Cheaters, Dreamers, Believers & Thrill Seekers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

“Cheaters, Dreamers, Believers & Thrill Seekers” is a collection of 10 poems I wrote over the span on 3 years. Anything I felt inspired by I wrote about. I hope you enjoy!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Night Smile Light Untitled Unbalanced Lost Broken Growth ... Read Chapter


(TW Suicide) This poem was written at 3 am after I attempted to end my own life. This poem isn’t formatted properly, but pure feelings don’t conform.
Read Chapter


i smiled today that may not sound like much but to me that’s worth the world ... Read Chapter


everyone always shoots for the light at the end of the tunnel what do i do when my tunnel is dark as far as i can see? i ... Read Chapter


just when i thought every page had been turned and i learned all i could learn i read another book about the wonders of y... Read Chapter


the world is supposed to seem manageable with everything you have ever dreamed imaginable everything so lovely so imp... Read Chapter


so many outcomes so many choices so many decisions so many fears so many tears so lost ... Read Chapter


i need a break from my broken heart broken mind, broken spirit, broken heart you’re always expected to pick up the pieces ... Read Chapter


i hate you i hate everything you’ve put me through i hate the memories, once good now a prison trapping me in the cycle ... Read Chapter


red is the color of passion red is the color of pain red is the color of the setting sun red is leading the rainbow after rai... Read Chapter


everything i say or do somehow always hurts you no matter how hard i try no matter what it leads to it always hurts you ... Read Chapter

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