The Traitor

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Werewolf Street

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Soon-to-be In-laws

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020



I never thought that I would get to this point in my life. My wedding is now in two days and everything is going according to plan...except my soon-to-be parents-in-law. I could hear them arguing with my parents about the wedding. Ever since Matt and I announced our engagement, they were very clear that they didn't approve. At first, they were careful about what they said around me and the family. They started with excuses for postponing the wedding, then they started to give hateful looks and abusive workings when Matt wasn't around. That was a year ago, Matt and I are tired of the excuses and ready to move on. 

I sighed as the arguing became louder and started toward the bedroom door. As I got closer to my parent's living room, I started to comprehend what was being said. 

"She is not fit to be Luna to this pack! She is a half-breed and it goes against all traditions!" Emma Knight shouted out. 

"Are you stuck in the 19th Century or something? The council approved half-breeds and humans for high positions since 1964. There is no reason why my child cannot have a Luna position. Even her brother, Jace, got the Alpha rank and he has one of the strongest packs in America. How is this any different from them?" My mother told her in force. I walked in the room when Mr. Knight, aka Brent, stepped up to the plate. 

"We do not need a Luna that causes or brings so many problems. Ever since we meet your family, there has been nothing but lies." 

"We are not hiding anything from you or the pack." Dad contradicted. He was leaning against the opposite wall of the doorway with his arms crossed. "And if we were it is the Alpha's concern, not yours. If Matthew and Shamara wanted to tell you, they would." 

Emma growled at him. "You have no say in this human. People like you were killed on the spot before that cursed law was put in place." She started walking toward him with purpose and anger. I believed that was my cue to butt in. 

I used my unnatural speed to get between them. I posed leaning on one side while putting one arm across to the other while pretending to check my nails. She stopped an inch before she ran into me. She sneered when she noticed who came between her and her prey. I looked up at her and smiled at her discomfort. 

"Mrs. Knight, or should I say, Emma, since I'm becoming a Knight too. I believe you were told to stay home to help with the final details for the wedding. Oh, as were you, Brent." I said while looking over Emma's shoulder. He starting walking toward us and grabbed his wife's shoulders. 

I was a good three inches taller than her and was using to my full advantage. She had the same blue as Matt, but it seemed that it was colder or harsher than his. Her hair was different since she dyed it a bottle blonde. She was used to getting what she wants so, her personality probably hasn't changed at all. Her husband was almost a spitting image of Matt except for the eyes and nose. He had dark black hair that was cut short and had green eyes that only sparkled when he was with his wife. Otherwise, it was like he was dead inside. As the tallest one here, he stood at 6'3'' while Matt was around 6'1''. 

"We were just discussing some of the final arrangments that needed to be addressed before the Pack dinner," Emma said with a fake smile.

"I just bet you were." I took that last step between us and leaned close to her ear. "And that pitchy voice of yours can be heard a mile away. Just so we are clear. The next time you decide to threaten my family again, be sure I am not here." I blew on her ear and she jumped to get away from me but was blocked by Brent. Her eyes went yellow as I finished my threat with a smirk.

"If you have any more complaints or issues, please call the pack shrink," I said as I handed her a business card. "I'm sure he would love to listen to them in great detail." I almost couldn't hold in my laughter when she looked at the card like it was a snake. 

After what I said clicked, she ripped up the card and looked at me with hate-filled eyes. She threw herself at me to do who knows what, but Brent grabbed her just before she touched me. She fought him and screamed profanities while cutting his arms up to get free.

"Let go of me! That little mutt disrespected me and I kill her before she gets away with it!" She never took her eyes off of me as my parents came behind me. 

"I believe you disrespected me first, Emma. I will not tolerate it now or when I become Luna and wife to Matthew. If you want, you can sit in the back with the other misfits, but only if you are acting like an adult," I said over her screaming. 

"There will be no wedding if I can help it! You are a damn whore and I will use everything in my power to prove it to my son!" She was breathing hard when she got done with her comeback threat but froze when Matt came in with a fierce look of disappointment and anger toward his parents. 

"I don't think so, mother." He came to me and kissed me before he turned back to his parents. His mother was still being restained by Brent with his arms across her stomach. She held his arms to her as Matt continued. 

"I didn't believe the rumors that were spreading until now. Shamara was right about your voice carrying. the whole pack heard has heard you by now." He took my hand and squeezed it. I was getting some emotions through our mate bond that gave me some hints on what he was going to do. The strongest I felt was sadness and hurt.

"As my parent, I would love for you to be at my wedding, but after what I heard, I believe that both of you should go to the summer house immediately. I especially want you, mother, to think of why your son has to punish his own parents." 

"I am your mother and you are still a child! This girl will ruin the pack with her lies! I will not allow this to happen," she exclaimed while pointing at me. 

"Leave, now or I won't consider you coming back at all." 

Brent nodded toward both of us and picked Emma upon his shoulder. She was beating at his back and screaming, "She will kill you all!!" 

"Dad, take her away and call me when you make it there. Do not bring her back until I know she is safe around everyone," Matt ordered before Brent closed the front door. We listened until we could hear Emma's screams and curses. 

Matt sighed and turned to me. He smiled slightly and gave me a crushing hug. He tucked his nose into the bend of my neck and inhaled my scent to calm him down. I looked toward my parents and nodded for them to go ahead. I tugged Matt to the couch and sat at one end to give him room. He laid his head in my lap while his feet hung off the other end. I closed my eyes as I started to pet his hair with my fingertips. It was several minutes before he started speaking. 

"You know, they weren't always that way." He whispered. 

"Really," I replied back with no emotion. 

"Yeah," he sighed as he relaxed against my fingers and continued, "They were never so cruel or judgemental toward anyone until seven years ago. I was thirteen at the time and just started training. Dad was the Alpha of course and Mom was the Luna. One day, we were attacked by some rouges." He paused and felt him squinched up his face at the memory. 

"We were winning at first and then another wave came. It was unexpected since rouges don't normally form in big groups. I was with the other children looking out the one-way window we had installed in case something happened and we needed to escape. It was three to one by the time the last wave hit us. We were about to move into the underground tunnels until one of them broke into the saferoom. No one should have found us there since it was scent and soundproof. I changed to my wolf even though I knew I couldn't defeat him by myself. I was able to distract him enough for one of the mothers to take him down from behind. I just got the others into the tunnel when the other door opened again." I heard him swallow as his anxiety went up. The mate bond was being overloaded by his emotions. I opened my eyes and moved him closer to me. I shushed him until he was quiet again and picked up where he left off. 

"I recognized him and relaxed thinking that we were safe until I was thrown into the wall on the other side of the room. I blacked out for a moment and back seeing him throw a grenade into the tunnel that everyone was in. He closed the door and started walking toward me as the floor shook from the shock wave." He saw tears form in his eyes as he said the next words. "I attacked him until I couldn't move any longer. The frustration and anger of his betrayal and the deaths of half the pack overwhelmed me. He knelt beside my wolf and all I could see was his face. He said, "They took something precious of mine, so I took something of theirs. It is not your fault, but the pack's. I will come back to finish what I started and hopefully, you will forgive me for what needs to be done, little brother." We sat in silence for several minutes to let the information sink in.

"So, your not the only child then," I stated more than questioned. 

He turned in my lap to look up at me. "No, he was the one to become Alpha. He was seventeen and was days from being in command of the pack and I being announced as his Beta when I become of age. Right before my birthday the year before, he said that he found his mate. It turned out that she was a former rouge before she joined the pack and was a half-breed. At that time, my parents didn't mind and welcomed her into the family. Six months later, she was caught delivering pack secrets to some rouges on the border. Some pack warrior brought her and the rouges to my parents and they were sentenced to death. My brother was on a hunting trip at the time and came back looking for her. They weren't mated yet, so he didn't have the bond to tell him something was wrong. He found out and went ballistic. He was so angry at his parents, he stopped talking to them until a couple of months later. He concentrated on his duties like before until the day we were attacked." 

He put his free hand on the side of my face and rubbed my cheek with his thump. 

"I kinda understand why he did it. What he did was wrong, but it would be hard to survive without my mate. I would do anything to keep you safe." I bent down to kiss him while silent warm tears brushed down my cheeks. 

"I couldn't live without you either," I said with a small smile. "And nothing will happen to me. Promise." 

I left my forehead against his as I breathed in his scent. But I couldn't help to think that I lied to him. 

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