Store-bought Stew is the Enemy of the People

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020



Store-bought Stew is the Enemy of the People


Take a bite, delicious, isn’t it?

Exactly what you wanted,

Rich, savory, greasy,

Leaves a film on your teeth.


Don’t look too close though,

Is that really a pea?  Is that carrot fresh?

That potato can’t possibly be moldy, right?

Funny how that stew left you so hungry.


But you want stew, so what do you do?

Bad rhymes aside,

If you really want to know your food,

You make it yourself.


Maybe you don’t grow your own vegetables,

Or kill a cow or a lamb.

But you get your own ingredients.

You examine them carefully.


Do they seem fresh or old?

Are they firm or flabby?

Do they smell sweet or of rot?

Are they true?  And by this I mean

Are they food or poison?

What is the source of your food?

Is it fair or biased?

A conflict of interest?


Now you wash, chop, cube,

Shred, mince, braise,

Saute, reduce, simmer.

You can meditate on this while you work.


Think about the carrot’s roots,

The lamb’s life,

The tomato’s tale,

Is that potato’s story believable?


Maybe two kinds of carrots,

Whole tomato and canned,

Purple and white potato,

Each one with a history,

And an opinion.


You will have a lively discussion

Going on in that pot.


Cooking is not mindless!

You have to get the order right,

The heat, the timing.

You might have to run out for something.


Personally I prefer cast iron,

If you really want to know.

Heavy, hard to lift,

But heat you can trust.


Your house is filled with the aroma,

Of your beautiful stew.

Everyone is hungry,

Your whole family is here.


Your uncle will not like the salad,

Simple leaves of romaine with oil and lemon.

That lettuce isn’t working hard enough,

Probably came here illegally looking for a handout.

You give him jello with chunks of pineapple.


Your niece will not eat the stew. She is newly vegan.

She wants to know how that meat was raised and killed.

You understand and you know the answers.

You also made a non-meat, non-dairy, non-gluten version.

It is quite tasty, rich with herbs, beans and grains.


You are not stupid.

Everyone is looking for something.


Over the meal, during which all phones are forbidden,

And the TV set and computers are turned off,

You have a conversation.

You will not agree on much, however,

You will have a conversation.


You will chew those ingredients.

You will pass the bowls for seconds.

You will all be nourished

By your homemade stew.

© Copyright 2020 Stellanotte. All rights reserved.

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