don't think so. I said, my dear,It's time to move to the prehistoric climate and explore it further. 
~Prehistoric Climate~
*10000 BC*
Then we moved time backward 
10,000 years ago (8,000 BC)
Here we saw many of the ice age mega -fauna gone extinct, including the mega-therium, woolly rhinoceros, Irish elk, cave bear, cave lion, and the last of the sabre-toothed cats. 
We saw the Earth large masses of ice, known as glaciers, covered much of the world's land area .The  glacial periods made survival more difficult and Clarionelle was feeling bored and cold. She said, "Please let's go home" 
"C'mon, let's have a rest. We went to a nearby cave to rest. It was quite Cozy.  I looked deep into her eyes and hugged her. 
"Can I ....." I started.
"Shhhhhhh,  let us not  spoil this moment," She said and  gave me a sultry smile. We slept. 
~*Stone Age *~
(8,000 B.C. to 3,000 B.C.)
We woke up fresh to continue our movement into the past ages. 
We moved time backward with speed again Into the stone age. The first period of the stone age was
Neolithic (or New Stone Age), this era is marked by the use of tools by our early human ancestors (who evolved around 300,000 B.C.) and the eventual transformation from a culture of hunting and gathering to farming and food production. During this era, early humans shared the planet with a number of now-extinct hominin relatives, including Neanderthals and Denisovans.
The men were not hunting or gathering fruits. They were produ
cing food . They domesticated 
animals and cultivated cereal grains. They used polished hand axes, adzes for ploughing and tilling the land and started to settle in the plains. Advancements were made not only in tools but also in farming, home construction and art, including pottery, sewing and weaving.
Mesolithic (or Middle Stone Age)
*10,000 B.C. to 8,000 B.C*
When  we moved backward into the second stage of the stone age,
We saw humans using small stone tools, polished and  crafted with points and attached to antlers, bone or wood to serve as spears and arrows. They often lived nomadically in camps near rivers and other bodies of water. Agriculture was introduced , which led to more permanent settlements in villages.
"Let's move back to the beginning of the stone age," I told Clarionelle. She was excited and said, I will love to feel that stage. 
Paleolithic (or Old Stone Age)
*2.5 million years ago to 10,000 B.C.*
We saw the early humans living in caves or simple huts or tepees and were hunters and gatherers. They used basic stone and bone tools, as well as crude stone axes, for hunting birds and wild animals. They cooked their prey, including woolly mammoths, deer and bison, using controlled fire. They also fished and collected berries, fruit and nuts.
Ancient humans in the Paleolithic period were also the first to leave behind art. They used combina
tions of minerals, ochres, burnt bone meal and charcoal mixed into water, blood, animal fats and tree saps to etch humans, animals and signs. They also carved small figurines from stones, clay, bones and antlers.
We saw ourselves in the stone age in Africa.Fruit, nuts, and seeds ripened in the summer and autumn, providing a varied diet.
We used spears to catch big fishes, such as salmon,Eggs. Birds' eggs were easy to gather from their nests. We caught and ate them raw.  We gathered leaves, nettles and dandelions for food. 
We combined fire and stone to create the technologies of chipping stones by heating rocks around a fire. This brought out impurities, 
making the rocks easier to chip into stone tools. With that we created  artifacts and tools used by  the genus Homo, and  genera 
Australopithecus and Paranthropus
We also used bones but in smaller quantities. 
 "So do you love this age," I asked Clarionelle. 
I love it. It's so natural, It's cool and full of adventure.
The end of this period marked the end of the last Ice Age, which resulted in the extinction of many large mammals and rising sea levels and climate change that eventually caused man to migrate.
Do you want  to see the Dinosaurs you have been watching in Holly
wood movies?
Clarionelle became very interes
ted and said, "Yes, Yes,I want to."
Okay, we need to go backward.
~Triassic Period~
**230 millions years ago  **
I sent Clarionelle into the Triassic Period about 230 millions years.
We also realised the continents were arranged together as a single supercontinent called Pangea.
Then we saw the Dinosaurs.  They seemed angry with our presence and  gave us a hot chase.
Clarionelle, ran faster, It was going to catch you. 
The dinosaurs roared angrily behind us.We ran rapidly through the jungle, my heart hammering hard against my rib cage, pumping very fast as the wave of adrenalin rushed through my visibly -shaken body and my feet getting tired by the minutes as I ran away from the danger. My life depended on my speed . The angry sound of the beast was not far from me. I looked over my shoulders. It was still chasing me with with one clear objective-to catch me. 
It was just a few metres from me. I increased my speed , almost flying in the air now. Clarionelle was far ahead of me.
Somehow, luck smiled on me .Its fearful sound receded quite far in the background as I increased my pace. 
Gosh. I was confused . This adventure was proving to be more than I had bargained for. We ran into the think forest. 
When the two  of us entered the forest ,we were totally stunned 
by the forest's ecosystem. 
We were thrilled by the sounds of the twigs as we stepped on them and the incessant humming of the bees in their hideout. The bees were not the only sign of life in the thick forest. There were insects, spiders, slugs, salamander, in addition to broad -winged hawks and pileated woodpeckers. Monkeys howled to its troop members and birds gave welcoming chirps to their flock. The brush rustled with small mammals and insects skirting along the forest floor. 
The towering trees formed a robust canopy, blocking almost all the sun
light, from reaching the floor, with their amazing heights of about 150 feet, in addition to housing hundreds of species within a few acres like the rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) Cecropia and Giant red Cedars. There were also parasitic and creeping plants in the dense forest with large leaves and vines. Everything seemed normal, so cool , to the point that we began wondering if the beast was asleep. We almost forgot we were on a dangerous mission, as the sheer beauty of the forest welcome us.
The dinosaurs were still searching for us.
We managed survive in the heart of the forest for a few minutes.  Unknown to us, the Dinosaurs were  lurking behind our back . 
I ran along the narrow pathway. I could hear the breath of the beast behind me. It was getting very very close . 
It had snarling teeth, slashing tail and tiny arms. Its skin was iron clad. 
He squinted his red eyes towards our direction, with tensed muscles ready to pounce at the first sight of us. 
Then it spotted us. It roared and  advanced on us.
Our  lives were  at stake as the beast turned on us, this time, more aggressively, and more poised to kill us. I broke into a run as the beast turned on me, with more powerful advances now. I needed to use my powers now.
"C'mon, hold my hands, " I told Clarionelle. He held me at the time the Dinosaur opened its mouth wide to devour us.
Quickly, I pulled Clarionelle beyond  the Mesozoic Era. After the Mesozoic Era,(230 and 65 million years ago) the Dinosaurs went extinct. Many millions of years before the first modern humans, Homo sapiens like Adams appeared.
~Pre-human Evolution~
**About 14 billion years ago**
We went back and  deeper into Pre-human Evolution. Clarionelle was afraid. I encourage her. 
"Where are we? I can't see any human being here". And where is the earth."
I laughed and told her that we are at the cradle of celestial birth.
This is where all the celestial bodies were born.
Clarionelle : How?
Me: The theory that's used to explain the birth  of Earth is called the Big Bang theory.The Big Bang gave birth to a universe containing pockets of dust. We can break the entire lifetime of the universe into five eras.
For the first million years after the Big Bang, the universe was in the primordial era. The basic idea is that when you first make a universe there's no stars, there's no stellar-like bodies, it's just particles.
Then helium production begins, the first step on the road to building stars.The Milky Way consisted of clouds of gas and dust where stars are born.
Clarionelle: when was the first star made?
Me: To be fair, I don't know when the very first star was made. 
Clarionelle : How old is the Earth?
Me: Earth is  roughly 4.5 billion years old.  About 4.5 billion years ago, our solar system (the sun and its planets) formed via the accretion of dust into spheres; Life began about 3.5 billion years ago, with the appearance of single-celled marine organisms. Scien
tist called the process evolution. 
Clarionelle : Wow, you sound very scientific. Do you believe in Evolution?
Me: No. I believe in Creation. 
Clarionelle :  How do you know all this?
Me: I just know the history of the universe.
Clarionelle : My dear , Is there any period beyond this ?
Me: Yes, there is . Beyond the pre- human Evolution there is the point of mystery where human mind is limited to understanding the origin of the universe.I saw many things that happen before the big bang 13.8 billion years ago. 
Me: Do you know the funniest thing about humans?
Clarionelle: No. Tell me.
Humans love to put things in chronological order. We are slaves to our definitions of past, present, and future. But the inevitable passage of time isn’t a fundamental law for physics.
I guess you want to go there.  C'mon, bring your hands. Let's go.
There was a SWOOOOOOSH Should  we end it here at the point of mystery?
Clarionelle: Is that the point the universe began From?
Me :The universe had a beginning…
We don't know and won't know. It could even be eternal. My dear, this is the furthest I could go backward. 
My  theories just aren’t good enough to extrapolate backward.”
Clarionelle: So your power had come to an end here?
Suddenly, I couldn't feel my powers. It's gone and we were trapped into the Pre-human Evolution Era!!
I was scared.  We were disoriented and loss of what to do next. Clarionelle was unhappy. She cried on my shoulders. Timculés, "what can we do now?"
"Be positive. There will be a way somewhere,"  I said. 
Just then my hand touched a crystal ball. Suddenly a genie appeared from nowhere. "What can I do for you sir," he said. 
I looked at him in awe. Who are you?
"I am Lynxelle,you summoned me by touching the crystal ball ," He said. 
I asked him, "why have I lost my powers?"
The genie laughed and said , "You have lost your powers because you have reached the end of Pre-human Evolution and desired to moved further into infinity. That's greed. By going into infinity, you are moving into the zones of the Divine beings; the gods. The gods thought you have become too complacent and decided to take away your powers. 
"Hmm. I was sad, " So can you take us back to the Information age?"
The genie said, "Why not? Just make it like a command."
The genie said, "only one person can be taken , who goes?"
Clarionelle looked at me. She was scared. I told the genie, "take my friend."
The genie nodded and took Clarionelle. He moved forward into time. I don't know what happened but I dozed off.
I woke up and realised I was in a room. Looking round I saw my colleagues and I in a classroom.
I even saw my mobile phone and iPad on the table.
The last thing I remembered was being trapped in the Pre- human Evolution era. Then I saw Clario
nelle . I asked her how I managed to come out of that era. She said when the genie brought her back, she was amazed to see me in the classroom. 
Realisation dawned on me. I have regain my powers. Lesson learnt.
The school went on vacation. I went home. I was happy to see my mother. Staying home was quite boring. Clarionelle kept me company. One day, we were watching TV  together when We saw a movie titled "  Future of the human race and our beloved planet and universe in one Quantilion  years.
The movie was so catchy and interesting. I gazed her and our eyes met. 
Then we laughed. I said, "when are we going into the future?"
"Soon," I said. Clarionelle giggled and said, I hope you won't be trapped in the future. 
The next day, we move into the future by fast forwarding the years. 
*Year 3000 A.D*
When we reached the year 3000,
We saw an intense global warming. The West Antarctic ice sheet had collapse, and global sea levels  rose very high , by about 20 feet .
We realized the amount of langua
ges spoken on the planet had  seriously diminished due to rapid evolution, and all the extra heat and UV radiation had resulted in more darker skin which was an evolutionary advantage.
Humans had gotten a lot taller and thinner in order to survive the change.The insatiable appetite for energy had continued to chart the course of human civilization in the year  3,000 years to come. 
**Year 5000 A.D***
Human technology had advanced significantly in the year 5,000.
It was divided into three parts.
Type I civilizations were masters of planetary energy. They harnessed the sum energy of the entire world.
Type II civilizations summoned the power of an entire star system.
Type III civilizations commanded energy on a galactic scale.
When  I looked at modern human and post-humans in the year 5000, I realised Modern humans didn't even rank on the scale. 
I saw Humans destroying themselves with warfare . They had unwittingly ravaged the planet with nanotechnology. Humans had  developed advanced technology to  mitigate the threat posed by asteroid and comet collisions as well as invading  Aliens from other Galaxies.
The subglacial basin had began collapsing at the 5,000  years for that gigantic ice block to dissipate into the sea, rising the water levels by 3-4 metres (10-13 feet).
*Year 7000 A.D*
Humanity had reached type I status by A.D. 7010.  It had the ability to manipulate and control atmospheric and geothermal forces. Warfare and self-destruction still post a threat to humanity's survival, but ecological concerns was a thing of the past
*Year 7500 A.D*
Progressively humans reached 
type II status.
In the 76th century humans had  wielded even greater technological power. The civilization was capable of encapsulating a star with a swarm of satellites to harvest its energy. We  made interstellar travel and had the ability to move entire planets .There was a massive breakthroughs in genetics and computing.
I saw something that amazed me.I saw  future humans looked different both culturally and  neurologically. They looked like transhumans. 
*Year 10,000 A.D*
The subglacial basin had finally  collapsed in 10,000 years for that gigantic ice block to dissipate into the sea.
Me: "I'm finding this trip more exciting.
Clarionelle: Me too,"Dear.
Me :Are you tired?
Clarionelle : A little bit.
Me : Do you want us to rest?
Clarionelle : No.
Me: ok. Then let's explore the year 10000 A.D more.
Clarionelle : ok.
Me : Do you think the year 2020 was advanced in technology.?
Clarionelle : The world we are calling a modern world was actually an archaic world.  We prided ourselves as belonging to the Computer age but that cannot be compared to what I was seeing. 
* 10,000  A.D *
There was  no regional genetic variation between humans. Genetic differences such as blue eyes versus brown - was evenly distributed across the world. 
We saw a red supergiant star Antares burst into a supernova so bright that it was visible in broad daylight. 
Humans Looked very different in 10000 years. Computers were able to match the computational speed of the human brain.  Superior Artificial intelligence that could speak, interact, listen, and remember were developed.
Humans and machines were integrated into a cyborg. We saw ourselves turning into a cyborg high  tech artificial intelligence working  more than 905,024 processor cores, 2.5 million GB of RAM.
Our  edge over the machines was lost. We developed Minuscule robots called nanobots swimming around our bodies and enhancing our natural abilities. Known as transhumanism.
The universe kept expanding and dramatically cooling down because of its expansion. 
Y chromosome production began to die out making the production of men impossible. We saw human species gradually becoming extinct. 
Clarionelle was dumbfounded at the drastic changes taking place with the passage of time as I move time forward into the future.
*13,000 A.D *
Earth's axial tilt had been reversed, flipping the seasons between the hemispheres making it confusing to live through.The space probes Pioneer 10 and 11, Voyager 1 and 2, and New Horizons were still  cruising out there among the stars.
*100,000 A.D*
A super volcano or large climate  altering asteroid affected  earth.
The stars in the heavens looked completely different due to earth movement in the galaxy.
*  300,000 Years  A.D*
Voyager 2 had passes within a spitting distance - in stellar terms - from Sirius, the brightest star in our sky.
*50 million *
  Africa collided with Eurasia sealing the Mediterranean Basin and creating a mountain range similar to the Himalayas.
Then, the Mediterranean Sea had disappears as well.
*100 million A.D*
The inland flooding of the continents resulted in climate changes.  The continental spread
ing had reached its maximum extent and the continents
begin to coalesce. Earth had transform over the next 100 million years and another super continent was formed called NovaContinent . This will be caused by the Atlantic widening and the Pacific shrinking.
The Americas had collided with Antarctica and Africa had merged into an already combined Eurasia. The result was one landmass of formerly separate continents.
*200 millions years A.D*
Antarctica  split into two and the Americas now bordered Africa.
Eurasia had India and China directly to its south and Australia was located to the south of the newly merged India and China.
There was  'one in a million' Super-Earth planet at the centre of the galaxy.With tectonic plates moving north we had seen a gathering of continents called Amasia moving 
towards where the Arctic currently is. Antarctica remained in its current position though, providing a safe haven for arachnophobes.
*one billion years*
The solar luminosity was 10% higher than at present. This had  cause the atmosphere to become a "moist greenhouse", resulting in a runaway evaporation of the oceans. As a likely consequence, plate tectonics  came to an end, and with them the entire carbon cycle.The novo continent broke again due to intergalactic collision. 
  *In 250 million years A.D *
I remembered my Earth Science teacher Miss Molly.
Me: Did you remember her lesson on Continental drift and plate tectonism?
Clarionelle: Yes, she said about 250 million Years ago,The landmasses of Earth were clustered into one supercontinent dubbed Pangea. 
Me: What can you observe now?
Clarionelle: Oh, my God!!! Tell me it's not happening. It looks like "deja vu all over again."
North America had collided with Africa. The present-day continents had converged during the next 250 million years to form another mega-continent: Pangea Ultima.
Human beings was extinct. 
The Earth was dominated by nanobots, and hi tech machines and some trans nanobotic organisms. 
*500 millions years A.D*
Other Living organisms were going extinct. They were replaced by highly intelligent celulla  Robots which dominated the galaxies. 
Human species began going extinct.
*In 800 million years A.D *
  C4 photosynthesis was no longer possible destroy any other surviving multicellular life. The sun heat will hit its maximum radius , 256 times it's current size. Mercury, Venus and Earth destroyed. Human species die off.
*I billion year (eon) A.D *
The sun began to die. It began melting  the entire milky way galaxy. The solar luminosity was 10% hotter  than at present. This had  cause the atmosphere to become a "moist greenhouse", resulting in a runaway evaporation of the oceans. As a likely conse
quence, plate tectonics had come to an end, and with them the entire carbon cycle.After a billion years, the whole human race vanishes, irradiated by a Sun 10% hotter than today’s. 
*2 billion years *
The core of the Earth froze and the planet stopped  rotating. There was no rotation. No magnetic field. No protection from the sun. The Sun's surface temperature hits 147 degrees. 
*In 7 billion years A.D*
Sun becomes Carbon - Oxygen  white dwaft  with 60 % it's present mass.
*20 billion Years A.D*
All matter was torn by expansion of universe. Distance become infinite. 
*1 Trillion Years A.D *
Star creation is the hallmark of the second era, the stelliferous era. That is where we are now, and where we'll be for tens of trillions more years. Small stars can access and burn much more of their hydrogen fuel than initially believed. Stars began to burn away.Terrible wars had occurred between space monsters. 
*100 trillion *
The Earth  had reach a maximum state of entropy. 
*From one quadrillion Year to 
100 quantilion years*
The universe had reach an average  state of entropy.  Stars continued to slowly burn away.
*100 quintillion*
The Earth's orbit had finally decayed and it had plunge back into the Sun.
*In 10 sextillion years*
  Super galaxies emerged. Galaxies are getting farther away.
*In 10 septillion years*
The super galaxies merged  to form MEGA GALAXIES. 
*In 10 octillion years A.D*
All the mega galaxies had drifted apart 
*In 100 nonillion years A.D*
Space had expanded to unima
ginable length. 
*In 500 decillion years A.D*
The galaxies began to collapse.
The Sun was swollen 
Instead of fiery cradles, galaxies
 had become coffins filled with remnants of dead stars. The only objects left are remnants ,white dwarf,neutron stars and black holes. The universe had almost die out entirely. The last star gave their  last twinkle, and black holes had 
devour everything before they completely evaporate.
Eventually it will become nothing. The last star  gave its last twinkle, and black holes devoured everything before they completely evaporate. The universe had become empty. It was a frighteningly bleak place in a googol year.
But nothing lasts forever. It  took  a very long time, longer than anyone can truly grasp, but eventually all of these stars "basically grind to a halt.
That marked the beginning of the degenerate era.
We had gone  from a universe filled with stars to a universe filled with stellar remnants.  (Stellar remnants are brown dwarfs, white dwarfs, and neutron stars — the small dense stars that are typically the last stop in a star's evolution.)
But the degenerate era got much bleaker than a bunch of bits of dead stars. Eventually, the atoms that we — and everything else in the universe — are made of had literally disintegrated, thanks to a phenomenon called proton decay. 
During the degenerate period, though, proton decay finally catch up with the era, leaving nothing but black holes to survive into the aptly named black hole era.
Black holes had become  the brightest things in the sky."
While black holes are providing gentle mood lighting to the universe, they're also slowly evaporating.
The black holes were shining,  evaporating, and  providing energy. eventually they went away and we came  back to particles again."
That's the last era of the universe, the dark era, which had look eerily like the early days of the universe.
Clarionelle: So is this the end of the universe?
Hmm. I felt tempered to go beyond my powers once again to move further forward. The desire was great.  I was contemplating on it and made the attempt to move forward in future. Again, I lost my powers. My genie appeared. 
" Its obvious you ambition overtook you again  , You are  trapped into the future forever. 
I turned to Clarionelle and said, dear I can't answer your question unless we move forward but my genie said it's time to go. The only thing I can tell you is ,The end may not be the end, either. And even though the universe will eventually be gone, that doesn’t mean it will be the complete end. Little pieces—baby universes,  start their own universes. Ours could have come from this process.
Clarionelle: Ok. 
The genie said, "Who am I going to take now?
"My friend,"I said. 
I'm sorry  I can only obey your command to take her once. I did that, so it's left with you. C'mon 
Let's go.
I said, I can't leave her trapped into the future ,over thousands of quantillion years ahead. 
The genie said, well. I have to leave you both.  He left. 
We were left stranded into the future. I told Clarionelle, we are in this together. 
Looking round it was obvious we were the only humans on the vast dying universe with big holes.
We slept . I woke up to see a huge winged man in front of me. He said he wanted to show me the future beyond the googol year. That was my greatest desire but I said "No."
The winged man said, Congratulations, you have been
favoured by the gods once again.  Don't temp the Divine beings again"
Then he vanished. I realised my powers were back. I woke Clarionelle up and we headed home through the googol year, back to the quintillion, quantillion, eons, billion years, million  Years  and then to thousands. 
We came back to the year 2020.
At last we are back  home. Clarionelle said, "thank you for taking me into the past and the future and back home, Timculés. 
When vacation was over, I went back to school. Miss Molly  asked a question, "who knows the future of humanity and the universe" I was stunned. I turned and gazed at Clarionelle, we both smiled..It was obvious why we smiled....
Our exploration was worth it after all. 

Submitted: May 20, 2020

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