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Chapter 10


Pollyanna went with Prince Jason to meet his uncle. “Hello Uncle Arthur this is Pollyanna,” Prince Jason replied. Hello Pollyanna it is nice to meet you,” Arthur replied. “Is nice to meet you too,” Pollyanna replied. Eve walked into the house. “Who are these people?” Eve asks. “This is my nephew Prince Jason and his girlfriend Pollyanna,” Arthur replied. “How is your father doing?” Eve asks. “He is doing good,” Prince Jason replied. “What are your parents’ names?” Eve asks Pollyanna. “My parents' names are Mindy and Jack Wakefield,” Pollyanna replied. “I did not know Jack and Mindy have anymore children,” Eve replied.

“I am my parents' only child,” Pollyanna replied. Eve could not believe history was repeating itself. Eve knew that Pollyanna was Queen Jane and King Charles’ daughter. Eve knew that her son would never marry Pollyanna because he was still in love with Queen Jane. “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” Eve asks Prince Jason. “No, I am my parent's only son,” Prince Jason replied. “I thought you were promised to Princess Samantha for a husband?” Eve asks. “Princess Samantha is married to Prince James,” Prince Jason replied. “Do your parents approve of your relationship with Pollyanna?” Eve asks. “My dad does, but my mother does not approve,” Prince Jason replied.

Eve could not believe Princess Aurora was still alive. Eve went to her magic mirror and ask the mirror if Pollyanna was Princess Aurora. “My magic mirror, who is Queen Jane and King Charles’ daughter?” Eve asks. “The daughter of Queen Jane and King Charles is Pollyanna Wakefield,” The magic mirror answers. “I knew that Queen Jane and King Charles lie about their daughter being dead!” Eve replied angrily. Eve waste no time and went to England. Eve did not know how she was going to get into the castle, but she was going to find a way to get i.

The next day Eve broke into the castle. King Charles was throwing a party for his son Prince Alex. Eve saw a beautiful woman by Prince Alex’s side. Eve knew that woman must be Prince Alex’s girlfriend. “Hello Everyone,” Eve replied crashing the party. “What are you doing here you evil witch and how did you get in here?!” King Charles asks angrily. “I have my ways. Why did you lie to me? You told me that your daughter was dead,” Eve replied. “Princess Aurora is dead,” King Charles replied. “No, she is not. Princess Aurora is alive and Mindy and Jack were raising her as their daughter,” Eve replied.


King Charles was angry. “Is this true Jane? Is our daughter alive? I WANT AN ANSWER!” Charles replied. “Yes, it is true. You did not care for our daughter and I wanted to protect our daughter from this evil witch's curse. The only thing I was thinking about was our daughter’s safety and happiness,” Queen Jane replied. “I love my daughter and I did care for her. I was heartbroken when I thought she was dead!” King Charles replied angrily. “I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you or anyone,” Queen Jane replied. “I WANT MY DAUGHTER HERE NOW!” King Charles replied angrily.

King Charles call Prince Philip and told him that Pollyanna Wakefield was his daughter. King Charles want his daughter to come back to England. Prince Philip sent some guards to look for Pollyanna, Mindy, and Jack, but they could not find them. Prince Philip told King Charles they could not find Pollyanna. King Charles was angry. King Charles was going to find his daughter and she was going to marry Prince Nicholas. Prince Nicholas was the oldest son of the King of Scotland. King Charles was hoping that Prince Nicholas likes his daughter. King Charles told his cousin Princess Margaret that Pollyanna was his daughter.

Submitted: July 07, 2020

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