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Chapter 9


Pollyanna and Prince Jason went back to France. Pollyanna was looking forward to getting married. Pollyanna wishes Prince Jason’s mother Princess Margaret would not be against the marriage. Pollyanna and Prince Jason wanted to get married in France since his mother was not blessing the marriage. Prince Jason’s father was coming to the wedding. Prince Jason never met his Uncle Arthur. Prince Jason knew his uncle lived in France. Prince Jason wanted to meet his uncle. Prince Jason knew where his uncle lived. Prince Jason went to see his uncle. Prince Jason saw a man about his age walking to check the mail.

“Hello Sir, my name is Prince Jason. My father is Ryan Smith. I am looking for my Uncle Arthur,” Prince Jason replied. “I am your Uncle Arthur,” Arthur replied. “I do not understand my uncle is the same age as my father and you look close to my age,” Prince Jason replied. “I do not age. Does your father know that you came to visit me?” Arthur asks. “No, but I do not think he would mind me coming to see you,” Prince Jason replied. “What are you doing here?” Arthur asks. “I want to invite you to my wedding,” Jason replied.


“I would love to come to your wedding. Does your father mind if I come to your wedding?” Arthur asks. “My father would love for you to come to my wedding,” Prince Jason replied. “I just hope you do not run into problems as your father did,” Arthur replied. “Are you marry?” Prince Jason asks. “No, the only woman I love was Jane and I cannot see myself with someone else,” Arthur replied. “You are in love with Queen Jane,” Prince Jason replied. “Yes, I love her since we were children,” Arthur replied. Prince Jason felt bad for his uncle.

Princess Samantha

Princess Samantha went to see her mother. “What do you want Mother?” Princess Samantha asks. “Prince James wants to marry you,” Princess April replied happily. “I do not want to get marry Mother!” Princess Samantha replied. “YOU WILL MARRY PRINCE JAMES!” Princess Samantha heard her Uncle Charles yells. “I have to get your uncle to help me because you can be so hard-headed,” Princess April replied. Princess Samantha was so angry that she ran to her room. Princess Samantha starts crying. Princess Samantha did not want to get married, but she did not have a choice.



The next day Prince James and his father King Harry came to visit. Princess Samantha was not happy. “Hello my name is Prince James and you must be Princess Samantha my future wife,” Prince James replied. “Yes, I am,” Princess Samantha replied. Prince James kisses Princess Samantha’s hand. “I cannot wait to make love to you my princess,” Prince James replied. Princess Samantha was scared. Princess Samantha could not believe her mother and uncle were forcing her to marry this jerk. “My son wants to marry Princess Samantha tomorrow,” King Harry replied. “That will be fine. My daughter can wear my wedding dress,” Princess April replied.

The next day Princess Samantha and Prince James got married. Prince James took Princess Samantha to a fancy hotel. Prince James carries Princess Samantha to the bed and made love to her. Princess Samantha fell asleep in Prince James’ arms. Princess Samantha woke up and she saw that Prince James is still asleep. Princess Samantha fell back to sleep. Princess Samantha already fell in love with Prince James. Princess Samantha and Prince James make love again and got ready to go to town. Princess Samantha still wanted to be a cop, but she knew that will never happen now.


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