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Chapter 11

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret told King Charles that Pollyanna and her son are getting married. King Charles was not happy. King Charles wanted his daughter to marry Prince Nicholas. Princess Margaret was happy about her son marrying Pollyanna now. Prince Jason came walking in the castle. “I am sorry about being rude to Pollyanna. You have my blessing Son,” Princess Margaret replied. “Thank you, Mom, so you are coming to the wedding?” Prince Jason asks. “Yes, I am,” Princess Margaret replied. Prince Jason was happy that his mother was blessing his marriage to Pollyanna. Princess Margaret wanted Pollyanna to wear her wedding dress.


The next day Pollyanna went to England with Prince Jason. Pollyanna and Prince Jason went to his parents’ castle. Pollyanna saw a lot of guards in the castle. “Pollyanna Wakefield, you are wanted in the king’s castle,” the guard replied. The guards took Pollyanna and Prince Jason to King Charles’s castle. Pollyanna saw her parents. “What is going on Mom and Dad?” Pollyanna asks. “These people are not your parents. I am your father and Queen Jane is your mother,” King Charles replied. “Mom and Dad, is that true?” Pollyanna asks. “I am sorry Pollyanna, but it is true. We took you to protect you from Eve. Eve put a curse on you,” Mindy replied.

Pollyanna was not angry with her parents. “Pollyanna, your real name is Princess Aurora and are you promise to be married to Prince Nicholas,” King Charles replied. “I am already engaged to Prince Jason!” Pollyanna protest. “You are not anymore. You will marry Prince Nicholas!” King Charles replied angrily. “No, I will not. I am not married someone I do not love!” Pollyanna yells. “Guards, take my daughter to her room and escort Prince Jason out of the castle!” King Charles replied. The guards took Pollyanna to a room. Pollyanna was angry. Pollyanna did not understand why she being forced to marry someone she did not love.

Prince Jason was angry and he went back to his parents’ castle. “What is the matter Son?” Princess Margaret asks. “King Charles and Queen Jane are Pollyanna’s real parents. King Charles does not want Pollyanna and me to get married,” Prince Jason replied sadly. “You are a prince. Why would my cousin be against you marrying his daughter?” Princess Margaret asks. King Charles wants Pollyanna to marry Prince Nicholas,” Prince Jason replied. “You are going to marry Pollyanna! Who does my cousin think he is?” Princess Margaret asks angrily. “I am not giving up. I am going to marry Pollyanna and I do not care what King Charles said.

The next night Prince Nicholas and King Harry came to visit. Pollyanna did not want to come out of her room. King Charles was angry. “You get out of this room right now!” King Charles yells. “I will not!” Pollyanna yells. “If you do not come out I will get the guards to drag you out!” King Charles yells. Pollyanna came out, but she was not happy. “I do not want to marry this man!” Pollyanna replied angrily. Prince Nicholas was waiting in the living room when Pollyanna came in. “You are a beautiful woman,” Prince Nicholas replied. Prince Nicholas kisses Pollyanna’s hand.

Pollyanna went to her room after the party. Pollyanna opens the window and she was trying to climb down. Pollyanna was scared. Pollyanna was trying to jump on a tree, but she fell off the tree. The whole castle heard Pollyanna scream when she fell off the tree. Prince Jason heard Pollyanna scream and he ran to her. King Charles and Queen Jane rush Pollyanna to the hospital. King Charles felt bad for his daughter being hurt. King Charles was going to allow his daughter to marry Prince Jason. King Charles was wondering what was taking the doctor so long to give them news about their daughter.

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