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Chapter 6

Princess Samantha

Princess Samantha’s mother was still bugging her about getting married. Princess Samantha did not want to get married. Princess Samantha wanted to be a cop. She wishes her mother would get off her back. Princess Samantha did not want her mother to know she is friends with Prince Jason. Princess Samantha’s mother has been wanted her to marry Prince Jason. Princess Samantha only like Prince Jason as a friend and he felt the same way. Prince Jason is wanted to marry Pollyanna. Princess Samantha never met Pollyanna, but they have been writing to each other. Princess Samantha knew she like Pollyanna and they became really good friends through their letters.

Princess Samantha’s sister Rachel saw her talking to Prince Jason and she told their mother. Princess Samantha came home and her mother looked happy. “What is the matter mother?” Princess Samantha asks. “Your sister Rachel saw you talking to Prince Jason. Why did you not tell me you were dating Prince Jason?” Princess April asks. “Mom, Prince Jason and I are just friends. We are not dating,” Princess Samantha replied. “I cannot wait until I tell my cousin Princess Margaret you and her son are dating!” Princess April replied happily. “We are not dating Mom!” Princess Samantha replied angrily.

Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth

Prince Daniel took Princess Elizabeth and Princess Mary to a fancy restaurant. Princess Elizabeth loved the food and she never drink wine before. Princess Mary felt uncomfortable. Prince Daniel took them to see a movie. The movie’s screen was really big and the sound was loud. Princess Elizabeth really enjoyed the movie. They were watching The Lord of the Ring. Prince Daniel told the princesses that there were three movies and they were based on books. Princess Mary wanted to read the books. Prince Daniel took them to a book store. Prince Daniel got Princess Mary The Lord of the Rings books.

Princess Mary saw a man looking at her. Princess Mary became scared. “Elizabeth, there is a guy looking at me,” Princess Mary replied. “Mary, do not be scared. That guy probably likes you,” Princess Elizabeth replied. The man walked up to them. “Hello my name is Paul Anderson,” Paul introduces himself. “Hello Paul, my name is Prince Daniel, this is Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Mary,” Prince Daniel replied. “I was wondering if I can join you guys?” Paul asks. “Yes, you can,” Prince Daniel answers. Princess Mary was really shy and scared. Paul knew that Princess Mary was feeling uncomfortable around him. “Princess Mary, do you like to read?” Paul asks. “Yes, I do. Do you like to read?”  Princess Mary asks. “I like to read. My favorite books are by James Patterson. “Who is James Patterson?” Princess Mary asks. “James Patterson writes fiction stories on crime,” Paul replied.

Prince Daniel and Paul took Princess Elizabeth and Princess Mary to a hotel. Prince Daniel took Princess Elizabeth to one of the rooms. They made love. Princess Mary was watching TV with Paul. Princess Mary was feeling more comfortable being with Paul, but she was not ready to sleep with him. Princess Elizabeth knew Prince Daniel since they were children. Princess Mary was wondering if their father knew they were gone and if he was looking for them. Prince Daniel order room’s service. They all went to bed. Princess Mary and Paul sleep in separate rooms.







Prince Jason has made special plans for Pollyanna. Pollyanna was wondering what was the surprise, but Prince Jason would not tell her. Pollyanna and Prince Jason went on a picnic. “I love you Pollyanna and I have since we were children. Will you marry me and become my wife?” Prince Jason asks. “Yes, I will marry you,” Pollyanna replied. Pollyanna and Prince Jason went to tell her parents. Mindy and Jack were so happy. Mindy was worry that history would repeat itself and Pollyanna would be forced to marry a man she did not love. Mindy tries not to think about those things. Mindy and Reba wanted to throw Pollyanna a wedding shower. Mindy wrote to her daughter Queen Jane and told her that Pollyanna was getting married.

Queen Jane got her mother’s letter. Queen Jane was so happy for her daughter. Queen Jane’s son was seeing someone too. Queen Jane knew she would be a grandmother soon. Queen Jane burn the letter so her husband would not read it. Queen Jane wanted her daughter to be happy and knew her husband would never approve of Pollyanna’s marriage to Prince Jason.




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