The Creature Of The Night

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

" Breathless, Reading Pleasure!
Will it be Scary or Romantic...?" About The Creature Of The Night...?" A legend Within...That Every Ones Herd of But Did not Bleeve it was so, Until after Dark, is When everything Changes...?"

In every 30 years once in A Blue full Moon something happens, Something No one can explain... No one Knew of "The Creature Of The Night!" Not even The Young Beautiful Little Lady Vacena Didn't even Bleeve The Story's She herrd of The Creature Of The Nyght she dreamed of something unusual, She couldn't Quiet Put Her

Finger on it... and She heir's it also From A Gypsy- Physic At a Fair Madam Isabella Also something unusual and that Vacena will have to make a Choice to find Courage to take chances and Embrace her future and what was it...?"

There yous go yes it is another Book I wrote in 2018 which I have you, is also For Sale on I will write only Five pages of this Story too and if you like it and wish to read the rest of it Please Buy it On Please I and do by all means Comment me till me how good this one is please Thank You stay safe out there.

Table of Contents

The Creature Of The Night

What is This Creature Of The Night...?" Fear is Breeding... Fast Howling Lurks in The Light of The Full Moon...?" "He is the Dain and he is coming For You....

"A Legend within every 30 years Once in a Full Blue Moon...?" Who's Afraid Of The Big Creature OF The Night...?"
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The Creature Of The Night

  Chapter Two!   "Reading your Palm. I said ok I gave to her my hand she took it into her hand, her hands was wa... Read Chapter

The Creature OF The Night

Chapter three!     he next day I woke at Lunch time again had some Lunch packed my things for West Virginia wa... Read Chapter

The Creature Of The Night

Chapter Four!   “TV. Then I decided I wanted to go to bed and so I did and fail a sleep. I woke up the next day aroun... Read Chapter

The Creature Of The Night

Alright This is Chapter Five giving to you a Taste of this Book so if you want it and you wish to read the rest of it buy The Book From Well, Hope that yous enjoy this one too Perhaps If'
n you do Please with all do respect

Please Comment me and till me how good this one was also so far...?" Hope all as well and safe you all are in my Prayer's so do take care of you, and May God Bless If you will...?"
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