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Chapter 15

Months later Pollyanna and Prince Jason were married. They were having a baby. Prince Jason did not care if the baby was a boy or girl. Prince Jason was just happy to be a father. King Charles was going to have a big party for his future grandchild. King Charles did want to have a lot of guards to keep watch to make sure that Eve does not crash the party as she did in the past. Pollyanna already thought of babies’ names. If she has a girl she wanted to name her daughter Annette and if Pollyanna has a boy she likes to name her son Alex after her brother.

Princess Elizabeth already had her baby it was a boy. They name the baby Jason after Prince Jason. Princess Mary was not married, but she is still dating Paul. Princess Emily and Prince Alex were already married. They did not want to have children just yet. Princess Samantha already had a baby with Prince James. Princess Samantha had a son and she names her son David. Matthew loves his grandson. Matthew and Ivy were divorced. Matthew was dating a woman named Jackie Ross. Princess Emily and Princess Samantha were happy for their father. Eve and Ivy were forbidden to come to the castle. No one has seen Eve and Ivy in a while and nobody knew where they were.


Eve was angry with Arthur. Eve only wants to help him get a good wife, but he turns his back on her. Ivy was angry that Matthew divorces her. Ivy did not want to get a divorce. Eve heard the kingdom celebrate Pollyanna and Prince Jason’s baby birth. The whole kingdom was happy about the baby. Eve was angry about the baby and she wanted the baby dead. Eve has to destroy King Charles’ family and she was going to. Eve was angry with King Charles for not allow his daughter to marry her son Arthur.


Pollyanna went into labor. Pollyanna gave birth to twins. The twins were both girls. The kingdom did not know that Pollyanna gave birth to twins. Pollyanna and Prince Jason wanted to keep the second baby Anastasia a secret. The twins were beautiful Pollyanna name the twins Annette and Anastasia. Pollyanna loves her daughters and she wanted to do everything in her power to make sure they were happy. Prince Jason was happy about his daughters. The twins were kept apart so Eve would not suspect anything. Everyone in the kingdom was getting ready for the party that King Charles was having for his grandchild.

The next day was the party. Everyone in the kingdom was at the party. Pollyanna’s childhood friend Pam was at the party. Pollyanna was worry that Eve would crash the party, but she did not see Eve or Ivy. The whole kingdom was having fun and they were glad that Eve was not causing problems for them, but Ivy crashes the party. Ivy walk toward Princess Emily. “I hate you and your mother. I kill your mother!” Ivy confesses. “What? How and why?!” Princess Emily asks angrily. “I poison her like I try to poison you,” Ivy replied laughing. Matthew was hearing everything Ivy was saying.

Matthew was angry. “How could you kill my wife?! Matthew asks angrily. “I love you Matthew and I wanted you to marry me,” Ivy replied. “You do not know what love is!” Matthew replied angrily. “I am here to put a curse on Pollyanna and Prince Jason’s daughter Annette. Annette will never be happy and she will be force to marry a man she does not love. I also curse your children Princess Emily!” Ivy yells. “Guards, arrest her!” King Charles yells. Ivy laugh and disappeared.




Pollyanna gives Anastasia to Pam to raise as her own. Pam had lost a baby, but her husband and no one knew yet. Pollyanna made Pam promise not to tell Anastasia anything until she gets married to the person she loves. Pam promise Pollyanna. Pam left with Anastasia. Pam came home the next day. Pam’s husband Benjamin came home the same time she did. Benjamin rush to see his daughter. Pam told Benjamin that she names their daughter Anastasia. Benjamin loves the name. Pam and Benjamin were happy with their daughter. Pam was going to protect Anastasia. Pam hopes that Benjamin will not be angry with her when he learns about Anastasia.



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