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Chapter 4

Princess April has a daughter named Samantha. Princess Samantha was the daughter of Matthew, but he did not know he father another daughter. Princess Samantha was older than Princess Emily. Princess Samantha did not know that Matthew was her father. Princess Samantha was not evil like her mother was. Princess Samantha wanted to be a policewoman. Princess April was angry that her daughter wanted to be a policewoman. Princess April wanted her daughter to marry Prince Jason. Ryan and Princess Margaret wanted their son to choose who he is going to marry.

Princess Samantha never had a party when she was born. Princess Samantha’s uncle King Charles has nothing to do with her or her mother. Princess April told her daughter that her brother King Charles was an evil man, but Princess Samantha did not believe her mother. Princess Samantha knew her mother was the evil one. Princess Samantha did not know why her mother and her uncle were not speaking to each other, but she knew that her mother has something to do with her uncle not speaking to them. Samantha does know her uncle has been supporting them since she was born.


Princess Samantha did not have many friends. Princess April wanted to put her daughter in boarding school. Princess April was hoping that the boarding school would make her daughter a lady and get these crazy ideas about her wanted to be a policewoman out of her head. Princess Samantha did not want to go to boarding school. Princess Samantha begs her mother not to send her to boarding school. Princess April did not listen to her daughter pleads. She still sent her daughter to boarding school. Princess Samantha was packing in a hurry. “Are you ready to leave?” Princess April asks.

Princess Samantha was going to a boarding school in England. Princess Samantha took the first plane to England. The boarding school was big and there were a lot of students in the boarding school. Princess Samantha did not know if she was going to make any friends, but she did not care. Princess Samantha did not like her school. The headmistress shows Princess Samantha to her room. The boarding school Princess Samantha was going to was for girls and boys. Princess Samantha saw a boy sitting close by. “Hello, my name is Prince Jason. What is your name?” Prince Jason asks. “My name is Princess Samantha,” Princess Samantha replied.


“I do not want to go to boarding school, but my mom was overprotective. She thought I will be safe going to boarding school,” Prince Jason replied. “My mom sent me to boarding school to make a lady out of me,” Princess Samantha replied. “You look like a lady to me,” Prince Jason replied laughing. “My mom is worried because I want to be a policewoman,” Princess Samantha replied. “I do not see anything wrong with that. There are a lot of women that join the army. I want to join the army when I am grown,” Prince Jason replied.

Princess Samantha and Prince Jason became good friends. Princess Samantha and Prince Jason only like each other as friends. Most of the girls were jealous of Princess Samantha because they were in love with Prince Jason. Prince Jason was not in love with any girl from school. Prince Jason was already in love with Pollyanna. Prince Jason would write Pollyanna. Prince Jason told Pollyanna about Princess Samantha. Pollyanna and Princess Samantha wanted to meet each other one day. Prince Jason would read Pollyanna’s letters to Princess Samantha. Princess Samantha also starts writing Pollyanna. Princess Samantha was happy that she made two friends even if Pollyanna live in a different country.

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