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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Health and Fitness  |  House: Booksie Classic

Working through painful back strain


By John Ross Hart


I just received a visit from an old enemy.I know him well.He always brings great pain to my lower back when he shows up, essentially disabling me from doing any physical activities.

He's visited several times during my life.He always sneaks in when least expected.I could be coughing when something pops.I could be showing anger when I feel a twitch. I could even be simply walking down the street when I suddenly collapse in great pain.

Women will tell you childbirth is the most painful experience anyone can bear.If that be the case, extreme lower backpain has to be a close second.It can be a shooting pain, like you just got stabbed.It could be brief.It could last several minutes.You're gasping.You're sweating.  The pain is excruciating.This is greatest pain I suffer.

Somewhere along in my childhood, I developed a swayback curve in my lower back.That would be fine if I was skinny and light, but I'm a big man who has always battled his weight.I recently lost 50-pounds in a lifestyle change, but now I'm older.The pain I feel today is the same one that visited me in my thirties, my forties, my fifties, my sixties.

At 4:45 this morning, I was rolling over on our bed.I rolled into an extreme shot of pain that jolted me awake and had me screaming.Believe it or not, Laury slept through it.I laid prone on my back, waiting for the pain and swelling to subside.Then I slowly and methodically got out of bed.I pressed on the nerve center.Yup, been here before.

I limped to the kitchen to feed the cats, which they expect from the first person who gets up.I couldn't bend.Dry food was poured from a foot above.The paper plate containing the canned food was dropped into place.

Next up, pour some iced tea, grab a couple of donuts, take Ibuprofen, then limp over to my easy chair.Bend slowly.Try to inch into a relatively comfortable position.Turn on the heat pad.Relax.

Oops, forgot something.I also forgot to take it easy.The pain overwhelmed me.I screamed and I collapsed on the sofa.Laury ran out to help.I told her to just let me lie a bit, until the pain, the heavy breathing, and the sweating subsided.She did place the heatpad on my back.I closed my eyed and tried to relax.

It took about 20 minutes, but eventually I was able to slowly shuffle back to my chair.Finally, I could enjoy my breakfast and take the ibuprofen.The TV remotes were within reach.Just sit, nurse your food and drink, take your meds.

An online interview and two SKYPE calls forced me to move, albeit very slowly.Having to sit in a hardback chair was very uncomfortable.But fortunately, no pain.After each meeting, I would hobble back to the easy chair, humped over like a little old man.

I read the Bible, checked my phone, watched "The Herd, then made some lunch.

I tried going outside to get some sunshine.But I was so bent-over I felt embarrassed to show myself.Instead, I walked back inside, went to our bedroom, lay out on our bed, on my back, then took a nap.

When I did wake up, I had to grab a table while rising very slow and somewhat awkwardly.For all the channels on cable, there was nothing of interest.I went back to the hard chair, corrected papers, answered questions, checked my phone.

Back to my chair.So far, I am getting by.I have avoided that intense pain.But I am getting bored.How long until dinner?Another hour, at least.For now, just take more ibuprofen.

A soft breeze is ringing the windchimes.I am doing some light stretching.The overhead fan keeps me cool.

By five o'clock, it is time to turn on the news.I can have leftovers for dinner.  No strain.Laury can have what's left when she gets home.The leftovers are perfect.She's tired.The Property Brothers will hold our attention to bedtime.

So eventually, I drag myself to bed.I feel like I've put in a full days work, but in reality my body had to work harder to compensate for parts too painful to use.

Mr. Pain is in no rush to leave.I'll be slow and compensating for at least the next couple of days.Then I will just be stiff for several more.The pain will go away, eventually.Then I'll be my old self again, active, outgoing, and not acting my age.

Until that day when the ememy makes his next appearance.


Submitted: May 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 John Ross Hart. All rights reserved.

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