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Chapter 7

King Philip

Prince Philip was angry that his daughters ran away. Prince Philip was wondering who his daughters ran away with. King Philip call King Charles to tell him that his daughters were missing and he needed King Charles help to find them. Prince Philip’s father King George had the whole kingdom looking for his granddaughters. King George was giving an award for anyone who has any information about his granddaughters. Princess Cindy was angry with her husband because he should have never locked their daughters in the tower. Princess Cindy was worry about her daughters and she was hoping they were ok.


Pollyanna and Prince Jason went to tell his parents. Ryan was happy for his son, but Princess Margaret was not happy. Princess Margaret wanted her son to marry Princess Samantha. “Jason, I am not happy about you married this poor girl. I want you married Princess Samantha!” Princess Margaret yells. “I like Princess Samantha as a friend, but I do not love her. Princess Samantha feels the same way I do. Princess Margaret only likes me as a friend and she does not want to marry me,” Prince Jason replied. “I am not blessing your marriage with this girl. If you marry this girl I will never forgive you.

Prince Jason was angry that his mother was acting this way. Prince Jason could not understand why his mother could not be happy for him. Prince Jason loves Pollyanna and he could never love anyone else. Prince Jason went to look for Pollyanna. “Pollyanna, we are leaving,” Prince Jason replied. Prince Jason and Pollyanna went back to her parents’ house. Prince Jason checks into a hotel. Mindy and Jack were disappointed that Prince Jason’s mother was against the marriage. Prince Jason wanted to get married right away. Prince Jason calls Prince Daniel and told him he was getting married. Prince Jason wanted Prince Daniel to be his best man.

Princess Samantha

Prince Jason calls Princess Samantha and told her he asks Pollyanna to married him. Prince Jason also told Princess Samantha that Pollyanna wanted her to be her bridesmaid. Samantha was happy for Prince Jason and Pollyanna. “Samantha get over here now!” Princess April yells. “What is it Mother?!” Princess Samantha asks angrily. “Did you know that Prince Jason is marrying a poor girl?!” Princess April asks angrily. “Yes, I did. The girl name is Pollyanna. Pollyanna and I are friends,” Princess Samantha replied. “How could you be friends with your competition? Prince Jason should be marrying you and not that piece of trash!” Princess April yells.

“Mother, Pollyanna is not a piece of trash. Pollyanna is a good person. I do not love Prince Jason and I do not want to get married. I want to be a cop,” Princess Samantha replied. “This is your father’s fault!” Princess April yells. “How is this my father’s fault?” Princess Samantha asks. “My second husband is not your father. My first husband is your father,” Princess April replied. “Why did you not tell me who was my father? I have every right to know. Does my real father know about me?!” Princess Samantha asks. “No, he does not,” Princess April replied.

“I cannot believe you kept this from me. My father had a right to know about me," Princess Samantha replied. “I hate your father. Your uncle force me to married that loser,” Princess April replied. “I do not care if you did not love my father. I still have a right to know about him. “Who is my father?!” Princess Samantha asks angrily. “Your father’s name is Matthew Smith,” Princess April replied. Princess Samantha storm off. She went to look for her father. Princess Samantha went to visit her father. She told the guard she needed to speak to Matthew. Matthew came out to see Princess Samantha. Princess Samantha told Matthew that she was his daughter. Matthew knew that Princess Samantha was telling the truth just by looking at her. Matthew waste no time and hug Princess Samantha.

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