Growing up

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


I’m sitting on the sofa, a book on the armrest

My attention in split, between it and the wind

That keeps on toying with the curtains, waving them like a blushing flag

Agitating them like a newborn bird would its wings,

trying to figure out how to fly

against the reddish pink sky

I can hear the water whispering, and picture the grass listening, catching every drop

coming out of the hose

The dinner is almost on the table, there are voices everywhere: of people coming in the room,

Of strangers walking in front of our house,

Of comedians on tv

I can already savor my apple juice,

Feel the wind on my arms, that will be covered in goosebumps,

As I sit cross-legged on my chair,

While the night gets darker,

Stomachs get fuller,

Mom and dad get sleepier

And I get older, without noticing.

A summer Saturday night will soon be different

And we won’t know it

Until everybody is in a different city, with someone else

There’s no pizza on the table,

No trashy program on the tv,

I haven’t drunk apple juice in ages

And I get mad when I get cold.

9 p.m is not my bedtime anymore,

But even when I’m up, am I really awake?

How beautiful was it to come back home after a walk in the suburbs,

To avoid showering because I could,

Even though I’d being playing with dirt all afternoon?

How nice it was, when I didn’t have to sleep to be able to dream,

And it was never about reality, I could always picture some kingdom

With a badass warrior-princess ready to save it

With her spying abilities and her athletics skills.

And there were tv shows, and trying to come home to catch them,

And the suspense,

So much of it we ended up making up the rest of the story

And by the time the true ending came on, ours felt more real,

Just like that time feels way more real

That the present does,

Just like the child I was feels more present than the absent-minded person I am today.



Submitted: May 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 PennyPoe. All rights reserved.

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