Never Judge A Heart By Its Beat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Silently a heart simply observes blindness and wake up for a request unseen. Genuinely it will be for good unless a heartbeat shall never judge itself. Let this keep you wakeful everywhere.

When an unknown answer you want to express,

God, the universe you’ve been waiting for shows me something new,

How many angels you have created being its keepers?

When you want an answer express the unknown need,

A life without them cannot be dreamt of,

My heart is aware of this faith closer to home,

When knowingly you answer to experience,

Even if the rain comes and the rainbow of its universe falls into infinite faith within,

Your love will remain with me,

When what you experience is not bad for good,

I take refuge in the God who created me,

Our pursuit wandering in the mirage and the bird wondering happiness on those remains,

I give praise to the living divine energy who made this everywhere,

Life is learned unusually in our creation,

When wonderful experience makes no beat for wrong,

Today the trouble of tomorrow may not run us down in this rush hour,

I present myself before whom rinse everlasting bond of one family union,

It started raining again like nobody knew,

Whatever you feel within your infinite heart beats,

God is watching how I evaluates these times,

The days ahead swing on the delight as faith enters thinking about the unseen sight,

There is a pleasing smile that is invincible all around I am little hesitant,

In front of me I saw an angel like no one could see rather than the game thrown on this dice,

Whatever your feelings express faithfully for this absence,

Life gone as sweet memories reminds not to back down myself without being careful on the journey ahead,

Without thinking about anything else,

I stopped writing and moved on to the things of my life,

A thought stuck in my mind again,

Never regret anything in life,

If it’s good, it’s wonderful,

If it’s bad, it’s experience,

Where a lifetime thank how I will respond for these worthy realizations,

Every such difficulty you learn untold in your emotions,

Silently is made as your weapon for victory,

You never know how you are protected in this most demanded secret,

Genuinely only when you need the most,

Unless you feel your wish dare answers in a heartbeat,

A moment so serving the stop of a silence within,

Don’t jerk out this though essential for you to survive,

If difficulty within a feeling cannot divide when you sustain this service,

Against the impossible a stop that made this heart rolls God’s unique content knows this magic will win the need requests,

May you tailor your most important experience as a miracle so blessed,

Whatever you learn for this realization attain all paths that flow together into our humane kindness,

Let no man shall imprison a heartbeat what is ours by its worth.

Submitted: May 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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