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Chapter 5


Pollyanna outgrew her ugliness and was a beautiful woman. All the boys wanted Pollyanna as a wife, but she did not want to marry any of the boys in her town. Pollyanna was in love with Prince Jason. Pollyanna and Prince Jason were still writing to each other. Pollyanna was also writing Princess Samantha. The town people still love Pollyanna. Mindy and Jack were proud of Pollyanna. Mindy would write to her daughter Queen Jane and tell her how proud they were of Pollyanna. Queen Jane was happy that her daughter was happy. King Charles did not know his daughter was alive. Queen Jane and the doctor told King Charles that the baby died of a fever.

Prince Jason still wanted to join the army. Princess Samantha came to visit him. “Are you still going to join the army?” Princess Samantha asks. “Yes, but my mom is giving me a hard time,” Prince Jason replied. “I still want to be a cop, but my mom wants me to get marry,” Princess Samantha replied. “I want to get marry to Pollyanna. I already got her a ring,” Prince Jason replied. “I am happy for you. “What does Pollyanna think about you joining the army?” Princess Samantha asks. “Pollyanna supports my choices,” Prince Jason replied.

Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth

Prince Daniel was still visiting Princess Elizabeth in secret. Prince Daniel was a handsome man. Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth grew up to be beautiful women. The princesses have never been out. Princess Elizabeth wants to go out and see the world, but Princess Mary was still scared to go out. Prince Daniel came to visit and stay for hours. “Elizabeth, have you and your sister Mary ever thought about going out to see the world. You not a child anymore and I would look after you and your sister. What I am trying to say is will you marry me Princess Elizabeth?” Prince Daniel asks. “Yes, I will,” Princess Elizabeth replied happily.

“You cannot marry Prince Daniel because our father would never allow it!” Princess Mary replied angrily. “I love Daniel and I am going to marry him. I am not going to be Father’s puppet anymore! I want to see the world and have children. Our father does not care about us. I am going out, if you do not want to go you can stay. I do not want you to try to stop me,” Princess Elizabeth replied. Princess Mary did not want to be by herself. “I will go with you because I do not want to be left by myself,” Princess Mary replied.


Princess Emily

Princess Emily was already grown and she was beautiful. Princess Emily loves her adopted family. She was going to college to be a teacher. Princess Emily loves reading. Princess Emily was going to the same college as Sunny. Princess Emily and Sunny were close like real sisters. Princess Emily does think about her real father. Princess Emily wonders if her father was happy and if he was ok. Princess Emily got her own apartment. Princess Emily was not scared anymore. Princess Emily has a lot of friends.

The next day Princess Emily was walking home when she saw a boy looking at her. “My name is Alex Ross,” Prince Alex replied. “My name is Kate Jackson,” Princess Emily replied. “Do you live around here?” Prince Alex asks. “Yes, my apartment is next to the university. I am trying to get my teaching degree,” Princess Emily replied. “I am going to the same university. I am trying to get my law degree. I was wondering if you like to go out to eat with me?” Prince Alex asks. “Yes, I would love to. “I know a great restaurant,” Princess Emily replied.

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