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Chapter 12

The doctor came out. “Is my daughter ok?” King Charles asks. “Pollyanna’s legs are paralyzed. Pollyanna is not able to walk,” the doctor replied. “Is there anything you can do doctor?” King Charles asks. “I am sorry Your Highness, but there is nothing we can do for your daughter,” the doctor replied sadly. King Charles became angry. “There must be something you can do,” King Charles replied. “I am sorry, but there is not,” the doctor replied. “I am going to ask for a second opinion!” King Charles replied angrily. “I recommend asking another doctor for their opinion, but I am afraid they are going to say the same thing I am saying,” the doctor replied.

Pollyanna was awake. The doctor told Pollyanna that her legs were paralyzed. Pollyanna did not take the news well. Prince Jason was by Pollyanna’s side. “I think the doctor is wrong. I am going to ask another doctor for their opinion. Do not worry Aurora I am going to do everything in my power to find a doctor to help you walk again. I am so sorry that I try to make you marry Prince Nicholas,” King Charles replied. “I am not angry with you Dad. I know you meant well,” Pollyanna replied. “How long do I have to stay in the hospital?” Pollyanna asks. “You can go home tomorrow," King Charles replied.

Princess Emily

Princess Emily was at the hospital. Princess Emily felt bad for Pollyanna. Princess Emily could not believe that Prince Alex had a sister. Princess Emily went to see Prince Alex. “How is Pollyanna doing?” Princess Emily asks. “She is doing ok, but the doctors are saying that she will not be able to walk again,” Prince Alex replied. “The doctors do not know everything. I am sure Pollyanna will be able to walk again,” Princess Emily replied. “I hope so. My dad is looking for another doctor for Pollyanna,” Prince Alex replied. “I hope he finds a doctor that can help,” Princess Emily replied.

Princess Emily was still at the hospital when she saw a woman looking at her. Princess Emily did not know who the woman was. “Hello my name is Kate Jackson,” Princess Emily replied. The woman walks away. Princess Emily did not know why the woman was looking at her, but she put it out of her mind. “What did Eve want?” Prince Alex asks. “I do not know. She was looking at me like she knew me. When I introduce myself she walk away,” Princess Emily replied. “Do not let Eve upset you. Eve is an evil witch,” Prince Alex replied.




Eve went back to her magic mirror. “Magic Mirror, is Princess Emily still alive?” Eve asks. “Yes, she is, and she is in love with Prince Alex,” The Magic Mirror replied. Eve calls her daughter Ivy. “You need to get over here now!” Eve yells. “Ok, I am on my way,” Ivy replied. Ivy rush to her mother’s house. “What do you want?!” Ivy asks angrily. “Princess Emily is still alive!” Eve yells. “No, she is not. Scott kill her and brought me her heart,” Ivy replied. “Scott did not kill Princess Emily. Prince Alex’s girlfriend is Princess Emily,” Eve replied.

Ivy was angry. Ivy hated Princess Emily. “I have to kill her Mother,” Ivy replied. “I got a plan. I will send her a box of poison chocolates. These chocolates will kill her,”  Eve replied. “I hope they do, because I do not want Matthew to find out that I try to kill his daughter,” Ivy replied. “Do not worry Matthew will never find out,” Eve replied. Eve got the chocolates ready to send to Princess Emily.


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