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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Commandments given by Vissarion in The Last Testament

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020






If a foreign flesh threatens to physically attack your flesh or a foreign one, which needs protection, then your strength should have the purpose only to calm down the blind rage.

But in the moments of your confrontation, the desire to give the warmth of your soul to the unhappy one should not disappear in you. Which you should also do after you have stopped the blind rage.



Be pure in your words,

For what is heard does not litter, but what comes out of you may turn your soul into a vessel of stench.

He who through his words mocks another man, enters the path that leads to the abyss of darkness.


If your untruth bears evil, your soul is at the gates of great sufferings.

If your untruth brings disappointment, then this will be evil.

The untruth that covers the evil is even a greater evil.

But the untruth that brings good is wisdom.


Be pure in your thoughts,

For thought is not only the threshold of the physical deeds, but also the act itself, emanating both heat and cold.

He who has black thoughts about another person harms that person's soul and plunges into the mire of darkness.


You may kill a representative of the animal or plant world only in case of an extreme necessity. If the good from it will exceed the loss of Nature.

But during your life, try to restore even the slightest loss of Nature.


Don't steal,

For this at times not just harms the life of man's flesh, but always spreads the temptation of unbelief in people.

Unbelief in people gives birth to a spiritual coldness.

The coldness of the soul is equivalent to death.


Unhappy is not the one who has lost on the side, but the one who has lost in himself,

For the loss on the side is a challenge, and the loss inside oneself is a crucial mistake.


If you don't trust, don't deal with that man.

If you do, you have to trust completely.

But disbelief is a sign of litter in your soul.


Be able to sacrifice the smaller for the greater things, not only in yourself, but also in relation to another man.

That is a test for your mind and the purity of your soul.


Have respect for the faith of the believer,

For faith is the revelation of the soul and its joining to the chosen goal of man.

The rough treatment of the soul of another man is a sign of unreasonableness and wildness.

Lay your road alongside the existing road of one or another man, and let him assess their quality.

But do not seek to destroy what has been created, without building anything in return.


Do good deeds without measure.

Help also those who may offend you afterwards.


The flesh does not live in order to take, but to give.

It's the only thing that shapes and purifies the soul.

Strive to help unnoticed, so that you do not become vain and do not put the needy in a dismal position.

Help immediately loses its true essence when it is first recalled,

And then it turns into pledge.


The devil can benefit from the blessing that comes out of you and is not protected by your mind,

And then your world will bring suffering.

The devil can hide under the cover of goodness if the motivation for the creation of that world was self-interest.

But help does not always have a beneficial effect.

Beneficial effect help can bring only to people aspiring and creative, but who are in need of help.

If help is given to a man who wants to create something, but does not put his hands to it, the good can only fertilize the soil for the rapid growth of laziness and other weeds in that man's soul.

It is a different situation with those, who are not able to start the desired activity.


The accomplishment of a good deed can only precede the reasonable realizing that "it will be fine".

But this will not be enrichment of the soul, but just a path to spiritual treasures.

Enrichment of the soul will be goodness coming from a pure heart.


If a foreign flesh suffers, and you realize that you can help, but do not do it, this indicates faintheartedness.


Being aware of the impending harm to the soul and flesh of a stranger, but not preventing it, makes you a partner in the creation of evil

And leads the soul to the side of darkness.


Do not seek to condemn the man who has stumbled, for he is unhappy.

The one who condemns a miserable man is just as miserable.


Do not insult the offender, for you become similar to his nature.

Never respond with coldness to the coming to you coldness, whatever pain you may feel.

For all that comes from your heart will not be lost, but will remain among the people.

The cold that flows out of you will not destroy the one that has come to you, but will join it.

It is not the darkness that dispels the darkness, but the light.


Do not doubt the doing of good, but doubt the doing of evil.

It is frightening and unreasonable to try to convict someone of not doing one or another good attributed to him.


Seek to reach the Heights of Spiritual Love, one of the three Sisters of Mother-Perfection.

It arises between man and the surrounding world, both the human world and the world of animals and plants.

This Height is unavoidable for everyone who is ascending.

But for the majority of people this path is very long.

Moving along it implies a desire to endlessly bestow the soul's warmth to those around.

But, at the first step, this will also be extremely difficult for many people.

For this reason, it is necessary to begin personal purification.

After a certain time the warmth of the soul will increase so much that you will be able to give it to others.

May you do not look at whether you will receive some good in return for your good!


 Don't avoid the temptations,

For it is only in the direct overcoming of every temptation that true purification of the soul takes place.

If you feel a deficit of strength in such purification, look for a person who will give you strength.

This person is already waiting for you.

Remember God's words: "Do not go the short way, because not everyone will enter My country".


Don't walk away from the world,

For the Grace you are looking for should be transferred from one person to another - the power is only in this.

Grace - like the river - should not stop.

It enters you as to, being ennobled there, necessarily continue its flow to another man.


When the river flow ceases, its stream is subject to blossoming and turns into a swamp.


Bring your souls closer to the Heights of Repentance.

But true Repentance is not just a verbal recognition of one's disgraceful deeds.

True Repentance is the ability to open your soul before God

And the ability to experience the pain and loss of the man or any other being from the animal and plant world, which you have done something evil to.

As for the repentance of personal weakness, the ability to experience it, revealing the soul before God, shows an existing opportunity to use His Grace to overcome the weakness.

God can only help those who have fully opened their souls.

Is it wise to seek help, while shutting the door to the one who helps?


Don't try to judge the Great.

A true assessment of the Great can give only the one who holds still Greater.

The desire to find out mistakes of a man, and moreover, of someone who is trying to create more goods than you do, indicates the scarcity of the soul.


 Meet the difficulties of life with an open soul and pure thoughts.

They have been sent down in order to form your soul.

Only an unreasonable man complains about the vicissitudes of his life.

The greatest suffering will be felt by the one who is more firmly attached to material goods,

And he who is more committed to a life of taking but not giving.


There is no need to complain about the inability to start everything from the beginning:

Why start from the beginning when you can climb all over again!

It is never too late to take the first steps toward righteousness,

But the sooner you get on this path, the more litter from your soul you will manage to remove.


Take your time and don't try to run ahead.

That is a vanity and leads only to unreasonable deeds,

For he who seeks to walk faster turns out to be always the last. But also beware of laziness!


The running and shuffling only lifts the dust more.

If you feel the need of creation, but do not know how, then do not get to it.

If you have understood the need of creation, do not think you can postpone it.

If you have understood the need of creation, do it firmly and do not hesitate!


Strive for personal purification, regardless of your achievements in creative work,

For the higher your achievements, the more harm you will do to those around you.

Every person in the world is a peak, no matter whether you do more or not.

If you do not do more, you will remain a peak for the children.

If you do more, you will be a peak for the other people.

A lot of people with certain vices rest on a certain peak that has the same vices.

But what is more dangerous is that young people acquire all sorts of vices, seeing the vices of their favorite peak.

Remember! He who does not seek personal purification becomes an accomplice to Satan.


Don't want the best property of others, but rejoice.

And if you have a choice, take the worst, leaving the best to the others.


Do not contaminate your thoughts with the awareness of whether you will be rewarded for your good,

For man can never truly purify himself and reach the spiritual heights as long as thoughts of a prepared reward thrive in him.

True purification is a righteous work from the unbridled need of the soul.


Do not try to see in yourself something more compared to the others and, moreover, to show this.

Let the one who exalts himself among the others be humiliated!

If a man is given more, more will be asked of him.

The Lord does not look at the breadth of capabilities, but at the zeal of bearing the destined burden,

For what what is the use of it if you undertake many things but do them unworthily?!

Blessed will be the one who has properly assessed his qualities as a creator, in spite of the prestige of the place he occupies,

For the very existence of the term "most prestigious" is a sign of a sick society.



"Somehow a man came to the source of life-giving moisture and began to prank on his beautiful horse, showing what value he has and how high he sits.

But time passed and the man became thirsty,

After that he got off his horse, knelt down, leaned to the ground and started drinking water from the spring.

At those moments it seemed to him that he had never felt anything sweeter.

Strive to comprehend the truth of Humility,

For only Humility will bring you into contact with the Highest.


Whatever value this thing might have.

If a person intentionally destroys what has been created, then the reprimand should not look in a way, as if the thing has a higher value than the soul of the one who did the bad deed.

But reprimand is not an outpouring of cold on the destroyer, but there is stringency and great regret that this person's soul remains capable of destruction.


The one who has stumbled should not be quick to disappointment, but should find hope,

For the fall does not require efforts, but it is a hard work to get up.

The one who has fallen into the water does not come out dry. Only time allows him to dry out - and the stronger the Sun shines on him, the faster he gets dry.


You shall not commit adultery.

This develops the ability to give preference to the delights of the flesh and to be blind to the fact that you harm another person's soul.

Doing harm to another person's soul is the most serious sin.

The ability to harm the soul makes you a worthless creature.

The feeling of lust, which arises in a man when he contemplates a woman, is not subject to his consciousness.

The appearance of this lust is not a sin.

But if a man shows this in word or deed, he commits a sin,

For it creates a temptation to harm people's souls.


Admiring beauty, which does not entail feelings of envy or desire to own it, is a measure of purity.

The law of adultery concerns only those who are bound by marriage.

Divorced people have nothing to do with it.


Obedience is an art of extreme importance and difficulty.

The purity and beauty of obedience depends entirely on the purity of the educator's soul.

This is just as true in the community as it is in the parent's circle.

Always remember that the mind of the hearers may not only fail to see your truths because of its narrowness, but also exceed you by its foresightedness.


May a man not laugh at the thoughts of another, even the foolish, but to listen.

If the thoughts are unclear, try to understand. If you see the weakness of what you hear, let it be supported by your thoughts!

But the rejection of what you hear, directed to the good and not clear to you, is the devil's impact on your soul.

Be able to intelligently weigh your thoughts and those of your interlocutor.


Strive to achieve harmony in your entity between the Divine and the Natural.

The mind is given to you to create this harmony,

After which it will be able to truly develop itself.

If the mind develops first, it will acquire an incurable ailment.


Recognize yourself and your capabilities to be able to eliminate violations.

From now on, the flesh is supposed to heal itself.

Disease, in most cases, is the punishment for the inability to keep one's flesh in harmony with nature,

And it's unreasonable in this case to seek help on the side.

Strive to enter into harmony with Its manifestations and those of your flesh.

This will prevent you from all sorts of illnesses and give you great capabilities. 


Do not seek to learn more and more,

For human quality does not depend on the amount of technical knowledge.

Man should know only what helps to develop his true abilities in harmony with the surrounding world.


The desire to reveal any arising mystery on the basis of scientific data is a sign of a sick mind.


Develop your imagination.

It is a powerful force in the true cognition of Being.

The inability to create a fertile ground for the development of the imagination, both in yourself and for others is a sign of a narrow mind.


You shouldn't go to the goal looking at it alone.

Go firmly and confidently, but pay attention to everything around you.

Nothing in the Universe happens by chance. The obstacles encountered are given to strengthen certain aspects of your abilities in an attempt to bring you down on the chosen path.

Good knowledge is given to enrich you and to perceive the goal in its true context.

If you are in a hurry and if you are not attentive to the benefits that appear, but only notice the obstacles, you will reach your goal exhausted and poor,

And it will be perceived as gray and unworthy.


Beware of excitement, for under the influence of this dope man is able to bring coldness or evil to another man and not even notice it.

This is the right way, leading away from Spiritual Perfection.


"During a conversation between two brothers, one of them, having apologized, pointed to a flaw in the soul of the other, in order that the latter might eliminate this flaw, so that strangers would not smile at him.

Then the latter, indignant, said, "Look at you first!"

After that, he left. But in the street, an unknown man approached him among the passers-by and very quietly suggested that he removed an indecent flaw in his clothes.

Being a tidy man and being confused by the embarrassing situation, he thanked the unknown man and quickly removed the occasional mistake,

Not even noticing the errors in the clothes of the prompter."


When the external welfare dominates the internal, this signifies the approach of a catastrophe.

The ancients have said, “Take out first the beam from your eye, and then look at the knot in your brother's eye”.

Now I say: do not laugh at the flaw of the man who first pointed at yours.


Be a worthy master of your feelings and desires.

Be able to highlight your vicious desires,

For whoever enters their mire will need great efforts to get out of it.

The ancients were told that anyone who gets angry at his brother in vain, should be subject to judgment.

Now I say, whoever is angry with another, even if he has done evil, is subject to judgment,

For the very ability to be angry will not allow the true blossoming of the soul to manifest itself.

But do not restrain desires, which bring help and joy to people.

Let this stream flow and become a full-flowing river!

Do not avoid the suffering of not being able to bring help to those in need,

For the appearance of this suffering marks the approach of the soul to the Heights of Perfection.

Do not hold back the feelings of joy about the joy of another person,

For your joy will enhance the joy of the one who has obtained good.


Be moderate in satisfying the lusts of the flesh.

The adaptation of the flesh to constant contentment leads to suffering of the soul even after the death of the flesh.

The more unreasonable a person has been in satisfying his desires, the stronger the sufferings will be.

The flesh can use only those methods of satisfaction, which are not to the detriment of the flesh itself or to that of others;

which do not cause damage to its own soul or to that of others;

which are not in conflict with the predestined by Nature.


A reasonable limit to the enjoyment of the earthly lusts is to be found where man is able at any moment to give up the satisfaction of the arising lusts in the name of the spiritual formation.


Find your place in nature.

But in this search, lean on the warmth of your heart, not on the coldness of the mind.

In recent times, this coldness has prevailed over the warmth of the soul.

It will take a long time to restore the initial true senses of choice.

But be aware that the place in Nature and the place in society are not the same, though they are intertwined.

The place in Nature is determined by the natural manifestations, which concern the development of human capabilities in harmony with Nature.

This predestination is laid down in everyone since the birth of the flesh.

The place in society is an artificial manifestation acquired in the course of living.


It is not just for his love that a parent is valuable, but also to teach the child to love the others,

For what is the use of your love, if the child brings grief from you to the world!


You should not demand respect from your children for what you have brought up must be collected.

Parents! Do not lose your spiritual link with the children,

So as not to seek their respect later!


The spiritual link is stronger than the family.

If the child is on a higher spiritual level, the only reasonable thing to do is to strive for the same level without having the shameful awareness of age superiority.

For what is the price of such superiority if your experience has not reached the height to which the child has touched!

The maturity of a man is not determined by the number of years he has lived.

The feeling of infringed selfishness by the power the words of the sons is a sign of a polluted soul.


If a child strives to bring good to people, no matter how absurd his aspiration is, you must provide him with the necessary support in every possible way.

For the Path chosen by him is extremely hard. But it is a true one.. Without your support, the child can turn away from the True Path, and its value for others will be lost.

But he who is persistent will still find spiritual support on the side,

And then the value of this stranger will be much higher than yours as a parent.


Do not seek to escape from childhood, but learn the truth of it,

For in childhood are displayed those opportunities, which a person has to develop throughout his life.

Maturity is not the opposite, but a continuation of childhood.

But the essence of childhood implies to take, and the essence of maturity - to give away.



Respect and preserve the spiritual creations of human hands,

For in these creations the spirit of departed generations continues to live on Earth, thanks to which the spirit of modernity is able to live.


Learn to honor Beauty and strive to create it whenever possible.

But in the process of creation invest in your work the warmth of your soul and the desire to bring joy to those who have seen and obtained it.


Do not use alcohol to enhance your joy.

It can only be used as a natural healing agent.

The unwise use of alcohol is caused by the sick mind as a desire to please its flesh.

The desire to please the flesh always ends in suffering.


Do not compare a man to anybody or to any norms,

For he is the personification of the great diversity of Nature.


A man for his marital life should have a single chosen one,

For Natural Love arises only between two reuniting persons.

Natural Love is one of the three Sisters of the Mother-Perfection and arises between a man and a woman.

He who departs from achieving it closes in front of him the Gates to Perfection.

If a man strives to have more than one wife, it is only weakness in the face of fleshly needs and the failure to achieve the harmony of the Natural Love.


If you ask questions when you try to get to know and talk about the answer, you need someone who is also capable of changing his thinking, discussing what he has heard.

If you are asking questions when you are eager to follow what you have heard, you need to get in touch with the Source itself, not with a bearer of droplets from different sources.

It is unwise to reason about the essence of the Truth that flows from the Source,

For the reasoning itself suggests a different understanding. A different understanding of the Truth is a false truth.


The mind cannot comprehend the spiritual.

It has to define what is good and what is harmful - 

When the soul takes a certain road of perceiving spirituality.

It is senseless to try first to understand the essence of the Spiritual Ascension.


If you want to see, open your eyes.

If you want to hear, open your ears.

If you want to drink, open your mouth.

The desire to get when you close up yourself is unreasonable.

But to open yourself means to perceive what's coming to you, and not to assess it by your own measure.


Make a worthy assessment of your flesh,

For the flesh is given to form the soul through the formation of other souls.

The flesh is intended to transform the spiritual abilities into visible and tangible results for the others.

Only through the deeds of the flesh becomes possible the formation of the soul.


Don't blame the one, who left life by his own will,

For if a man does not develop spiritually, the devil can easily lead him to this outcome.

Man does this when he has no strength to resist the temptation.

He who falls powerless is not a sinner.

A sinner is the one who walks beside him and does not give his hand in time.


" Somehow a man came to the shore of a beautiful sea.

He liked its beauty so much that he immediately began to build a hut near the edge of the shore surf.

When he returned one day from his work in the local forests, he found that the house and all his belongings had been lost in the sea waters during the tide.

For a long time afterwards, the poor man has been cursing the amazingly beautiful water element.

Discover the truth of harmony with Nature, so that you do not find yourself at Her backyards, sick and worthless.


 Don't destroy anything without a reason,

No matter how small it is, and whatever condition you are in.

The ability to destroy, without serious reasons, indicates a narrow mind.


If you listen, then go where they speak.

If you speak, then go where they listen.

There's no sense to speak where others are willing to express themselves.

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