The Misfortunate Princesses

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Brave, Frozen, and Tangle crossover. King Charles and Queen Jane are having a party for their daughter Princess Pollyanna when Eve curses the princess with ugliness. Mindy gives the princess the gift of inner beauty and a heart of gold. King Charles wants nothing to do with his daughter. Mindy and Jack took Pollyanna and raise her. Ryan and Princess Margaret's son Jason fall in love with Pollyanna. When King Charles finds out that Ryan's son is in love with his daughter he locks Pollyanna up in the castle. King Charles will not let Pollyanna leave the castle.
King Philip is angry that both his daughters Mary and Elizabeth are born with power like his real mother. King Philip keeps his daughters lock up. Jane's brother Benjamin and King Luis' son Daniel fall in love with the princesses.
Matthew and Princess Lisa's daughter Princess Emily is the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. King Charles and Queen Jane's son Alex fall in love with Emily. Eve became angry because she wants her granddaughter to married Prince Alex. Eve tries to kill Emily.
Princess April wants her daughter to marry Prince Jason, but she does not want to so she ran away to Arkansas and fall in love with a man named James Williams.

Table of Contents


Queen Jane gave her daughter to her parents to protect her from Eve's curse.
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Princess Emily

Princess Emily run away when her stepmother try to killed her.
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Princess Samantha

Princess Samantha is sent to boarding school.
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Ten Years Later

Prince Jason wants to marry Pollyanna.
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The Princesses' adventures

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Mary left the tower. Prince Jason asks Pollyanna to marry to him.
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The Truth

Prince Jason and Pollyanna are getting, but his mother is not happy about it.
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The Wedding

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Daniel get married
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The Unplanned Wedding

Princess Samantha's mother and uncle force her to marry Prince James.
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The Truth about Princess Aurora

Eve told King Charles that Pollyanna was his daughter.
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The Accident

Pollyanna gets hurt an accident
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The Murder Plot

Pollyanna cannot walk. Ivy and Eve are planning to kill Princess Emily.
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The Sleepy Princess

Pollyanna went into a coma after eating some poison chocolate.
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Eve curse Pollyanna's future children.
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The Hidden Princess

Pollyanna have twins, but she only tells the kingdom she has one baby. I am finish with this story. I will write a sequel soon.
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