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Chapter 1

King Charles and Queen Jane were celebrating the birth of their daughter. The king and queen were having a party for their daughter Aurora and everyone in the kingdom was invited. King Charles did not invite Ryan. Aurora was a beautiful child. King Charles arranges his daughter Aurora to marry the king of Scotland’s son James. Queen Jane did not like King Charles arranging their daughter’s marriage. Queen Jane wanted her daughter to choose the person she wants to marry. Jane’s mother and the other witches were at the party. The witches were going to each give Aurora a gift.

Reba gave the princess the gift of song. The other witch Candy gave Aurora the gift of intelligence. Mindy was going to give her granddaughter her gift when Eve crashes the party with her son Arthur. “Your father promise me that you will marry my son, but he lies. Your daughter Aurora will marry my son when she is grown!” Eve replied angrily. “My daughter will never marry your son! I want you to leave now!” King Charles yells. “If your daughter does not marry my son I will curse her with ugliness. Your daughter’s appearances will be so hideous that no one will want anything to do with her!” Eve yells.


“I want you to leave now or I will have you put in prison!” King Charles yells. “Your daughter will not only be cursed with ugliness she will be curse with unhappiness!” Eve yells and left. Queen Jane was upset. Mindy still had her gift to give to the princess. “I cannot break this curse, but I can give the princess the gift of kindness and the heart of gold. The princess will be loved by all who meet her and people with open minds will look pass her ugliness,” Mindy replied. King Charles was still worried about the curse. King Charles did not want an ugly daughter, but he did not want his daughter to marry Arthur.

Months have passed and the princess was not beautiful. King Charles was embarrassed by his daughter. He could not stand looking at her. Jane still loves her daughter and she did not care about her appearances. King Charles did not want anything to do with Aurora. Queen Jane wanted to protect her daughter because she was afraid that King Charles will make Aurora marry Arthur. Queen Jane went to talk to her mom. Jane told her mom that she wants her to take Aurora and hide her. “I want you to protect Aurora as you did me,” Queen Jane replied.



Mindy and her husband Jack took Aurora back to France. They still own their old house. They change Aurora’s name to Pollyanna. Mindy and Jack love their granddaughter and they did not care about her appearances. No one knew that Mindy and Jack took the princess. The citizens of England thought that Princess Aurora was being lock up in the castle due to her ugliness. Mindy and Jack were poor and could not get their granddaughter a lot of things, but they give her a lot of love. King Charles did not know that Aurora was living with her grandparents.

Eleven years have passed and Pollyanna was loved by the whole town. Pollyanna would visit everyone in town. Jack has taught Pollyanna how to be positive no matter how bad her situation was. Pollyanna thought that Mindy and Jack were her parents. Pollyanna did not know she was a princess. Jack and Mindy did not want her to know that she was a princess because it was too dangerous. Pollyanna enjoys playing outside and she likes going fishing. She also enjoys reading mystery books and she was good at painting pictures. Pollyanna loves singing. Everyone in town thought Pollyanna had a beautiful voice.

Prince Jason sneaks out of the castle to play outside. Prince Jason was the son of Ryan Smith and Princess Margaret. Princess Margaret did not allow Prince Jason to go outside because she was afraid someone would kidnap him. Prince Jason was fishing when he saw a girl looking at him. “Hello my name is Pollyanna Wakefield,” Pollyanna replied. “My name is Jason Smith,” Prince Jason replied. Prince Jason did not have many friends.  Prince Jason was fishing with Pollyanna. “Who taught you how to fish?”  Prince Jason asks. “My father taught me how,” Pollyanna answers. “Can you teach me how to fish?” Prince Jason asks. “Yes, I can?” Pollyanna replied. Prince Jason was a fast learner and he was having fun.

“I have to go, but can I see you again?” Prince Jason asks. “Yes, we can meet here at the lake,” Pollyanna replied. Prince Jason went back home. Prince Jason saw his mother waiting for him. “Where did you go?!’ Princess Margaret asks. “I went fishing?” Prince Jason answers. “You are not allowed to go out!” Princess Margaret replied angrily. “Margaret, our son has a right to go out," Ryan replied. "I will give him permission,” Princess Margaret replied. “Jason, you can go outside, but you cannot go without your bodyguards," Princess Margaret replied.

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