Is Love A Crime?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I had an idea for a new book, I know I haven't not written a new book in a while so please bare with me, but also let me know if it sounds good to you, and seems it would be a good fit. Thank you
to everyone who has been a fan and as enjoyed my books.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020



It had only been about three months at my current job. I graduated from law school in the spring, during the summer I just traveled around Europe. I got to meet some amazing people who I still keep in contact with via social media. I explored countries like England, France, Italy, Germany, Greece. It was a dream of mine to travel, there are so many other countries that I want to visit in my life time but I know one day I will get to travel the world one place at a time. It was a graduation present to myself and it was a complete blast. But I had to come back to reality, once I came back I had a job waiting for me. I only got this job because my ex fiance helped me, we are still friends, we dating through about college and broke up shortly before graduation. We ended on good terms and he put a good word in for me at this firm that he got a job at. But guess what he gets to work on amazing cases. He gets to go to the court rooms, he gets paid! Well I get paid too but its shit. It is nothing. And honestly it is not worth it. It has me questioning what I'm even doing here? Why I have even lasted this long? So many questions running through my mind that I dont even think straight half of the time. But guess what my job is? Well honestly, they didnt really give me a job, they just told me to find a spot for me, and make it work? I mean what the fuck does that even mean? Beats the hell out of me.

But anyway, here I'm 27 years old, sitting in a basement of the law firm, looking through old case files. I guess they are cases they lost, cases they didnt want to even look at, cases they thought didnt have a future. And I'm just sitting here day after day, reading cases over and over. Making piles, putting them away, organizing them, just doing something with them. There are simple crime cases, drug cases, assault, and even murder. There is pretty much anything and everything under the sun in this basement. Boxes and boxes. Piles and piles.

I was sitting on the floor looking through a box marked.

The State of California VS. Joshua Knight

This case for some reason caught my eye. It happened 10 years ago. It was like this case was tossed aside and forgot about. I was reading over police reports, photos, this was a kid, a young guy. He was 23 at the time, so makes him 33 by now. He was arrested and convicted of murdering his mother. But from reading everything how did they find him guilty? How did they even come to that conclusion? It was like these lawyers didnt even try with him. They instantly thought he was guily, pretending to represent him, went to trial and called it a day. The trial lasted two days! What the fuck? a murder case a murder trial? lasting two days, and the jury came back with a verdict of being guilty after 45 minutes. That is not even enough time. Poor guy! Now that I read more about it, I remember this being on the news. It was in a small country town right out of San Diego, California.

I was looking at the photos of him in the case file, of course there was a mug shot, he looked miserable. Like it was a shock to him he was even in booking, he was even arrested, he was sad, his eyes were dark blue, pale. Then there were regular every day photos of him. He looked great. He was attractive. He was very sexy actually. He was 6 ft or so, brown hair, built, he was happy. He had friends, family. He was an average Joe worker. He was a mechanic at a body shop, a well known show. There was written testimonies from his co-workers saying they could not believe he would do this. He would kill his mother. His mother can come to the shop multiple times bringing home made goodies, food for the guys. Yet those written statments were never presented in the trial.

I was looking at the police report wondering how his mother was murdered. Apparently there was a break in, in her home.She was a widow, many years before. She was killed but none of her possessions were taken except for wedding rings. Later on those wedding rings were found in Joshua's apartment. He claimed he was at her house earlier on that day, getting those rings from his mother. They were his parents wedding rings and had yes purposed to his girlfriend but he wanted to use the wedding rings that were his mother and fathers from their marriage. He claimed his mother wanted him to have them as well.

He left because he needed to go home, go to bed and be at work the next morning at 6 am. (Which that is where he was arrested, after coming out from his job police served him with a warrant and arrested him) 

She told him she was going to walk the dog around the block, take a shower and go to bed, after that he never heard from her again. The neighbors are the ones that called the cops, when they heard gun shots. They didnt see anyone leaving the house nor saw anything out of the ordinary. The guns shots is what frightened them so they called 9-11. Police arrived and found the front door kicked open and his mother on the living room floor dead. Mulitple gun shot wounds. The weapon was never found. There was no proof or DNA there in the home except hers and her sons. After 16 hours of her death they arrested Joshua for murder. He was given a million dollar bail, which he could not afford he sat in jail until the trial, which was weird most trails get set way in advance sometimes almost a year. His was within two weeks of the murder. It was like they wanted this case open and shut. They wanted it open and shut fairly quickly. 

I felt so bad for him. They didnt even give him a chance. It was horrible. The system does this alot. I can not stand it. I always told myself that, THIS right here is why I wanted to be a lawyer. Why I wanted to help people, the ones who were innocent and in prison. The system failed him.

I had to do something.

I looked and saw what prison he was in. Grabbed my phone googled the name and got their phone number. I had to do something. Even if if is to talk to him.

It rang a few times and I got the automated answering service, I pressed 9 to talk to the operator.

"Hello, LA County prison" The lady came on saying

"Hello, my name is Christina Salomen, I'm a defense attorney at Smith and Sons here in LA, I need to request to speak to a prisoner you have"

"Ok what is his name? and are you his lawyer?" she asked

"His name is Joshua Knight, and the firm I work for did represnt him in his case and trial 10 years ago"

"Ok ma'am please hold" I could hear her typing on her computer

I waited a few minutes and I hear her come back on

"Yes he is here, but I do not see you on his contact list. The law firm is listed but your name specifically is not. Would you like me to put a request in to him so he can fill out a contact form for you?" she asked

"Umm yes that would be good, I just started working at this law firm not too long ago so that is correct he would not know about me, But I would like to continue representing him" 

I tried to sound as professional as I could.

"Ok I sent it up to the guards, some times it can take a couple days for the prisoner to recieve it, and that is if he wants to see you he will sign it. I would call back in a week and go from there" she suggested

"Perfect! Thank you so much for your help and I will call back next Friday"

"Thank you have a good day" she said and hung up the phone

What was I doing? But for some reason he was drawing to me, he was calling out through his case, through his files. To maybe not fight for him? But to at least see him, talk to him, check up on him. After reasing his profile he does not have anyone left, only child, both parents are gone. His fiance may or may not be around, he has a son but he was an infant at the time of his crime, so he would be ten years old by now as well. I just dont know. I dont know what to get out of it all. I dont know what to put my finger on. But I do know that this next week I'm going to study his case, look into him, his family, and see what can I do? It doesnt hurt right?


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